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  1. Exactly as they plan to do it: don't make them op, just so that a single (or two) ships won't stand a chance against a turret. The more auto turrets you get, the less effective they become. So they help against the drive by looter, won't have a chance against a true attack (man them to have one) and orgs can't abuse them
  2. Lethys

    Org Management

    That can be done with virtual wallets too, no need for physical warchest somewhere which introduces new problems. I meant such vaults in the sense of rooms restricted to certain RDMS access, not for quanta storage
  3. Lethys

    Org Management

    Why should You do that - quanta are safe in your wallet
  4. Lethys

    Org Management

    Well taxes will be raised with markets mainly, maybe RDMS allows for members taxes (die everythingthey sell for example) - who knows. upkeeps are another story as this is a sink. For that to work we first need to see if the economy as a whole works with only one faucet. Vaults = base/room/chest with restricted RDMS
  5. Balancing IS a Problem - if a solo player gets strong defenses to secure his base then large orgs have them too. Which, in turn, make them even more invincible
  6. Because he gave you the answer what that 2 means. No need to be that aggressive
  7. that's all under NDA and no one can actually share anything with you apart from what NQ shares in videos, twitter or on the website
  8. Maybe, maybe not. Who knows what ppl will do. What we can say for sure though is that builders WON'T be online - and that's a good portion of the playerbase. So you'll certainly lose those. For your last sentence: that's why there are safezones. So ppl can't destroy your stuff. And des, it's sub based
  9. Well noone will holdyou offfrom creating your own Business- that's exactly what DU is about. So go for it. This has been debated by NQ too. It's not so simple as you picture it. Because of the nature of DU this is actually quite difficult to implement - just think about the implications for online times of users not interacting with others, void cities because everyone builds in their safe VR chamber, less interaction between players and so on. NQ thinks about this too, but IF we will ever see such a thing (Or similar) is written in the stars. Not for release, that's for sure. IF at all, then maybe years after launch
  10. See, Du is a MMO. As such Organisations should and will always outperform solo players. It wouldn't make sense for a MMO to enforce solo gameplay. That said, you still can do stuff if you're solo ofc - it's just harder. Trade on the markets to get quanta - I fueld 3 accs in eve (plex, ships, ammo, stuff) with just that. Or produce every day basic goods and sell them. With your profit start building stuff and blueprint it to sell it - maybe ppl buy it, maybe not. Depends in quality. If this is too much hassle for you then des, joining an org is a wise decision
  11. https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/03/09/character-name-reservations-how-it-works/ Sorry, wrong clipboard xD
  12. There's no eta on 24/7 server uptime atm. They're working on it and they're dedicated, but there's nothing else rly that I can tell you besides "We just don't know yet"
  13. Nah, only poked goons from wspace and had fun doing it
  14. Relog on the forums and you should be able to see the NDA stuff
  15. Only in the appropriate sections. This here is a public subforum
  16. NDA covers ALL aspects of a game - bad experiences/bugs/glitches but also good experiences. It works both ways so be careful what you say
  17. Lethys


    relog to your account on community.dualthegame.com and go to your profile
  18. You can look on YT for Dual universe Tutorials. If you're having issues then the official discord will gladly help you
  19. Welcome Just look for dual universe in YT and find NQs channel. There are a lot of videos with tons of info in there. Be aware though that DU is under NDA so you can't stream or share any Information with other ppl in videos, posts or anywhere outside the NDA channels
  20. I stopped after she said "...the world is yuuuuuuge with 400km^2 and 1000 concurrent players" Too small, too few. NQ can do more
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