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  1. And waste time for a feature which will be obsolete anyway in some months?
  2. 10 year wh dweller and cap fc here Definitely a good time to leave Eve for good
  3. Then contact support.dualthegame.com
  4. It's a real Alpha. You can test it to give nq feedback. It's not a game for playing yet Edit: playing in the sense of having a real game experience like in a finished game. If you participate you give nq valuable data to improve DU. Wipes may happen and all your progress might be lost too
  5. That's because the Server uptime can be found here https://www.dualthegame.com/en/server-status/ Maybe it was a bit off because they just announced alpha 1. Further: if you buy a Pack then there is a clear warning that the servers are NOT open at all times
  6. https://www.dualthegame.com/en/pledge/ Hard to find before you buy? Hm? ??
  7. Careful of nda there. Or perhaps thats what signs are there for https://trello.com/c/gcBmCx2A
  8. Lethys

    Space TU/STU

    I don't understand the proposed answers. TCUs on the ground are attackable at any time and can be flipped (if possible) or destroyed. IF they have a shield attached to them (possibly a module of some sort) then you can still attack that TCU but a timer kicks in (48h for now). After that runs down, you can attack the TCU itself to flip/destroy it. And I think it would make sense to use that system in space too
  9. "Over time" is just another word for "24/7 gamers will camp it" in an MMO. I think that issue (if it even is one) can be adressed in beta when lots of ppl join and servers are reset
  10. https://trello.com/c/HVdTjEsH Predefined sounds are considered, but i doubt we'll see custom sounds
  11. Because there are safezones where you can't shoot Edit: and because to keep your orgmates out of there
  12. That's the whole point of it. Attack in their weakest timezone to reinforce the shield. That's why single language orgs like all german ones are good in their TZ, but suck in every other. And yes, If you want safety outside the safezones you want a big org backing you to actually Provider for that safety. If you're a lone wolf, Go ahead and outside. But be aware that you might be attacked when you're not online. Ppl just need to know that If they leave the safezones, they can be killed. Karma doesn't change that. And If they rly understand that, then they won't leave. Because they got killed. Once.....
  13. Who said it needs to be you who plays 24/7? That's what orgs are there for. And timezones. See how it's eine in Eve for 10+ years
  14. A fully fledged invasion or siege hast to be planned accordingly. You don't do such a thing in your own, nor do you do it lightly. You always argue for the "Lone wolf griefers", so this shouldn't be a problem for you. That can and will still happen with a declaration of war. Those Guys will simply declare everyone as target and that's it. Casuals can play the game in safezones. That's why they're there. If you want to achieve things outside then you better bei able to defend your stuff 24/7
  15. Happend 14 times to be exact. Not in Du ofc. Planned carefully, phoned friends, got everyone coordinated and then broke free. Then killed them (or tried to in some circimstances) anderen came back with even more reinforcements to claim our territory again. Got evicted 5 times, always rebuilt too. It's all about creative solutions to problems at hand. A karmasystem won't help in any of those cases, ppl can (and ppl sometimes will) do it. Plus such things aren't easy to do in Du. TCUs are expensive anderen possibly need time to be Set up, you need fuel, electricity and maybe other forms of consumables to even just sit there and wait for them defenders to show up. Ammo is also a thing, other games allow you to store ridiculous amounts. So it's not an easy feat to rapecage someone in Du and i simply can't see it happen with planets
  16. Rdms doesn't prevent anyone from destroying your stuff. It helps in organizing your org aka getting ppl the right roles to use/manipulate/enter certain constructs/elements. You don't want your basic grunt to be able to get into the command room - that's where rdms comes into play. You can give ppl different rights for different storage containers for example. A grunt might only see it's content but only an officer (whom you trust) can take stuff from there. But you can't use rdms to prevent anyone else from a different org to destroy your stuff with it. Those ppl don't have access anyway to your stuff as they're not in your org
  17. Again, ppl will have safe stashes somewhere ofc but all of their main assets will be in PvP zones because it wouldn't be feasible otherwise. That's exactly what your Last sentence states. Besides: ofc pvpers also have to pay for safety outside. Yes they can fight themselves, but still need protection in numbers. Ppl who kill those will be Kos very fast anyway. There will (and already are) orgs which want to protect others from such raiders. That's emergent gameplay - let players organize that, not through an arbitrary system Everyone can do that anyway. Even with karma Edit: to elaborate. Even If they just use a normal moon without MSA they're Safe because of the 48h shield. Combined effort is needed anyway to kill those. Besides travel times.....and fuel costs to hunt. Which is a logistical effort in it's own.
