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  1. 1 hour ago, Warden said:

    The need to eat could open a whole new market and I think this is not too much to ask for if you have to use various items only a few times per day (real hours). 

    Despite this being a controversial opinion i'm totally in favor of such implementation.

    As long as it's not tedious and adds to the overall gameplay,it would make a welcome addition!

  2. 21 hours ago, Chugy said:

    Okay....and what do you say about this.
    Can a organization get ALL places in the Arkship zone ? When they are the fastest organization ?
    Yeah, i see it. Its the wrong box sry.

    You could make it happen granted you have a bazzilion worth of resources to upkeep every single TCU of every planetary tile.

    But given the size of a planet this is something of a Heruclian feat and very counterproductive.

    Keep in mind that it would take hundreds of people just to utilize every single block - a huge sacrifice with minimal benefits.

  3. 4 hours ago, SaintShaun said:

    Like you said, it's a game.  How many players really want to sit idle for hours in a ship?

    I can actually see it working, in the sense that large multi-crew ships can sit at a space station waiting to be called into action for large scale conflicts.  But it's a tough balance to make, because the conflicts need to start with solo ships, and as long as 5 ships can match the firepower of a 5 crew ship, the 5 solo ships will always have a big advantage.


    I suspect the more powerful and effective weapon systems to be only viable in bigger vessels due their large size and weight.


    As far as idling goes,that's entirely up for the player's decisions to act upon and avoid at all costs.

    Like everything else DU related  - good organization is the key factor. 


  4. 7 hours ago, NanoDot said:

    Consider the consequences of dying during a base assault in DU: you respawn at your team's rez node, naked and unarmed. Your weapons, armour, grenades, etc. are still on your corpse on the field. One of your squadmates may have saved your gear (if they could manage that without over-encumbering themselves), but you'd have to first meet-up with that soldier before you can get re-equipped. So, the assault team will have to bring not only a rez node, but also a stock of spare weapons, armour, etc., so that respawned troops don't have to run around the fight in shorts and t-shirt looking for their corpse...


    If there's a battlefield rez, you're back in the fight almost instantly, fully equipped and already on the frontlines. If you have to rejoin the battle from wherever the rez node is safely hidden, you travel alone and vulnerable until you can rejoin your squad. And while you're out of the fight, your squad has to fight a man or two short.

    And this is why the combat medic playstyle would be extremely useful.

    The ammount of resources ressuplying every fallen soldier would be tremmendous.

    There should be obvious benefits in well organized squads and besides,it's not easy trying to revive fallen allies in the middle of a large firefight.

    You'd need several people dedicated to this task and most of the times they'd find themselves exposed to enemy fire.


    From what i gather the problem lies with overusing this mechnanic to the ends of turning PVP into a COD-styled fast paced shooter.

    There are ways to achieve a fine balance between "strategy" and "tactics" one of which involves players to only be revived once every 20-30 minutes.

  5. 11 hours ago, DylTheRipper13 said:

    Alright, well here are some questions then:


    1. as I understand it, the game is in pre-alpha; only people who donated before at gold level are able to access it, and its only on specific days for a few hours, yes? or is it up all the time for those people?


    2. whens the next round of gold donations being accepted?


    3. As I understand it, you can make permanent, automated defense systems for your territory. This is true yes?


    As of now Alpha Supporter Packs are suspended until further notice.

    Since you're concerned about territory defences,i would advise you to look through the latest Devblog about territory protection mechanics to get an idea about the systems involved.You can find it here : https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/01/30/our-toughts-on-territory-protection-mechanics/

    Welcome aboard 13!

  6. 2 hours ago, Kurock said:

    UADD Unsecure Area Deflector Dish or NTDD Normal Territory Deflector Doohickey


    Maybe a separate thread would make more sense for these suggestions.

    Here's some ideas on the top of my head! (God help us)

    How about?


    - Subatomic Particle Deccelerator


    - Ionic Statis Matrix  -/- Generator


    Electron Neutralizer Shield


    and the best for last... (fot the men of culture)


    ** Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Defence Module **

  7. 1 hour ago, Felonu said:

    I already supplied a solution.  It simply has to be worth more to leave most people alone than it is to attack them in standard point and shoot circumstance.  This doesn't take anything away from you PvPers except you would have to make a cost benefit analysis before ganking that newbie.

    Perhaps a reputation system should be in order.

    Then most of the regular folks would avoid meaningless confrontantions in fear of making enemies and subsequently losing their trade lines.

    As opposed for the pirates,who would purposelly choose to pursue imfamy.

  8. 2 hours ago, Atmosph3rik said:

    Nope sorry.


