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  1. Exciting to hear that they will be taking mining to "a whole new depth" To have to go that far into the ground to find minerals and having to prospect for ores is definitely a nice breath of difficulty compared to so many other games out there. Good job, keep it up!
  2. Are there different day/night-cycles per planet or is it the same for all?
  3. As a very creative/builder-ish type of player who likes to take time to get structures just right, I would love the idea of having safe-zones. However, what would not be ideal would be for pirate organizations to have safe-zones where they would be able to retreat to after having a massive fight with someone. During/after an incident like that, their territory should be open for attacks from the organization that they have attacked.
  4. Would be cool to have a "scanning"/security point-of-entry to a city/base! Scanning haulers before entry to check for hidden items. Also creating an additional type of job "So what are you hauling today sir?" "Just some regular space potatoes and erotic magazines! No need to check" *Wink wink*
  5. I think that, once the economy gets going, then it will be natural for people or organizations to ask for individual contractors or other organizations to gather/obtain certain things from certain places, effectively setting up a "mission"
  6. FredTheDane


    If, in Dual Universe, they are going to limit the amount of actions a lua-script can execute within a time-frame, then I don't think lua bots within a ship would be very good xD Are we talking "Droid army" type of robots or ship-sized robots?
  7. I think it should be possible to lock your ship, or at least add some scripts to the ship to effectively lock it. Then depending on the quality of the script, then someone could attempt to break it and gain access. Space Engineers has the simple mechanic of allowing your team to use certain parts. Perhaps that would be the easiest solution?
  8. Would definitely be an interesting mechanic added to the game. I mean, it would be cool to see "pirate manufacturers" being able to copy and produce a ship if they were able to capture it before it self-destructed. Could add an interesting market aspect Would you then also need a "police force" to enforce ship "patents"?
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