  18. that's called risk vs. reward. You simply can't give everyone access to everything if they don't want to cope with the risk. You can stay safe all the time and just buy all the rare materials (which will cost you quanta) - that's literally the price you have to pay for staying safe. If you don't want to pay that price then you have to go outside and maybe get killed - that's the price you have to pay then. Even your suggested karma system won't change that well ofc - they want to make a profit. AND they already have the risk. See above. If they can or cannot control it has to be seen yet - as said, power projection is very bad in DU because of several factors. TZs are the reason big orgs will grow faster because they can take shifts if they're international - there's always primetime somewhere to attack/defend Why should it deter someone to kill you? If you're a valuable target, they'll do it anyway. No need for karma mechanic here. People choose who can access their markets - so if I'm known to be a pirate, they would already ban me from their market. Again, no need for karma. If I'm outside a safezone, I can already be attackd 24/7 by anyone - no need for karma. Not being able to enter ASA can't be done as explaind. every other player who lives there. They can band together to kill that org. Besides the point that such moons are VERY big and a 24/7 rapecage would need more than 10k members (TZs, online times, fly times, flight mechanics which may include orbital mechanics,....)
  19. not rly the same thing because moons are MSA - there are no resources there to mine. You have to travel through PVP areas to get materials, ships, resources and other stuff there Initially - maybe. Later on ppl will fill the markets in ASA/MSA with rare resources and ppl can buy those. Naturally, big orgs can and will dominate. But only certain areas and certain, very specific parts. It's not like in EVE where one alliance with 10.000 members can project their power over 100 systems. Very large orgs of 10.000 members might be able to barely control a planet - even then, there are plenty of loopholes to it as there are timezones and travel times so nothing really changes then. Once outside I can attack anyone (like now) and I'm still safe in ASA/MSA (like now). I show up red....yeah. wow. PPL should do that on their own though, see below. scammers, awoxers and spais will be in your own org and you'll not notice them until it's too late. After the job is done, you can flag him ofc why? only because he's red? If ppl do such a thing then ppl can and will flag them anyway - or mark them with lua and a KOS list....It should be up to players to flag others. To the Empire BOO might be red, but to the TU we wouldn't be (just an example). Different orgs will have different enemies and different ppl (pirates for example or other small gangs looking for fights) will roam a planet. But that's still localized and not global - such gangs live on a certain planet and "harass" and attack their surrounding area, but they might never fly to another planet far away. On such a far away planet the ppl don't know what that guy did or is about to do to them if he ever comes there. Because they don't know him. So why give them free intel? And chances are, he just wants to start a new life (not very likely but, you know... ). ofc you can do that. just invade them. no need for a declaration. Such a wardec can come later too again, why? I can have 3 chars with 1 acc - 1 alt is neutral and just there to go to the safezone and noone would ever know it's my alt. He doesn't kill anyone. Ever. That works already too with what NQ has in mind. Everyone can attack and loot you. You already have the exact same things to lose. Such a karma system is basically exactly what EVE did too in lowsec/highsec. And it doesn't really change anything at all. And again, I don't mind being red to others and I will be on some internal KOS lists ofc and that's fine. That's what I want after all. I just don't see a real benefit of such a system because it can be circumvented with ease and it doesn't really add anything. It just takes away something from players because without such a system, players have to think of a system for themselves
  20. Yes that will happen - many players will have a 100% safe stash somewhere as a last reserve. That's expected and naturally it'll occur. But keep in mind that empyrion has WAY different travel mechanics - you just jump to a new system instead of flying there. So it is indeed feasible to stash everything in a safezone there because travel time and power projection doesn't matter that much. In DU you have travel times between planets ranging from 15-30 minutes (to the moons) to HOURS to get to the outer planets. Power projection is really bad here and it will be way better to just hide and defend your base in PVP areas instead of flying back and forth everytime you did something for 10+ hours.... Besides: there are shields which protect whole territories for 48h. Also see EVE: wormhole space/Nullsec/Lowsec are all inhabited and a lot of assets are stored there....in a FFA PVP area refer to page 5 (https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/12700-devblog-feedback-our-thoughts-on-territory-protection-mechanics/&do=findComment&comment=77922) it is full PVP here - because there is no PVE at all. Mining? PVP - because you want to have better constructs than others Markets? PVP - because you want to outbid everyone else There are no NPCs in DU, nor missions to fulfill for NPCs - you create your own fun game within DU That's how it works right now though - everyone can attack anyone else outside ASA/MSA. Unless you mean that pvpers can be attacked in safezones too, then I have some points to consider: - I can just create an alt which is neutral to circumvent that (he then can enter ASA/MSA unharmed and can use the markets there and other services from everyone else) - ASA HAS TO BE safe for everyone because that's where the your rescue res-node is located, which makes sense because you have to have a point to spawn when you die. Making "bad karma ppl" attackable there is a big nono as they can be camped and griefed with ease - how to handle bystanders and innocent ppl who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time - if you need to declare war first in order to stay "karma neutral" then it's not really emergent gameplay. Plus: what to do with awoxing ppl? Scammers? Spais who infiltrate your org and steal everything you got? I say: let players handle all that - safezones are safe for everyone and outside those bubbles, players should decide which way to go.
  21. It's only about the idea itself, the exact mechanics are always very similar. Get a bonus there, get a side effect here, add difficulty for more/potent drugs, vary by rng, use skills and modules to craft them,.... As long as NQ hears it, it's fine for me
  22. Old idea already Or a bit more recently And as I said there and 2years ago: drugs, yes pls
  23. Idk why but bellicose always reminds me of a Cat wanting it's belli scratched ? Good post cal, fully agree
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