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  1. 3 hours ago, blundertwink said:


    Some will be mad, but I think there's a misunderstanding of the demographics if people think wiping the servers will "kill" the game.


    The beta population is tiny. Too tiny to be a concern for NQ's bottom line. Especially betas on an actual subscription. 


    The difference between keeping all the beta players and losing them all is almost immaterial at the scale they need to achieve to stay solvent.


    They needs 10s of thousands of subs to turn things around. To maintain at the scale of their company today, they'd probably need near 100k subs -- and $12 million/year in revenue isn't even enough for a company of NQ's size and costs. 


    So...NQ doesn't really care if every beta leaves because they decide to wipe or decide to not wipe. They'd rather keep us, sure...but they're going to do whatever believe will get them to that scale, and "will beta players leave" just isn't an important part of that calculation. 


    I agree with that. The population is laughably low right now. 30+ people I use to play with all quit ages ago. They need to make a splash and get new players. 50k subs I'd say minimum but probably closer to 100k like you said is needed.  

  2. 1 minute ago, blazemonger said:

    Besides there being no reason to run these missions except for being able to boast about your massive bank account as they server no a single purpose in game, you seem to have trouble understanding what I am saying. There is no reason for non combatants to have business IN PVP space, while you may need to travel through it, ther eis no reason to be active in it.


    And with the new changes this travel wil become even more tedious and take more time.


    The "alien core" tag-on for the game wil not attract many, if any, outside of those looking for fights, just like is the case with asteroids in PVP space. As a player with no interest in PVP engagements I have no reason at all to venture in to that space and as said, unless I want to brag about the billions I make, there really is no reaosn for me to travel through it either


    And as it stands, there is nothing left of the original idea of DU, no purpose or need for large scale groups in the context of interaction and co-operation. DU pretty much became a bigger version of Space Engineers with none of the featurs that makes that game great but with several independent and isolated groups of players all doing their own thing. And I see nothing that will change that. The original vision for DU is pretty much done for really.



    And thanks for pretty much making my point





    I do agree with you on some of that.  A lot of it stems from separating pvp from non pvp players and content.  In EVE non-pvp players exist in the same pvp game world as everyone else.  If you undock, you are never safe.  As CCP has stated, once you undock in eve, you consent to pvp.  NQ's biggest problem is they have no idea or way to marry these 2 vastly different gameplay types.  Like you said common goals and reasons for the non pvper to BE IN and risk pvp space.  NQ's approach to saying "if you dont want to pvp thats ok you can have and do everything else in the game" doesnt work when you also try to tack on a hardcore full loot open world pvp system next to it.  

  3. Just now, Koffye said:

    That could be a option, but such changes will take a while. Lets talk in 5 years again about that again :D


    True, but if NQ decides to make shields only go to their current Core size, that would automatically make L cores tankier, with LOW development. its the same thing they did to guns.  That right there would give L cores a leg up in Alien core defense.  Where the objective isnt to kill everyone, its to "hold the grid and win".  Just saying that could happen quick, if NQ so choose to. Not saying they will but it could happen easy and fast if they wanted. 

  4. 4 minutes ago, Koffye said:



    The advantages of an m-core currently outweigh those of an L-core. This is something I am not happy about.




    Ok, but that can be balanced. Large cores can still use M/S/XS guns in conjunction with L guns. you can quickly switch seats based on what works best at that moment. Second, i think L cores should have the highest tank (higher shield HP and higher CCS curve or cap).  In EvE your big Dreadnoughts are not used in normal roaming.  But they do have a specific role for sieges/defenses.  L cores should fall into that line.  IMO, for DU pvp to be healthy, the main pvp ships should be S/M cores.  And XS and L should be more niche, yet have specific roles they are good at, and situations where they are not so good.  It would put a good balance for many cores in fleets, and add a good variety to the game that is desperately needed.  Speed changes should just be the FIRST change, to many.  

  5. 2 minutes ago, blazemonger said:




    The point here though is not really about that. These changes, ESPECIALLY in light of it being the last major patch before release, will skew enaggements in favor of "PVP gameplay"

    The game at lauch wil lack any incentive or reason for non combatant players to leave the safezones as there is nothing htere that validates the risk. It is a major sortfall and cuts out a massive part of the original pland and design for the game.

    Both the max speed and the statis weapon change are entirely in favor of aggressors and there is _nothing_ that anyone outside that group can do to counter it outsid eof maybe go the long way around which now wil take even longer than before and then the risk still is greater that it needs to be. 



