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  1. Mining unit calibration mechanic does not make sense at all. I've found the spot during calibration that says 100%, only to be bumped down to approx 50% once I confirm my selection. Am I missing something here? And with the territory taxes as they are right now, I'll be forced to sell off half of my T1 mined goods just to keep using my territory. There was a post earlier in this thread where someone complained that we're now having infinite resources... lol. Yeah, infinite, but you have to part with half of that every week to pay taxes, and keep pushing that silly calibration thing every day to keep it going, drag the ore to the market to sell it, drop down ore prices because nobody will want to buy it anymore. Oh yeah, and pay taxes at the market of course, because 1M per week was not enough of a resource sink. Yeah, an infinity of pain and misery. Calibrate and haul just so you can keep calibrating and hauling some more until the end of time. Infinite resources indeed. "Well, you have a shitty tile", someone will say. Why don't you simply move somewhere better? - Great idea! I'll just take a week of real life vacation to put my few thousand element multi-core factory in my pocket and scan my brains out to find a decent tile and just drop it there, of course.
  2. So in order to loot the territory, we'll have to pay a bribe of 500 000 moneys to the mob boss that is Aphellia, just to get the privilege of submitting a loot request paperwork in the central bureaucracy office, which starts a 2 week court proceedings during which the constructs in question can be reclaimed by their neglecting owner, thus giving us "the finger" gesture. I suggest that we make this even more interesting, by making it mandatory for the looter to validate his request every hour during those two weeks by pushing the button "yes, I am sure", while optionally adding additional money gift to Aphellia to keep her mood up. The Aphellia mood will be determined by a complex formula involving time and money submitted, which will finally be evaluated after two weeks. To get the mood results, looter should fly over (not VR) to a random point in space (PVP zone, of course) to obtain a scan of an asteroid. Then he should return the scan to Market 6, after which he will get the mood results. The mood results can finally be delivered to the court located at the Ark ship, along with 100 kt of gold nuggets as a sacrifice to the gods.
  3. I am interested to know how will "tax debt" behave. For example, I have a few tiles that I might want to discard by letting them lapse. What happens with the tax debt ? Will I still have to pay the debt that accumulated or will it go away together with my tile?
  4. Who am I paying taxes to? This abstract Aphellia entity, which also collects market taxes and already makes huge sums of money that way? What do I get from Aphellia for this generous donation of 1M per tile per week? The privilege of magically being protected from looters to take away my hard earned assets? I already expected this when territory warfare was rumoured, but it just doesn't seem to come. So what am I paying for exactly? The entire Lore of DU is about settlers colonising new worlds and tailor their own fate. There is no "state" that I bought the territory from. It was new, unclaimed land. If anything, I should be the one that collects taxes to my tenants (If I manage to find some anyway). And if you really think that Aphellia or "the state" can and should do this - Then give us ability to overthrow this greedy bastard, because apart from collecting money from us by selling us schematics, charging territory and market taxes and God knows what else in the future, Aphellia is just in the way of progress. I've been living in this universe since Alpha, and I was really enthusiastic about the game. I understand that progress should come at some price. But from my perspective I already paid the price by investing insane amount of time in mind-crushingly boring mining (thank god for mining units), doing logistics to transfer the ore, selling on maket, etc - all that so that I can finally start doing what I came here for - construct a cool starship, and go and explore the universe. Stepping out of my DU character and looking it from a casual gamer experience: NQ, you made so much effort in slowing down the game (schematics, and now taxes)- up to a point of grinding halt. DU no longer feels like a getaway form a real-life grind. Instead, it now feels like a prison where you are taunted with a promise that you can do anything that you want, only to be blocked with an overwhelming amount of grind that's in the way of your dream. Being a software developer myself I know that you sometimes need to make compromises in order to deliver in a timely manner, but Demeter as-is is not acceptable. Cut down the taxes to a symbolic amount, get rid of Atmo brakes tweak, and then we can continue to fight to live another day.
  5. Hello NQ, I would kindly ask for clarification: In the rule you say: Constructs must be parked outside the green perimeter line I can't see the perimeter line, can you please give an example? Only ships are allowed on the market landing platform. I have a shop hovering next to the platform, should I remove it also? (even though it is not on the platform)?
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