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  1. I hope not. Kill boards advertise that the game is all about killing. If there are kill boards then there should also be "best build" boards, exploration boards, manufacturer boards, and mining boards. DU is not EVE. It should being DUing it's own thing, not making an EVE 2.0.
  2. Outside of the safe zones, guns solve this problem. Inside the safe zones, that is not an option and covering offenders in dirt leaves unsightly dirt piles. A "kick" option, to randomly move the offending ship out of your territory may be the simplest solution imo. Though I would be happy with sticking it in an underground hanger with a huge wheel clamp and a massive fine
  3. Want to know more about DICE? Read about it in Issue 2 of spaceshipdrama.com
  4. You might not bite, but I am not so sure about the others Welcome to the forums.
  5. Welcome to the forums. You have been approved as a human
  6. Kurock


    Words. Special ones. Ones of safety. But that is what a cylon would say... (Welcome to the forum)
  7. Text Log: Earth year 12476, Novark. Found an audio file today. I thought it was my collection of classic songs from the year 1990. Turns out it was another passengers message. Horrible audio quality. Between the static and silences, I gathered the passenger will be in the last simulation before landing. I wish this Reniya the best. Still have not found my mix tape. *text ends*
  8. So say we all. (And welcome)
  9. Kurock


    Welcome to the forums and DU, real person. Feel free to ask questions
  10. The usual mineable resources will not regenerate. While they are finite, there will be a lot. So much so that it may take years to mine out a planet. Besides mining, potential future (read as "most likely not for release") renewable resources could include farming trees and alien-creatures. (Many players want wood and meat, after all.)
  11. The founder (both Kickstarter and post-Kickstarter) rewards are as follows: But wait! There's more! Founders also get some of the Supporter pack goodies: https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/03/07/supporter-rewards-for-founder-backers/ For the full explanation on how name reservations work: https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/03/09/character-name-reservations-how-it-works/
  12. The term "griefer" is a bit subjective. To some it simply means a pirate because they cause you grief by taking your stuff, right? I would rather go with what NQ have defined in their EULA for what defines a griefer. Intentionally killing the same player over and over again is an example, though they will still need to look at it on a case by case basis. Another is having in-game unpleasantries spill over to the real world. Don't do it. This is how people get banned. Point is, some players will be villains. To have good heroes you need great villains. And honestly, if a pirate robs
  13. If you want to be evil in-game, be evil. As long as the EULA is not broken then go ahead. However. Actions have consequences. That ship you ganked might have a nation of allies that will happily return the favour on you and yours. You might be the target of a bounty or three. Or a completely random person might pick up the distress call and run you through. This is called emergent gameplay. Expect reactions. And for that non-PvPer travelling alone? Actions have consequences. You could have done a little research and been warned that there was pirate act
  14. If you get into an earlier test you get the later tests "for free". Pre-Alpha -> Alpha 1 -> Alpha 2 -> Beta -> (this is not a test) Release So those in pre-alpha will be able to play in the Beta.
  15. I hope we do get long range scanners eventually, however the scanning most likely implemented now is the personal, very short range type of scanning to find resources as shown in this dev blog: https://devblog.dualthegame.com/2016/11/04/scanning-mining/
  16. Dropping a percentage of your gold on death is so medieval. Noveans are in the future where crypto-currency rules supreme. Instead of mining in the cloud, Noveans may mine in the dirt and transform real arm-straining work into units representing their work and time. Imagine a decentralized currency that no burglar can break in to steal. Imagine a bank in each Noveans head that no bank robber can rob. Imagine...Quanta. Does it make any sense for these bits of 1s and 0s to shower to the ground in a fountain of credits as you dramatically scream your last breath (at least from the cur
  17. Does that mean Dark, Darrk and DarkHorizon are bad? Always glad to see more (SE) players joining DU. Welcome.
  18. Found something strange in your neighbourhood? If it's something weird, not quite understood. Weigh the anchor and measure the gurgle. The game is afoot. Come enter the circle. Discord: https://discord.gg/mRzveVU Community Site: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/dual-universe-wayfarers
  19. Kurock

    Space telescopes

    Think more generic: an element that can DU deep space scanning. It's bulky and expensive so it makes sense to put it in ground based observatories or space stations. And eventually form a part of deep space exploration ships. +1 on the idea.
  20. At least two generations fewer than Star Citizen Silver Founders get access during Alpha 2 now. When that will happen is unknown, though we may get a better idea when the roadmap is provided this summer (Paris summer that is)
  21. Who says we can't create a themepark in the sandbox? Let's DU it.
  22. Here I thought this was ankle bracelets for NQ Devs so that we know where they are all the time: working in office like they should be xD
  23. Just to clarify more: a snapshot is not a blueprint. It was mentioned by JC in the DM21 interview. The relevant transcript can be found here: This is getting a bit ridiculous. Maybe we should ask NQ for an article explaining their intent with snapshots and blueprints (master and normal) and how they all work together. Which can be sold, copied, looted and/or traded. @NQ-Nyzaltar please
  24. That is correct. Blueprints are not safe. Master blueprints however have been planned to be account bound...(but nothing set in stone) Why are account bound master blueprints a good idea? Because information should never be lost in DU. I could go so far as treating master blueprints like DACs: unlootable until traded the first time. But since tradable blueprints can be spawned off a master blueprint (with permissions to make new master blueprints or not) I don't think it's necessary.
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