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  1. Thanks for all the warm welcomes. Now keep it up for.. Oh 2 years @Kane Hart: I have taken a look at your channel and like what I see so far. @Neosphaler: I hop so too. @Dunbal: General Calamari... Hungry again. Why do you torture me?
  2. Keeps denying the existence of moons? Could be the same guy.
  3. Wow. Just wow. Hats off Aetherios. Page after page of poems and I do love the rhyming schemes. You have clearly put a ton of work into the Aether organization. Not just layout, and backstory, but also recruiting. Watch the Aether, folks. It's going to go far.
  4. Who wouldn't find any Flying Spaghetti Monster construct appealing? Though a pilot would need a massive pair of meatballs to fly the thing.
  5. Thanks for all your Welcomes, May you never encounter the giant space squids. I am just a messenger, spreading the word of the giant space squids known as (among others) Unstable Crash and Physics-Gone-Wrong. Only the Devs have the power to vanquish such powerful creatures. Truthfully, they are theoretical and I hope that we never encounter them.
  6. One does not simply fry giant space squid...even with energy weapons. Thanks for the welcome.
  7. The eight rights of passage are like the 8 arms of the giant space squid: squishy and scary looking at first, but they can really grab and hold on if you get too close. (Those other 2 appendages are the squids tentacles, I know they are easy to get wrong while running away screaming, at least in my experience.)
  8. I could say something about motivating builders but I think I will leave someone else to grab that low hanging fruit.
  9. Did this cult summon the giant space squids? It seems there is some skepticism about their existence. And me shouting "THEY ARE RIGHT BEHIND YOU!" does not seem to be helping. Could you check your cult registry for any alien cephalopod worshippers? I'll just wait here.
  10. So if BOO was to be split into different roles, it could be something like: Band of Outlaws Security: The scarier bunch. Band of Outlaws Miners: They use explosives. Band of Outlaws Pirates: The trigger happy part of the whole outfit. Band of Outlaws Builders: Expect lots of sexual harassment. (With a whole group dedicated to doing just that...)
  11. Before I go ahead and make a more posts, I thought I would say hi. I am looking forward to this journey to the release of DU and beyond. Also watch out for giant space squid. They will gulp us down when we least expect it. Sometimes they eat the brain first and leave the body standing around stupidly. Other times the body is snatched from very existence! They might even cause ships to fall from the sky! Beware! Side Note: To clarify, I am just another player looking to make DU an even better place, not some giant squid worshipping organization (though if anyone is interested, drop me a PM). As a player from the southern tip of Africa, I expect to be the most affected by the "giant space squids" that go by the names of Latency, Lag and DC.
  12. To create a new safe zone, I like the idea of restoring a ruined arkship (over throwing down a token). I also like the idea that it not only takes resources to restore it but also to keep it functional e.g. by providing a boatload of power. I would expect the number of arkships per planet would be limited to one or two and never a guarantee. Though they would be easy to spot due to their size... Hmm maybe they could be buried in some cases so prospectors might inadvertently stumble onto one. "You'll never guess what I found under my farm." Expanding on the capturing idea, as long as the arkship is powered it should not be able to change hands... But if the power supply runs dry, another organization could swoop in. Just an idea.
  13. As I understand it, mesh elements are functional and voxel elements are more decorative. Is there the possibility of having the voxel elements fulfill some functional roles as well? Especially since mesh elements are not planned to be editable (for a while) so the constructs that depend on those elements may look...samey.
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