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  1. discordauth:55lTBxiMbHePqNWJhidU_XIh6V_vPvf_bJdY36yxMAw=

  2. Agreed, ill more than likely put more money into DU as-well in the future. The potential of this game is what interests me the most and I'd like to see what they can do with it. Completely worth the investment i think. Just need to hope they can do it
  3. Hmm while this does make me sad, it just means I will need to make one
  4. This is also my main focus in the game, I'm hoping it will be possible even if its not a large asteroid. This also gave me the idea of attaching small engines to smaller masses of rock and firing them at stuff. I don't know a lot about how I'd do this but it was an amusing thought.
  5. I was pretty lucky and came into some money during the crowdfunding stage but id always planned to go gold. Its like people have said before, you just need to make a few changes in your spending habits for a short while. Even the most basic of savings will be enough. i don't see why no PVP in the pr-alpha is a problem either. the game seems to be more than just a PVP game, id go as far as to say its not the main focus of the game so not having PVP right away isn't that surprising too me
  6. i like this idea alot, you've put alot of thought into it.i like the idea the ship isn't actually invisible as sapce is fucking huge so seeing the ship would actually be quite hard unless you knew exactly were they are so reducing its signature and making it hard to find fits well with the realism of the game having some way of conffusing your opponents sensors could be a fun concept i feel.
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