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  1. I have 3 accounts to cover a modest spread of skills, I love to tinker in the game, I am a builder by heart and abhor the destructive aspect of PvP. l logged into PTS and after looking around I canceled all three of my accounts not so much due to the changes (aside from taxes, while the idea is sound, those are just stupid expensive) but more so as to where the update indicated the game was going. In short no content, just PvP and PvP is just lazy ... DU knows this, it's why all of their structures are invulnerable and messing with them is the quickest way to get booted from the game but anything a player created is fair game ... double standard much? On another note, personally I will often spend hours in game looking at an immense treasure trove of player created art, there really are some amazing pieces laying around. Unfortunately nearly all of these examples will soon be wiped out. I understand why taxes are needed but damn this change will destroy so much of what makes this game great. <looking at you IC Spaceport and D4rk Castle>
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