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  1. I adressed that and explained why it's really the same thing - we fundamentally disagree here then, that's fine that's the case with either system and I agree I disagree here too as this would be a mess for players. In a game like DU skill/talent progression and quanta are the only values which count. If you lose skills/talents you previously got then ppl will be fed up with the game and just leave as it would be extremely tedious to do something you want
  2. but that's exactly my point: it doesn't really matter how you get the tool (be it either because you buy it, magically get it, train a skill over time and suddenly that tool appears). Once you have it, you have to use it anyway to get proficient with it (you as a gamer, not your char). You as a player have to learn how to use it, get familiar with it. That's purely a RL skill. So in short: You propose: you buy a tool on some kind of market then use it and gain ingame proficiency with it along with some bonuses per level increase (+5% mining yield). So while you use the tool you obviously want to use (because you bought it in the first place) you gain RL skill/sp/bonuses with it. First levels will be quite fast, higher levels will take days and weeks to finally level up. What DU does: You have certain tools available from the start and queue up your talents to train for mining over time. When you leveld up (Mining 3) you get a new tool (+5% mining yield). While you use the tool you obviously want to use (because you train that talent) you gain RL skill with it. Meanwhile you passively gain sp/bonuses because you're training the next talent level which may also be very quickly at low levels but may take days to weeks to get higher levels. You can do other stuff meanwhile ofc and you don't need to mine all day to gain sp. Doesn't really change much does it? It's really the same thing but with three major drawbacks for the "active" system: you open the game to bots, you favor 24/7 nolife players and you force players to constantly do the same thing to level up that skill. You will encounter a lot of timers in DU - because they're neccesary in a MMO. Just think of timers regarding PVP, destruction of a city, killing territory units and so on. You need timers there too
  3. Where's the real effort when you aquire skills through grinding? That's just plain boring and there's no effort involved either. The effort you're talking about is understanding the mechanic itself- like mining or building, piloting a hovercraft or spacecraft. It's learning the ends and odds of those things which require effort and A LOT of thinking on the players part. As you said, players never worked with that new tool they have to earn it. But even with an "active" talent system, players wouldn't magically get that tool. In both systems the player gets the NEW tool at some point and for that it doesn't matter at all if he was forces to spend the last 5h using another tool which basically has nothing to do with the new one or if he just got it because he waited 5h. In both systems, the player gets a new tool and has to learn it. If the player doesn't want to go that talent path any further then he wouldn't use the Tools in any way, regardless of the system you're using. If the player wants to go that path (say mining and digging) then he obviously has to use the tools anyway and learn how to use them, regardless of the aquiring system. An "active" system doesn't automatically make everyone good in what they do just because they rinse and repeat some boring activity. So all in all those arguments aren't rly strong
  4. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ when you only write a simple answer, ppl get mad with you when you elaborate a little bit and try to give more details, ppl get annoyed with you xD np mate - enjoy
  5. because, as seen there, 24/7 isn't a thing yet. Since nothing was stated on that topic, that page is all you got atm - everything else is just speculation and doesn't mean anything. because the alpha announcement is a big thing - that's why it's there first. If you just would scroll down just a little bit.....then you instantly see the latest news from May 7th 2019 (R0.15 Build Talent System). So no, development hasn't stopped, nothing burned, nothing crashed.... But ofc, as you put it, all those "mechanic updates" automatically mean that development stopped.....which it clearly didn't Since you haven't been following closely, I gave you some links to read up for yourself - indicating that Alpha 2 might be near (which in turn means the game is progressing as planned). Since there is no info about 24/7 tests I can't give you anything on that end (which I should have stated more clearly - mea culpa). We're pretty much bound due to the NDA so I can't give you any other information that what you find via this board, their website, their youtube videos and twitter announcements.
  6. hey, https://www.dualthegame.com/en/server-status/ for the server status Also, If you just click NEWS you land here https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/ and can see and read up what NQ is up to lately - like Alpha 1 launch which happened a while ago. There you can also see several updates and devblogs about recently added mechanics (barter system, character progression,....) which all Point to Alpha 2 launch soon (tm) as "promised" by this rough roadmap here EDIT: also for reference you can read the devblogs here https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/forum/19-devblog-feedback/
  7. didn't read everything and not interested at all in building - but well written and nice pics ? well done EDIT: oh and just because I saw that: https://twitter.com/dualuniverse/status/1128014611540840450 so it's not only blocks rn
  8. Apart from what you can see from videos we can't answer any questions due to the NDA
  9. No thats not what NQ wrote there. If you don't have a queue running you again X amount of sp/hour. If you queue up your skills you get Y amount of sp/hour (Y > X). A skill needs for example 200 sp to train => 200/Y = minutes to train that skill OR you have Z amount of "free" so because you haven't queued anything for 2 days thus you have 24×X sp at your disposal. Then you can just "buy" that skill.
  10. this isn't the NDA section so be careful Skills gained with time is better than gained by doing it in MMOs for obvious reasons. For the different skills - it's the first iteration. Surely, some are just misplaced and will change. I think they just need to think of skills to train so ppl have smth to test there - because a lot of mechanics aren't in yet -> thus a lot of skills aren't even ingame
  11. I rly don't know why ppl are shocked. It was clear from the start that du has character progression. And that there are many limits to this "creative" sandbox (mining, crafting, ingame money, pvp, skills, ...)
  12. But you don't see the inventory of the other player Oo only yours
  13. BOO is always watching anyway Welcome and gl with your org o7
  14. (III) Following actions are prohibited: Posting off-topic replies or replies that are likely to drag the discussion off topic. Necroposting on old threads (unpinned threads in which the last reply is older than 2 months). Spamming on a specific topic. This includes creating multiple discussions on the same topic in the same or multiple forums. Cross-posting a specific reply. This is also a form of spamming. Posting an image without a meaningful text. A meme is not a response to a discussion. They are usually disruptive and can be easily misinterpreted. The same is true for animated GIFs. just saying xD
  15. It IS a free market system, the only thing controlled by the game are quanta sinks (market fees and stuff) and quanta faucets (injecting money through bots). Everything else is controlled by Players
  16. Current plans involve a notification system via mails to know who attacked what structure within your territory. This isn't linked to the forcefield but to the territory unit itself
  17. You won't find that person because the game is under NDA. As you don't have access yet, noone is allowed to tell you anything about game mechanics
  18. Lethys


    Best to focus on developing the game now as promised in the kickstsarter campaign. I rly see no need nor argument to change that for the near future (at least 5 years). But way later, after everything is in place and working - why not. But then again, by then we all will have 16+ cores and more, so there's no more need for that.... Don't rly see the point in doing this tbh. No to feature creep and better develop what was intended in the first place
  19. Ppl rly like to overthink things in a game. If there are no single seater landing pads in a certain player market then ppl with single seater ships won't use it => less money for the owner => He analyzes other, successful markets and realizes that single seaters are used by the majority of ppl for their shopping => He builds pads for single seaters. There's rly no need imho to agree on anything because It'll balance itself.
  20. I promise I won't. Come visit me any time - but remember: real men always fly with full throttle...... xD
  21. they said that due to server limitations, voxels can float (if you dig the whole base of a mountain for example) so yes, if that's still the case, you can create a minefield that way
  22. it does appeal to me too - but only because I love to scam ppl to get their hard earned money I would never ever give away my quanta to anyone. Never. Nope
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