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  1. guys, we are in 2529 and need to send pigeons to transfert data šŸ˜® but we have google docs it seems a bit salty and it is. On one hand we have the goal to build civilisations and on the other we lack in tools to manage it. I understand the concern of keeping the game fair to all players. But i recently seen a statement that it's not fair to have players without advanced Lua skills being disadvantaged. That's true and not true. See simply the power an organisation has on the ressource side. The more you gather the richer you become. The richer you are, more richer you will become. So there is already a disadvantage. And in my understanding a player can choose to apply to an org that has what he wants or there will be ways or alternatives he can buy with ingame money. But what if a technology is not sold and gives an org an huge advantage ? They already have it with a big player base. so where is the point ? I guess we have to wait that things evolve
  2. oh i noticed this is not posted under NDA, could an admin or moderator move the post, hopefully that's the reason no one reacted.
  3. Hi all, i'm not sure if this is the right section of the forum to post this topic, but as you can guess it apppears to me to be adequate. Also forgive me my bad English, specially because this post is quite long As a hobby developer i love the possibility to program in LUA IG. That said i encounter so much frustration because of limitations that are currently IG. I searched the forums and Discord to see if i can get answers to my questions, but in the end nothing helped me. so i'm here I'm not posting here to rage about those limitations, but as i'm engaging a fairly high amount of time in realizing things i wonder if this work will not get useless after some future updates. So i'm coming up with some questions about future features of DU LUA. Before diving into LUA details let me give you the understanding i have of the vison DU has. For me DU is a root level sand box where players will build and realize the content and environnement. DU call itself a game where players will build civilisations. with the current balance and the scale of building things like civilisation, or even more humble let's say a town, it requires a lot of time to gather, transform and build. And that is the easy part. The more difficult job is to make a project appealing in order to seduce players in joining. From then you need to manage, organise, control, and plan things. Again at the scale we are talking about you'll probably have dozens of players and as much tasks to manage. Thus you will handle huge amounts of data and communication. That's the point were i want LUA join the party. Event Calendars, accounting of players activity, Task management, Statistics, just to list some In the current state those thing will not be possible because of missing API features and existing restrictions. So here a list of things that i'm interested in knowing if they will find somehow a way into the game or if it's already known that they are a no go System Will there be a GUI API that allows interaction (mouse and/or keyboard handling) on screen elements, HUD ? Will there be a documentation about rules for CPU overload evaluation ? Will the LUA code size limit stay or change ? Will the screen element content size stay or change ? Will player accounts be IRL verified ? i mean will we be able to detect multi account players ? Data Storage Will there be some client side storage ? Will there be some server side storage ? Will there be some Ć©volutions of the IG Databank in terms of storage space and APIs like CRUD like sql) ? Messaging Will there be a way to send messages to another player in a hidden system channel reserved for LUA messaging ? Will there be a way to post send messages to chat (all default channels and private channels) ? Will there be a way to interact from LUA with a server on Internet like a discord or web server ? Will receivers / emitters have some more features like private communication vs broadcasting ? Core API Will there be a way to see the size (XS,S,M,L,XL) of an element ( getElementSizeyId(id) ) ? Will there be a way to modify link between elements ? Will there be a way to interact with RDMS like adding or removing people/orgs in Actors, elements in Tags ? Will there be more ranks in orgs and will there be a way to edit memberships from LUA ? Will it be possible to gather more data from players API like orgs memberships and/or talent tree ? Will it be possible to rename elements ? IG Storage Will there be a way to get the container inventory ? If yes will there be a way to get the owners (claim) for each item stack ? Industry Will there be a way to set recipe? Will the be a way to set the amount to craft ? That's the most important for me that i remembered during posting this. I'm sure i missed a lot of questions that are important, like all the piloting related stuff for example. i Wonder what you guys are thinking about my questions and hopefully those skilled in other LUA IG mechanics add their question if they feel like me
  4. discordauth:WPccKtv4DMScNItps9J4K1bFh_rt3dCZQ-HInUe_UFI=

  5. Movix

    Hi all

    Hello all, i recently joined the game in it's alpha phase. I played a lot Space Engineers and i'm following DU for quite a while and finally bought it a few week ago. I'm interested in LUA stuff and would be happy to be ablel to chat with other players programming LUA in DU. Movix
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