    Your point of view seems skewed pretty bad and all over the place.  So you are saying people that literally make 1billion per mission run isn't an incentive to go into the pvp zone?  Right now they do it with near 99.99% success rate.  So if that drops a little bit so what, to me thats better.  Maybe armed convoys on the shorter mission runs will be the main content for that.  I see nothing wrong with that.  Maybe on fringe efforts or people will try to do the risky long missions that take 8 hours.  


    Second, the have you thought that people enjoy solo stuff, even the pvpers? I know MANY people who roam asteroids to look for pvp solo.  Sure its slim pickens often but they do it.  Guess what, a miner can have a smaller, faster ship, and use the stasis weapon AGAINST the pvper, and with their shields have time to run off grid and "win".  Maybe they have to drop their ore to reduce weight, maybe not?  But thats a choice they could make for survival.  Regardless we need more info how they work, but im EvE webs are used for defense a LOT, to keep your enemy from getting to close to scram you because its easier to make webs go farther then scrams.  

  6. 1 minute ago, fridaywitch said:

    At no point have I been toxic.  You are the one telling someone that they need mental help over a simple statement about how speed in space works.


    I said they MIGHT. And odds are they don't.  But there are huge positive communities ive been apart of in EvE where they focus on mental health because its a factor that quite frankly effects all, granted to others not as much, or sometimes so little you dont notice it you just have a "bad day".  But ive seen similar warning signs before and I think its always better to error on caution and bring it to light and he should reflect on that, and then decide for himself if maybe he should go further to seek a professional.  I know you may not care and thats fine your under no obligation too, but its the little things like this, that can be that positive spark for someone. You never know. 

  7. 4 minutes ago, Sawafa said:



    Bro, this is a video game. Its not real life.


    Bro, why do we use our ingame feet to walk in the game? This is a video game, why would we use the same concept as in real life? What does make you to think there is something wrong with relation between "In space there is no "max speed" " and "In game there should also be no "max speed" "? If you like different max speed depending on mass it doesn't automatically means it's the right or not right thing in game.


    Your message about mental illness seems very toxic to me.


    I don't I fly around, and I have no health or fall dmg. I jetpack around in space and do things that would kill me a million times over IRL. You make and base video games off of gameplay.  That is if you actually want a player base to pay and play.  This is also a business to NQ. 

  8. 3 minutes ago, fridaywitch said:

    I don't see how someone stating that there's no max speed in space that there is something wrong with their mental health and that you and your medical degree is capable of diagnosing that over such a small amount of data.  Your concern trolling isn't welcome.


    If you want to choose to be toxic that's up to you. I've already explained it to you and the fact you chose not to read isn't my problem. 

  9. 5 hours ago, Wolfram said:

    Wiping or not, I really want an answer from NQ. The way they keep going around the answer and pushing it forward is really giving a bad taste, similar to when scam games start "disappearing".


    At least for me, if they go for wiping I really will pause my subscription until post wipe, as I don't see any point in investing time and money into something that's just going to disappear.


    Sure, many other players *will* do the same, since there isn't really a point in investing when you know a wipe is happening, but if NQ keeps pushing it like that, by hiding information, I *really* hope they are prepared, because the backlash will be monumental and will be another stain on NQ's public image and public relations, similar to the whole Market 15 story.


    I'm sure some will he mad, not blaming them. But me personally, my decision to continue to play or not has no bearing on a wipe whatsoever, so to me it's a complete non issue. If this next patch vastly improves pvp, and the next few mini patches are good, and they post a small "whats to Come after release" and it seems cool, I will 100% play post wipe. If this next patch sucks ass and they don't wipe, I won't be playing.  Obviously other people feel different but this is just me.

  10. 4 minutes ago, RugesV said:

    But there is max thrust. IE if our engines only exhaust at 30k,  once your going 30k your not going to go any faster.  And if each one of those exhaust particles can only push so much mass. You could reach a point where with the same engine a lighter ship reaches the max speed that the thrust allows. where a heavier ship will not reach that max speed that the thrust allows. 


    Exactly.  But what it boils down to is what gameplay NQ chooses. Maybe there is better ways, but would take longer to develop I can't say for sure as we all speculate. But the reality is most people seem to want new gameplay options as to how bigger and smaller ships perform, thus creating "roles" for ships in pvp and hauling. Options are what make games like this fun, where many ships/and ship builds can Excell in one area but maybe are bad in others. It's not fun when 1 or 2 types of ships can "do it all". Now sure we can debate how NQ chooses to implement it i.e these new speed changes, but the reality is it seems NQ is on a tight budget and a rush to release and make a final market push to make their game viable and sustainable and profitable.  We shall see if their effort is enough soon.

