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  1. Ships being something you can build and their different interactive consoles are cool and fun. But what about some different systems you could build onto your ship? Have a satellite dish that upon being installed, linked via interface and used from a console could be turned and used to scan? Say your in space and see a planet, access the scanner station, station would give a camera view from the satellite dish showing where its pointed, direct it to the planet and hit scan. The scan could report back that life is detected or bases or even ships on the planet. Or if your in space you could point it in a direction and scan to see if there are other ships in that direction. Teleporters... Beam me up Scotty! To have a teleportation station with a console would be cool. Put the teleporter down and a teleport station near by, link them from a ui on the teleporer itself then have someone activate or an auto sequence activate from the console. Say you go to the console that is linked to the teleporter and interact. It could have a list of other teleporters within a particular range that you could select. Upon selecting it, you could either manually activate it if you have more than one to operate your ship or on your team. If you only have yourself then you could select the one to be sent to and hit the auto countdown to send you in say 10 seconds allowing you to get on the teleporter. This mechanic helps with ground to ship and ship to ship traveling as long as you are in range. This would allow you to go back and forth without having to land your ship or take a shuttle or combat ship back and forth every time. Also if your in a fight you need to keep an eye on your transporter as you never know if the enemy will try to beam on board and try to take over from within. Stealth systems. A cloaking system would be cool to have as well. If your a space pirate and someone sees you from a mile away that kinda ruins the surprise raid you were gonna do in taking their goods. Having the ability to cloak your ship would be nice as then you could get close and attack. Also with the radar system you could simply run a check of, is ship cloaked? Yes, report ship to scanner false, or if not cloaked report ship to scanner true. This allows cloaked ships to be hidden from scans if you don't want them to be detected. That is just an idea for hiding cloaked ships from scanner. These are just 3 systems I would like to see in the game to help with the whole space exploration and combat systems. They are ideas that would be cool to see implemented but also systems that, at least 2 of, are used today. Scanners we have on aircraft and submarines to see where other aircraft, subs or ships are. Cloaking we kind of use, we have the stealth bombers that are used by the Air Force to help negate detection. Though my idea for the ship is a little more than that it would still be cool to have. As for the teleporters, those are just amazing and exist in just about any space shows or movies and would make sense if your that far advanced and add to the gameplay.
  2. I think it would be cool to have a few different races to play as in the game. Seeing as the game is High Tech it would not be anything game breaking to have Humans and Robots as races to play as. Also seeing as the game takes place in space on different worlds and there are AI Aliens, it would be cool to have the ability to also choose a couple alien race for your character. With having different races armor could be handled a little differently as well as allow slight differences in default buffs. So say your a human or alien, you wear armor, if your a robot it would be cool to have modular upgrades you could say. Instead of wearing armor you have modules that go into those slots. Say the chest armor is a generator module or something to keep you powered and if removed your chest piece would be an exoskeleton with wires and circuits in it, with a chest module installed you have a full chest piece to the character. Buffs, I did say slight different buffs. So as a robot you don't need to eat and are non organic, so needing to eat would need to be modified but also you cant be poisoned or need to breathe air. So having damage taken would need some way to repair themselves instead of medical would be cool. Humans and aliens need to eat, however aliens could be more resistant to poison, so less likely to be poisoned or get sick from food. If they have scales for skin they could have a slightly higher damage resistance than humans. For customization, changing the armor colors in some places or the look of the armor would be cool too. On the character creation to set a different hair style or color, eye color and maybe some scars on the face would be cool too. If you do the robots, allowing a human to have a robotic arm or leg on creation would be cool too. Another option would be something like the Unreal Tournament 2004 system where you can make your own models and import them. This kind of feature could bring a monetary market to the game or even an in game market if you were to allow trades. Say someone sets up a character alteration station with their own model in it of an alien they made on their own, but to make it work you need to put resources in and then step inside. Upon stepping inside it would change the model of character your using allowing you to become that custom alien. Anything like allowing character customization would help in the long run as it makes the game more diverse as well. Simple things like this could make the game more diverse in small ways and I think would help the game out a lot. Weather you use these ideas or not is up to you and I look forward to the game either way
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