    PVP is optional.  And i'm not really interested.


    I don't expect to be able to do everything in the game all the time since i'm not really interested in PVP.


    Why can't you accept that you won't be able to attack everyone all the time?

    Whatever you do,there will be no special button to push as to escape PVPing.

    By setting foot outside the Ark-zone you agree on making yourself a killable target and carry the weight of consequence.

  9. Most of the times what will trully dictate the outcome of a battle is good positioning of mobile and stationary turrets and the quantity of people manning them.

    I believe that PVP in DU will be less focused in infantry combat and more on mechanised assets.

    I'm assuming there will be very little for ground infrantry units to do against mechanised squadrons especially if they're eqquiped with "Anti Personel Weponary"

    Of course,there will be cases when people succesfully infiltrate a base using "cloacking devices" but would be extremely scarce as they're difficult to pull through.


  10. On 29/12/2017 at 7:15 AM, Felonu said:

    Why not post your preliminary sketches, and ideas (colors, and themes), and see what people run with?  I’m not a design specialist, but sometimes do a thing for the heck of it, but I’d like to know your direction before taking a stab at a design.

    Took the words right out of my mouth.

    Like Felonu mentioned,it would help immensly if you were to post the rough sketch to get an idea.

    We're a pretty tightly knit community,i'm sure we can work something out)

  11. 4 hours ago, CaptainTwerkmotor said:

    And to be fair, they did say they may try to make night-time "more visible", but I hope they reconsider. Everyone is tired of the "blue hue nights" of MMOs.


    I can identify with people feeling this way and for a good reason too...

    From a realistic perspective night in games was never supposed to be a mere "moolight sonata"

    They are supposed to be dark,so dark that you can get yourself lost within.

    So dark that when you decide to activate your suit's embedded flashlight you risk reaveling your position to every third party in the area.

    If you're running supplies through the pitch black night,you don't risk going offroad and instead start navigating through a faction created illluminted highway.

    There is always an inherent need for humans to follow the light as it's the equivelent of civilization and security.

    Now i'm not advocating in completely discouraging folks from going lone night-exploring but rather involve an authentic element as to raise the difficulty of their endevour.

    After all it's completely natural for nocturnal mining to be hard if you can't even see your excavation site.



    Don't forget folks - Dual Universe FM is still running strong 24/7.

    Through your support and contributions,we aim to be the best community driven Radio Station inside Dual Universe.

    We are taking submissions of all types of content, and anyone who has music/shows/podcasts/commercials/whatever is welcome to submit content that will be broadcast on the station.

    This includes recruitment advertisements from ANY organizations (must be safe for work). 




                                                                                                  Stay tuned on Du-Radio.com - Keep on Rocking!

  13. 27 minutes ago, CaptainTwerkmotor said:

    Yeah, night-time roaming will certainly make things tricky.

    Personally I hope they don't do stealth mechanics like "Harry Potter" cloak, instead making it both a mechnaical stealth (not showing your name when hovered over with a cross-hair) and perhaps camo paint, like vantablack, which is the literal "blackest black" color ever, making you perfectly immune to detection at night 0 but it's very ery costly, due to it being very conductive on electricity, thus making it impossible to factory massp roduce, due to, you know, short-circuiting, at least, not at speeds that are acceptable for mass production, thus scarce and costly. Vantablack would not even reflect light even if shone onto with a flashlight - that's how black it is. but


    Vantablack doesn't totally prevent being heat detected (which can be handled with some sort of "limited" heat sink based invisibility), or makes you invisible to tremor sensors (footsteps detector). So, the whole thing just makes you hard AF to see, not Harry Potter cloak invisible. If you move a lot, you will be detected by a patrol you try to sneak past to infiltrate a compound. I am just tired of crappy stealth mechanics that don't involve patience - or skill.

    So, for stealth purposes, I hope NQ does use the night in the combat system, and subsequently in stealth suits of any kind.

    Just imagine organized squad warfare tactics with night and thermal vision.

    From a PvP perspective,the feeling of pulling off a successful ambush would be priceless!

    As far as cloacking devices go,i totally agree with your sentiments.

    I get the uneasy feeling they'll prove too overpowered and subsequently make things way too easy.

  14. Looking through some of DU's released info i noticed plans for an active day/night planetary cycle.

    As an old time DayZ mod veteran i was absolutely thrilled by the concept of navigitating through a pitch black landscape.

    Imo it would be like a dream come true if DU were to follow DayZ's mod formula of nocturnal navigation.

    Forcing players into illuminating an area and create light source infastructures could possibly add a new layer of gameplay.

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