  11. 2 minutes ago, fridaywitch said:

    that guy needs help because there's no max speed in IRL space?  Got it.


    Also, I don't see how I'm trolling or being toxic.


    It's the warning signs. I've seen it before in EvE. I have gifted to Plex for good and Broadcast for Reps in eve that focuses on mental illness and mental health.  People often dive deep into mmos and the early warning signs are confusing the game and real life.  The early signs I've seen before start exactly like that saying that "since there is max speed in space IRL then there should be none in the DU game". That's what I'm saying. Maybe it amounts to nothing, which I hope, but if I can offer encouragement to rethink or get professional help if needed then it's worth it to me. Mental health is something every one should constantly work on, and encourage others too.  

  12. 3 hours ago, blazemonger said:



    In space there is no "max speed",



    Bro, this is a video game. Its not real life.  IF you do not know that then I really hope you seek some professional help. Mental illness is a real issue millions are effected with, please take the first step to try to find a professional to help you out.  Good luck I hope things get better for you.


  13. 3 hours ago, blazemonger said:


    When you can't make an argument stick, rip what you need out of context and prentend it fits your narrative ..


    What JC refers to here is the initial plan to wipe again shortly after beta start to introduce the new planet tech. This was cancelled due to opposition by certain player groups and so that update (an dthe needed wipe for it) never happened. This mention doe snot imply now suport the argument that JC evenr said that there would not be another wipe post beta launch.

    In fact, he pretty much left that option wide open HERE and NQ has done so ever since.

    try again..




    I would expect NQ is afraid that they wil gain a lot of bad publicity if they announce the wipe now and may loose a chunk of existing player base before they are ready to start pushing the game for release. So from a business perspective it makes perfect sense to not announce it, even when not doing so also means you are effectively actually saying just that. 


    So IMO not announcing they won't now, pretty much tells us they will wipe prior to release and frankly, doing a wipe and having a "headstart" period for beta accounts who buy into a discounted mulitple months sub package has merit and makes sense as it will likely pull in more players, have player return and generate revenue more than losing players who mostly already are playing for free ..


    Ive said this too many times before.  If NQ plans to NOT WIPE, it actually benefits them to say that, and dbl down hard. Tell the players your stuff is here, come sub, and release is coming!!  If NQ's plan is to wipe, it benefits them to NOT SAY ANYTHING NOW.   It just makes sense. 

  14. On 10/30/2020 at 8:30 AM, blazemonger said:

    In the interview with Spreeezy today Entropy certainly left the option of a reset on the table, especially in the talk about  how exploits and early mistakes by NQ may have left the economy "ruined" and gameplay balance unrepairable without a reset/wipe.


    That was a game designer talking who seems to understand, and is not afraid to put the notion out there, that there may be a situation where you just can't get around it and I can appreciate that.


    you have a link to that interview?

  15. 56 minutes ago, Walter said:

    NQ we built these big multicrew ships we had much fun with. Then came shields and ccs smaller weapons got buffed and then these ships became obsolete.

    Mass to speed is just the final nail in the coffin for Ships that are anyway now just Museum pieces.

    Real balance means for me that shields would bleed DMG and a portion of DPS gets past shield at all times so this would force people to build with voxels and not too small,

    so your speed changes would have an impact.

    As it stands now it would only impact Haulers. Once Aphelia missions for 3 hours now how long will it take?

    I also support the idea of ships shields being size locked to have ship classes.


    Bleed dmg is the worst thing ever.  YOU DONT DICTATE HOW I BUILD MY SHIPS.  This is sandbox and I can put as little or no voxels as I want.  Anyone who pvps knows that no voxel ships die and arent meta.  They think it is, but its not.  And those big multi crew ships you talk about should be in a museum.  Function over form.  How you build your ship to perform is what matters, not whatever stupid window dressing you put on it.  Just because you think some certain ship looks "good" doesnt mean other people do.  Other people might think it looks like dogshit.  You dont balance pvp over "looks".  If you cant understand these simple things then I cant help you.

  16. For the new people, Thoramine was just a way for JC to LARP he was the dude in ready player one. Nothing more.  What he forgot was ready player one is a fiction movie and you can make up whatever you want to make the story worth while. In real life the Dual Universe nerds solved the puzzle instantly.  With JC even on record saying he thought it would take "years" to solve.  Shocking when real life doesn't pan out like a movie right. 

