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  1. I own a fair amount of scans. I was able to read through a lot of them and find which tiles had value and which was worthless. This is a significant advantage over people who don't. And since the ground content is reset people with scans will have an insane advantage over anyone else. For such a resource reset it is important to put everyone to the same level. At first I was happy with me keeping my scans but when I realize that minutes after getting into the pts I had goen though all my scans and found which ones were valuables I realized how unfair that was.
  2. so if you ar einterested in content creation you are not allowed in the big world? noted.
  3. yeh but for instance I own 4 tiles because I want to create some sort of beach town. I do work a lot of quite detailed elements. if tiles goes up exponentially I'm still scrtewed even with 100k as a starter.
  4. each major patch seems to be put together in a rush, nothing seems to be thought through, and everything thing is considered from the "end game" perspective where you have millions of quantas and you've done everything and need more troubles to stay interested. The huge change to the industry simply sent off half of the player base out over night and they have no intent to come back. Constant screw up regarding pvp exploits and wrong decisions are pushing more people out. These new changes will simply put a nail in the coffin of a game that is in a really bad shape. The tax on tile makes no sense whatsover. If you are a little artisan like me you do simple stuff for their beauty not for the pvp nor the greed of constantly selling. I make very little money in the game and I have 7m in my wallet. I own 4 tiles. I don't even own half of what my tiles will cost me per month. This is ridiculous. The message in the video stating that tile tax numbers where not real and just place holders... That was straight up a lie. The mining units will never cover the need one has to pay for all the taxes in the game. The mini game is completely borked. Each use of a charge is a waste of time. Game designer should really stick their head out and stopped getting stubornely idiotic in their decision. I agree 100% with Hagbard. This patch is the death of the game in its current state.
  5. First thing first, I do acknowledge the need to slow down players progression overall. We are indeed going fast and that's not always for the better. But.. This is still making a paywall as a ladder. not only does it not achieves what it should do on the long terms, but it also creates a feeling of disconnection. There is nothing engaging in just mining for money. There is no point, no fun. It's a tedious process which cuts you from what you want to do: industry. I'm not against gating schematics behind a Research and development process that would require actions and interaction from the player in order to discover new schematics. But if it consist of sending players to plunder planets of their resources and then send these resources in the void (selling to bots) for Quantas, that's stupid. It does not provide anything as a whole. I'm just wasting time and resources for in the end very little gain. You guys NEED to implement a true and engaging process to unlock schematics. My proposed solution is Research and Development feature that would require a player to monitor elements of a ship (airfoil, atmo/space engine, atmo/space brakes, etc...) and one type at the time to "collect data". We can then imagine a contract between two players where one is putting the data collector on his ship to collect data for an other player that then would have to proceed these data through a dedicated interface in order to gain progress points that would lead to in the end with a few resources and a few quantas to unlocking schematics. The idea of one schematics per machine is also stupid and while it might slow down progress in the short term in the long term it won't do nothing. The main idea was needed, but the path chosen is bad, wrong and shortsighted. We need a really engaging and interesting way to unlock these schematics that does not require us to brainlessly mine for hours before sending all these resources in the void.
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