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  1. Hi all, What do you think about a backback that can be crafted and traded with following features / variants? All variants have a Control Unit (no slots) and following root features that increase with the tier Extended nanopack storage level 1 Mining / ore scanning / detecting skills enhanced level 1 Basically that would be the tier 1 basic Backpack And here a the Backpacks tiers 2 to 5 Uncommon : Basic + 1 slot Databank + root features level 2 Advanced : Uncommon + 1 slot Emitter + 1 slot Reciever + root features level 3 Rare : Ad
  2. Hi all, what about a new production mode for transfert units that allows leaving a certain amount of the processed resource in the input container. in other words transfert all but X.
  3. Hi all, I'm mostly doubting for the future of DU but i still believe i can be a unique game that many gamers could be hyped of. But it needs to have a real fun factor for the masses of player and not just for those hyped by building. Indeed the majority of player are looking for the quick fun, they are not willed to stay farming or building hundreds of hours. In short, the masses that would bring the income with their subs need to be entertained at a high and constant level. Since the games credo is that players have to produce the content, and this in a way that they need
  4. The customisation of various HUDs in ships or industry monitoring tools could be a collection of scripts from multiple authors so that player would want to install several scripts what they can currently do but not anymore with the current RDM system. For Lua it would be interesting to allow player to buy Lua BluePrints that can be added to controllers like schematics to industry units.
  5. guys, we are in 2529 and need to send pigeons to transfert data 😮 but we have google docs it seems a bit salty and it is. On one hand we have the goal to build civilisations and on the other we lack in tools to manage it. I understand the concern of keeping the game fair to all players. But i recently seen a statement that it's not fair to have players without advanced Lua skills being disadvantaged. That's true and not true. See simply the power an organisation has on the ressource side. The more you gather the richer you become. The richer you are, more richer you w
  6. oh i noticed this is not posted under NDA, could an admin or moderator move the post, hopefully that's the reason no one reacted.
  7. Hi all, i'm not sure if this is the right section of the forum to post this topic, but as you can guess it apppears to me to be adequate. Also forgive me my bad English, specially because this post is quite long As a hobby developer i love the possibility to program in LUA IG. That said i encounter so much frustration because of limitations that are currently IG. I searched the forums and Discord to see if i can get answers to my questions, but in the end nothing helped me. so i'm here I'm not posting here to rage about those limitations, but as i
  8. discordauth:WPccKtv4DMScNItps9J4K1bFh_rt3dCZQ-HInUe_UFI=

  9. Movix

    Hi all

    Hello all, i recently joined the game in it's alpha phase. I played a lot Space Engineers and i'm following DU for quite a while and finally bought it a few week ago. I'm interested in LUA stuff and would be happy to be ablel to chat with other players programming LUA in DU. Movix
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