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  1. It was a good suggestion, I just went a step further and bought a Dragonfly and upgraded it until it was space flight capable. Not the best space ship, but it did make it to sanctuary (on the 3rd try getting out of atmosphere). The problem with industry is there's no point in trying it with the economy the way it is. Mining and daily login is the only way to make any money as a new player. There is no starting out industry loop gameplay, at least one that you can make money. Typical MMO's you start out producing at a loss but gain experience so there's some sort of incentive. Here you just throw credits into the fire and watch it burn. I get that they needed to make changes to industry and the reasoning behind it. But there's two problems here; first if you're making a drastic change like that you probably need to do a full wipe and second you need to have other gameplay loops in place. Full wipe is a double edged sword though. All those players that have invested so much time in Alpha and Beta would not be happy to lose all that progression and then have to start over with the new system as it stands. On a more positive note, here's my awesome Dragonfly. lol
  2. I can tell you that as a new player the only thing worth doing is mining ore to sell. It's not worth it to make anything. You know you can't even completely recreate the starter speeder with the nanocrafter? (Mine somehow got corrupted from compactification). It requires headlights. You can buy them for 10k a piece, to make them requires a 200k schematic. 200k! For what? The market is flooded with headlights, but no buy orders. Maybe I'm missing something. I was hoping that it would be possible to play solo or with a couple of friends but it seems unlikely. I like the idea of schematics, but it looks like they are priced to slow down "end game" players. I'll probably screw around with it another week or two, but kind of disappointed that I backed it at this point. Of course I've backed stuff that never saw the light of day so it could be worse. I was enjoying it for a while anyway. I'm guessing that you need years worth of skills to get past the break even point of manufacturing or refining. I can only assume that's the disconnect and they want new players to be dependent on orgs. That's a long time to play space minecraft.
  3. You are totally correct, I spent a lot of time wasted running around when I coud have just made the M. Total newb mistake. I see where got lost on this now and appreciate you pointing it out. I have one suggestion, I know that you can filter out nanocrafter only parts but it would be "nice" if nanocrafter was listed in the "CRAFTABLE IN:" list as one of the options.
  4. I backed this originally on Kickstarter but only started playing a few days ago, and apparently picked the wrong time to start. So some of the logic doesn't make sense to me, and maybe I just don't get it. I thought industry might be something cool to try out. But quickly realized that in order to make the parts to build assembly lines you need an assembly line of the same size (btw 4 different types of them) to make all the parts, then schematics for each part but you can build it in the smaller assembly line. There doesn't seem to be an upward progression. If there was a full wipe the market would have to be pre-stocked with all the possible parts. For example no one could make a standard reinforced frame M because you need a metalwork M to make it, which requires the same reinforced frame (and an assembly line M to make the metalworker). So after I gave up on that I tried out fuel refiners. Not as bad, but just like the assembly lines, you can buy all the pieces cheap but all the schematics are about 10x the price. It's literally not worth it to make any equipment for your own use. Fuel at least has a consumption rate, but how many reinforced frames are really needed. Like I said, I'm coming into this fresh but it seems like the market is so flooded with cheap parts that the ore that it takes to make them is actually worth more then the end result. I read what they are trying to do, but I think people should be able to be self sufficient but it should take a long time to get there and crafting should be progressive. The skill system mimics Eve Online, you spend time progressing the skills you are interested in. You can be a great pilot, great industrialist or mediocre at both depending on how you invest your time. Those are the negatives I see. Positive: I like the crafting system, or I would if it was balanced. Building ships is pretty cool and I've seen a lot of cool ones strewn about the landscape.
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