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  1. I rly like the community and i thank you all a lot. But that wont help me with a gamemechanic which is zero fun for me. If i cant build stuff it does not matter if i need 50 Travels to the Market or if someone helps me (Flying + large container) and i only need 1 Trip. Building was the core theme of the game (as promised and still promised in the Trailers). Now it is "go mining" and sell ore to buy the stuff you should no longer build. For me this is an awful Gamedesign. Help wont make that go away. I only checked the forums to see if there is Feedback to m
  2. Again, thanks for the try. But I do not want to buy stuff. The Trailers and the Game itself promised my, that i could build anything. And as simple as it is: Im not addicted, if the game is no fun for me, i do not have to make it work. I simply quit and play a different game. Its sad, becaus - as i said - DU would have been the game i always wanted. But not without the freedom of building. Even if they add missions. So i could choose mission or mining. Whats the difference, when the goal is: Run to the Market and buy stuff. Thats kind of my real life. I dont
  3. And that is my problem: "take it slow, feel free to experiment" I want and i love to experiment. And i dont need fast success. But at this point it is useless. I cant experiment, because i cant build stuff, which i would need to experiment with. All i could do ist mine for hours, then slowly drive (not fly!) to the Market (again and again) and sell in small portions as i have no ship with containers. But even i have better ways to waste my time, then this
  4. Funktionieren die Tutorials bei Dir? Ich erhalte immer die Fehlermeldung "Invalid Transporter location". Nur die ersten drei lassen sich starten.
  5. Thanks again for the Tips. I have not startet the Game in two Days. I have to see if the motivation comes back. To say it clear: I like to start small and build up. But it does not feel like i can grow. XS Containers are so small that they simply do not make sense. I would need to make 50-80 Trips to the Market to sell enough. Thats about 20 hours non stop Flying. Thats is no fun. At least for me. I would rly love to build a (small) ship with M or S Containers, so i could build up. If i could craft the stuff i need, i would have a goal
  6. Ich baue inzwischen mit einem 3d Drucker mehr als ich zuvor gekauft habe. Das wird in 10-20 Jahren noch ganz andere Dimensionen annehmen. Es gibt ja jetzt schon Häuser aus einem "3d Drucker". Wenn Du es für unrealistisch ansiehst, dass so etwas in der Zukunft gebaut werden kann, solltest Du dann nicht auch mal darüber nachdenken, wie die Technik des Erz-Abbauens funktioniert? Der Avatar richtet so ein Ding auf Erz und dann wird es in den eigenen Rücksack transferiert, dessen Gewicht den Avatar auch nicht zerquetscht? Du kommst mit dem Realismus-Argument nicht weit, das es ein
  7. As a new Player: Get rid of Blueprints for all Tier 1 and everything you can build in Assemly Line M and lower. Give the new Players some aire and possibilities. I would not mind buying Blueprints for advanced Stuff. Right now it is even hard for me to go to the next Market. And all i see is "You need the Blueprint". So i cant experiment. I want to build a smal ship as i statet in another Post. But how? The Tutorial wont work. I have no clue what i need. And for everything i need to travel to the market. What if i forget 1 wing or 1 brak
  8. Thanks for the replys. Im not sure if i will start the game again. To be honest, i prob will, because of the 3 month paid. The Tutorial would help a lot. But they dont work "invalid transporter location". Only the first 3 Tutorials are working. Thanks for the youtube Link. I may give it a try. Im rly not sure if i want to play a game which makes it so hard. If there would be not blueprints (lets say for Tier1 and all in and under Assembly Line M) i wohld have no problem. I love to figure stuff out by myself. But with the vast way to the mar
  9. Im pretty new to the Game. So maybe Im missing an important part or someting. I want to go into building a Ship, as i need an option to sell the stuff i mined. And i have pretty much no clue what to do. All i see is that i cant afford the Blueprints which i need to build the Parts. So i figured i try to buy them. But how can i know what i need? I have no clue how many wings/brakes/engines (and what kind) /and what else i need. Im 35 km away from the nearest Market. It takes a huge amount of time to visit the next one. Im I supposed to do mu
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