  17. 1 hour ago, Zireaa said:

    Two me it’s a building  game  I could care less about the pvp  I could care less if they scraped pvp and focused on building and exploration  I only came because it filled the gap a bit that landmark left  I would love it if  they put old mining back but make planets regenerate over time and made high tier planets dangerous and gave us hand weapons caves two explore so on I think pvp make no sense and it would be much better as a exploring and building city’s  type of game  


    I came here only for the pvp.  Which was advertised as a pvp game.  With pvp trailers. I could care less if they scraped the building part of the game, which is by far the worst part of the game,  Floating voxels? lol come on man its 2022 and cant even get any physics that resemble something real.   They need to expand on the pvp or the game will fail like Landmark did.  The "building only" crowd isnt big enough to sustain the costs needed to run the servers.  

  18. 22 minutes ago, blazemonger said:

    NMS fairly quickly made one of the most impressive comebacks in the industry because they had no direct control over why the game released in the state it did AND were able to overcome the fallout of a botched launch because they both had the skills and the funding to hunker down and get to work on fixing it. THIS YouTube video tells the story very well from both public perception and what actually happened.


    NQ started out with a dream, no real experience in making even the basics they needed work and from the start were underfunded and had to battle budgets and technical deficiencies.



    Today NQ may have the money to stay afloat as a company, they very clearly lack the funding to actually develop a game and they continue to need to cut corners and cut cost to try and make it to the release of the game. The big problem for NQ is that IF they are to survive post launch, they will need a LOT of money and players to scale up very quickly and quite extensively to where they can accommodate the numbers they need to even continue development. The question is whether they can deliver a game capable of carrying that requirement and grow quick enough to maintain a player base to remain a viable product. It remains a big question mark if they can.


    Doubtful. Best word to describe DU is Boring.  No political intrigue.  No governments or bigger pvp zones or reasons to do stuff. At its heart DU is 3 very crappy single player games hiding in a trench coat pretending to be an MMO. 

  19. 5 minutes ago, Lethys said:

    Tell me moar how Well i use homophobic slurs. Which, you know, doesnt mean shit because its just as Bad as griefer to me.


    Oh and if you really think that i ever even implied "but mimimimimimimimi some random on some forum did it too" .....you clearly didnt get the irony i implied in that reply nor the sarcasm. Nor what i wanted to show with it.


    Pls try harder to paint me the way you think i am. Im really disappointed by this trash Talk. Up your Game Buddy, you can do better!



    Carebears are bad at everything.

  20. 5 minutes ago, i2eilly said:

    The hauling does make PvP affordable though, so we could use something that makes a good amount of quanta.  Maybe these alien cores could fill that part and then hauling wouldn't be so lucrative.


    But I also agree, I want to play DU, not sit at my screen watching an SU counter go down!


    Im not disagreeing, but what would also help is if smaller cores became legit viable in pvp.  If you dont have to have a M/L full of exotic weapons and rare engines to compete, then it can become more accessible for people.  

  21. Just now, i2eilly said:

    It is a start for sure, we have been needing more than L cores using Precision damn lasers for such a long time. 


    We will have to wait and see what the dev blogs contain as the moment it is all just a lot of speculation. 


    I have been seeing some variation in PvP ships lately which is good, this update will for sure mix it all up again now!  So can only lead to be better PvP for us all.


    As for the hauling that is the same kind of issue of precision weapons, why do/use anything else when nothing else can compete :(


    Agreed. But my contention is, building better pvp can actually legit garner new customers.  Advertising the current 4+ hour afk space flight for some space bucks....will not.  So I give to shits if hauling gets a huge nerf, thats good imo. Game needs to move foward with things that can actually have a chance to get new customers.

  22. 1 minute ago, i2eilly said:

    Exactly, it is already boring going afk for extended periods of time.  Adding more time to that just kills one part of the game to make another more fun. 


    I agree we need more diversity in PvP, but not sure locking core speeds will really do much.  It will really only affect ships that run away. 


    Most ships I fight want to fight, so we are normally below 10,000kmph until one starts to flee the fight.  Maybe pirating haulers is different as most the fight is chasing the hauler at top speeds.



    Haulers are always dead regardless unless the PvP pilot makes some huge mistake, a 2-3g Hauler isn't getting away from a 15-19g PvP ship.




    I think the hauling needs to go anyway.  Just remove it, remove the big rewards.  Its terrible gameplay from the ground up.  And changing speeds will matter for pvp, A LOT. It matters in EvE as proof.  The diversity matters.  And the stasis weapons can combat ships also trying to run, and that can add a good mechanic to further improve battles.  

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