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  1. For me, I ran out of the starter ores virtually immediately. In fact, i think I only found 3 ore pockets so I didn't even get all 4 of the available ores. IMO, a starter area should have a bigger supply of starting materials then what sanctuary has. The amount of traveling I had to do to go buy parts was kind of silly in my opinion. It just doesn't make any that there are no teleporters between markets on sanctuary. It seems pretty silly that the best way to travel from one sanc market to another is to fly to another planet, use the teleport there, and then fly back to sanctuary - and then you have to go and do the whole thing all over again in reverse to get back to where you were. I understand there's a certain level of realism in DU and I like that. But that whole thing makes no sense, especially for someone just starting off who is going to wind up spending more timing going on these circular trips then actually doing something. Having a starting area for new players isn't a bad idea - but i think in this case it was badly implemented and a big waste of time for me. As far as i can tell, sanctuary provides no benefit to a player compared to just finding a tile on alioth.
  2. Hmm maybe I'll try that. When you fly in space do you need to apply reverse thrust to slow down?
  3. Oh i already pretty much ditched everything. The only thing right now that I had to leave behind was a small container and a small assembly. The biggest annoyance is i don't have enough room in my pack for a territory marker, so i'll have to fly to whatever tile I'm going to settle on (found one about 50km from one of the alioth markets), and then fly back and buy a marker. Probably wont bother going back to pick up that container and s assembly. Thank you for the offer though, I appreciate it.
  4. Would it be worth buying one of the starter ships for sale at the market? I can't remember if the <1mil ships were space capable or not. I'll have to go google what parts are needed for a intro space ship. I've only played around with modifying the starter speeder so far.
  5. What has NQ been doing, or not doing that makes it so interesting?
  6. it's loading a gb from the server every logon? How does anyone not with good bandwidth even manage to get into the game? I'm lucky I got 1gb fiber recently. I was wondering how they'd handle loading when everyone can basically build a totally customized ship/base etc. I wonder how much of the world it's downloading on first load. I usually try to log out at my base if i can since there's not much there. I assumed that would improve loading times.
  7. Then why do they keep sending new players there? I'm guessing changing the starting tutorial from saying 'go to sanctuary' to 'dont go to sanctuary' would be relatively easy to do. Or just change sanctuary so you can mine on unclaimed tiles. For a new player, sanctuary is basically an excuse for them to stop playing the game. You invest some time into mining ores, building up some supplies and then find out your now stuck and basically have to just abandon your stuff since it's not worth trying to haul it back and forth with multiple trips to the market to sell it. Do the dev's have any plan to fix this? It doesn't seem like it would be a complicated or time-consuming thing to fix. Thanks for the explanation.
  8. well for now i'll be moving to alioth since i dont have a way to get off planet yet. Although maybe i should look into what it would cost to get a ship capable of getting to madis - i'm guessing madis is less crowded then alioth?
  9. So i've already run out of basic ores on my one tile. I purposely picked a tile with some empty tiles around it hoping there's be more ore available. I didnt realize we can only mine in our one tile. Now i have to figure how/if i can move all my stuff to alioth since it might not fit in my inventory. The sanctuary moon seems like a waste of time to me.
  10. what i think should really be done is just designate some area as a bazaar, because thats basically what it feels like with all the gaundy lights and so much stuff piled up all over the place. I actually like that idea - i just don't think it's good in every public space, especially when it gets to the point where you can't even find a building because of the clutter.
  11. Is it normal for the game to sit at that first logo screen once you hit the login button? It usually sits there for a few minutes, and then it goes to the loading screen, which it might also sit at for a few minutes. I understand it's a beta release and I'm not complaining. Just wondering if there's anything I can do to speed up starting the game. Oh and one other thing i noticed when it's at that logo screen - i can't alt-tab to another window. I guess thats what makes it really annoying since If I could pull up another window I could go do something else while it's loading. Thanks
  12. Hi all, I tried out DU for a little while last year and just recently came back into it. Quite a big difference in terms of player created content now. I'm not sure what the plan is when the game is ready to be released, but the non-player made markets are really getting cluttered imho. They just feel kinda cheap at this point since there are so many gaudy signs trying to get you to buy whatever someone is selling. I mean some of the ship designs are amazing. But I really think any player made stuff should be off to the side a bit with the non-player made markets. I went to one of the district markets last night and I couldn't even find the market terminals at first because there was just so much stuff all over the place. It basically just felt like i was being spammed. All it needed was some ads for ED pills ? Just to be absolutely clear - not saying we should limit what people can build. I just think there should be a little space between the non-player content and the player content.
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