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  1. Here's the thread about it, are you looking at the location indicated there?
  2. The honest, straightforward monthly fee is a big part of what got me on board with trying DU in the first place. ~$7 is very cheap by MMO subscription standards, if that does not cover the server costs of an active player it should be increased. Especially with no base game cost, it's very affordable to try a month. A flat game charge of even $60 is woefully inadequate for a true MMO with large demands on the server created by all the building possibilities in the long term. Space Engineers can do it because it's not an MMO and they don't host the server. With most non-mmo sandbox building games like these, your friend group has to chip in to rent a server or one guy pays it for the rest, but regardless someone is making monthly payments (even if they host it themselves, they are using the internet and electricity they pay for). Recurring costs are a fact of life for online games like this. I could tolerate a cash shop of purely cosmetic items for our avatars and such, but the Free-to-play model is corrosive to the soul of games. Gameplay design decisions inevitably are affected by efforts to drive players to spend more. If DU goes to such a free-to-play model, I am out.
  3. The word you're looking for is 'Spangle' and that's how actual galvanized steel looks:
  4. Funny, I see the OP as evidence of why they will be a big deal. Because the ability to "offer jobs to have resources / items delivered to a place of my choice" is already there! You just have to use discord or at least in some way actually talk to other people to arrange them. And yet, there are clearly many people who play but are unwilling to engage in that way. A mission system could be what connects the anti-social to other players to perform these jobs.
  5. One man's fluff is another man's content. There are some very much functional constructs which depend on their screen, such as the ship cost estimator or JayleBreak's Reactor/2D+ Voxel Planner. If the latter were to break, and if the creator either could not make it work in the new API or did not have time to do so, it would be devastating to my main gameplay loop of voxel building. I also rely heavily on creating SVGs using Inkscape (or any external editor with a pen tool) to use for sales display and events. Often, I am making these after arriving at the event! Having to wait on the image approval process would kill my ability to do that. Could I still do these things without these tools? Yes, but the work will be slower, more difficult and result in a lower quality. If the issue is, as stated, "screen unit HTML content can be pretty big and uses a lot of bandwidth and frame time to render when updated every frame by a programming board or control unit." (emphasis mine) then this change is throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
  6. The page advertising it should be removed until it is available. Nobody becomes interested in a game because it has a recruit-a-friend program; it's only a bonus incentive that also helps get others playing a game you are interested in. As things are it only serves to create negative feelings in people who would use it, but don't want to wait some unknown time. It actually creates an incentive to not spread the word about the game.
  7. This is so rad! I put together an X-class racer for it, now I just need time to get out for a track day!
  8. PROBLEM: There is no solid purple honeycomb voxel. SOLUTION: Purple varieties of plastic and steel honeycomb should be added to Dual Universe. Plastic and Steel honeycomb are the only ones which allow plain, unpatterned voxels in several colors with a variety of tones and surface finishes. These offer every primary/secondary color except for purple/magenta. Given the creative building aspect of DU, the lack of one of the main colors in the spectrum is a glaring oversight. There are already purple options for pure metal honeycomb (so clearly it is possible to have a purple honeycomb), but they all include some pattern. The payoff to the creative builders of Dual Universe would be very great for what is surely a relatively low development cost. (No new frameworks/skills/categories needed.) Being part of an organization with purple as one of our primary colors, the lack of purple voxel options is really a bummer! https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/suggestions/143627/add-purple-varieties-of-plastic-and-steel-honeycomb
  9. This looks amazing! I thought I might get there in time, but both the bundle and the blueprints are completely out! There's a few of us camping out now like it's a new console release, lol. edit: Thanks for getting it sorted out!
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