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  1. Tried to open the application but my screen went out of range. Perhaps i did something wrong?!
  2. Thank you my friend,this information has been trully invaluabe. I had a glimpse of the dev blogs back in the past,however your post was really enlightening and insightful on the whole possibilities within the RDMS system. With this knoweldge all my inner qualms subdued,it's pleasing to know that the game is in line with my personal desires.
  3. Perahps due to my lack of ingame experience i currently ignore the ammount of average logistics required for even the simplest of Faction control regulations in DU. Are we provided any sort of Faction Managing platform or do we have have to micromange everything ourselves to the point of distributing our member's paycheck by hand? I know that you guys are under NDA so there's a limit to how much information you can share so please forgive me for any unintentional ignorance.
  4. Good to have you with us Nicholas. Welcome to the Forums)
  5. Greetings everyone,i have a question for you. Do you think a Faction heavy on the logistics and micromanagment side is possible to function smoothly in DU? And if it utilized such requirements,would you wish to be part of it or rather avoid all the hassle thinking that it would withdraw from the overal experience? Thank you in advance.
  6. Hey,welcome to the Forums! It's always a pleasure to meet people with RP experience!
  7. Greetings,welcome to the Forums!
  8. Welcome to the Forums,good to have you with us! ))
  9. I feel you guys,Dual Universe is a prime contenter of my dream game since my early Dreamcast days. It's indeed a glorious time to live in,i reached 25 and in all my life i have never found anything close to match my current excitment. It's not an understatment that i'm literally dieing to get myself into the game as fast as humanly possible. ))
  10. Sometimes i really wonder how will the whole economic structure evolve in Dual Universe. I'm of the mind that the game shouldn't provide a form of pre established currency and drive people create the economic network from scratch. Just imagine player driven Faction States powerful enough to found their very own personal currency. That would be indeed the pinnacle of emergant gameplay.
  11. Armedwithwings

    Player Prison?

    Maybe something like a Cryostasis Champer could work as prison system? But the convicted Players will have to give their consent,before they are placed for an X ammount of time. This would be a good way to punish people,without having to execute them on the spot and deprive them of their gear. And when their time is complete,reabilitated convicts are free to go,saving all their personal beloggings in the process.
  12. Does this mean you're gonna translate an hour and a half - whole presentation from French to English? Wow,you're doing God's work my friend,i'd be really impressed if you pull this through!
  13. I'm thinking of a wide variety of specialized and fully upgradable equipment that are easy to set up but require skills to updrade. Depending on the system's complexity,such system can be used to monitor a small ship,or even a large city. They can also be an important asset in the Secret Intelligence Warefare. Set up hidden cameras or microphone bugs on the enemy faction,listen in on their conversations or steal personal passwords. Monitor your small ship or even your large city from the safety of your own personal CCTV security room. Add voice and facial recognition and have the database automatically inform you of potential threats. With the use of a Radio Frequency Infiltraton Device,listen in or highjack on other people's radio frequencies. Set up a sattelite and make your own Gps Triagulation Device (GTD) ,with the right skills you can find anyone,anytime. Use the satelite's bird's eye view to spy on your enemies or just observe your citizens for the glory of Arstotzka! Make use of sensor devices tied to trigger an alarm or possibly clever desinged traps and secuity turrets on your property. The possibilities are endless,imo if they are implemented correctly they can enhance gameplay immensly!
  14. I understand Captain,it's just that i'm a little hesitant. I have a history spending many years of my life,following certain ambitious Early Access Titles that resulted in disaster. From what i can tell Novaquark is a fairly new studio in the industry with no previous projects. I sure hope they prove to be trustworthy and deliver on their word. Tbh,if the Alpha Access bundle had a lower price i wouldn't even give it a second thought and purchase right away! But sadly a price of 120,goes way above my budget. The best thing i can hope for is a discount on Christmas Sale. Still,i absolutely love the concept of the game,so for the time being i guess i'll just stick around and follow the community here on the Forums!
  15. Well truth be told,i searched for a sticky or something relevant but couldn't find anything. Sorry for having to put you through the trouble and also thank you for the response i really apreciate it! It's a shame because the concept of Dual Universe is like my dream game but judging from this info,it seems that Beta won't be around for a very long time.
  16. Sorry in advance,but could you kindly share the link containing this information? I was personally really intrested in pledging for a silver - beta access pack but have no clue whatsoever on the release dates...
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