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  1. So close, my 500 is ready to go!
  2. We should see an open cockpit entity with or without hover craft. It would give us the ability to make our own cockpits.
  3. Space Engineers already has this as a basic model. Calculating the mass of the ship and the amount of thrust and power consumption at any given point.
  4. This entire topic is literally a double edged sword lol. So I can see the Arc zone being a safe haven parking lot, in much the same way the Tower is in Destiny or any Major city in any MMO (just a bunch of people sitting around) Think about WoW with everyone just trying to be on the biggest mount they have and taking up as much space as possible. I can see that in the same light as a parking lot (only everyone including offline will be there) BUT I can also see the safe zone just being one person's construct taking up the entire area after a certain amount of time.
  5. That looks awesome, I can't wait to see it myself!
  6. So many valid points here, I would also like to see what they want to do about people in the Arc safe-zone that are literally flying around and hindering peoples construction.
  7. This would be awesome, a great way to give explorers something to profit from! As an organization that focuses on building and exploring I would love to see this.
  8. This would be awesome, any type of mecha would be awesome. Though I've yet to see/hear anything about moving parts for constructs in the game.
  9. What I got from this was that in-game organizations would be able to pay NQ real money to advertise their in-game products. I think this is good idea, personally I would add a restriction on the types of pictures people can use like only in-game screen shots.
  10. Space Engineers for now, I also frequent Empyrion and KSP. Also anime, lots of anime.
  11. In case you missed it the Dev team posted new info yesterday and this was included: So I wanted to break it down a bit: 1. Copy/Paste Tool - This would be interesting in a live environment but there would need to be some sort of limitation if you want to incorporate it without a build mode. 2. Undo - Yes please, if not undo then a way to easily remove recently placed blocks without a resource deficit 3. Smoother - With Voxels this will be a must otherwise there will be some janky ships out there as well as frustration. 4. Voxel Elements - This would be the limitation of the copy past
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