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  1. A normal player usually has no experience with luascripts and the like, unless the person is already anchored there professionally or for his own interest. In the end, it also depends on what kind of "players" NQ wants to attract or whether it simply offers a playground for scripters who can let off steam here and at the same time hand over their creations and their own rights as creators to NQ. It would also finally be time for an ingame calendar.
  2. All I really want to know is the release date. But I can imagine that everything that was already in the forum will be retold and perhaps a few questions that were unclear in the forum will be asked. At the moment I don't expect anything, then you can't be disappointed.
  3. Pure player markets are probably more of a nightmare than a wish that absolutely has to be realised. I don't necessarily need them, it's enough for me to bring my goods to the marketplace, list them there and, if I have a need, buy something from the market again straight away. What more do I want as a player? Especially since it is probably one of the safest ways compared to a player-controlled market. What could be done, however, is to pay the tax revenues of the markets to players or organisations if they are elected in a political system (area officials, planetary representatives, etc.) Provided that an election system with political possibilities would be introduced in DualUniverse. (I know it in a small form as an example from the game: Archeage).
  4. One could introduce that Aphelia can activate protective shields on the outer planets, which we players can activate and build up through donations. The protective shield would then last a maximum of 1 month and only one of the planets can maintain a protective shield at a time. Of course, the prerequisite for this would be that all outer planets no longer have permanent protection after the release.
  5. I wish you would support more players who build great race tracks to hold monthly and annual events. You could also provide a tax benefit there to create such free event spaces, which you can apply for if it benefits the general public.
  6. I have no reddit, no twitter, no snapchat, no tinder etc. I limit myself to the game account and the forum, as well as discord, since ingame conversations are poor in many games. Should I now register on every third-party site just to post my opinion there again? NO, I don't want to. What upsets me much more is that NQ keeps changing the media where news is revealed. NQ can answer questions and provide answers in the forum. Why should a player wait weeks for an answer and hope that NPC-Aphelia might address and answer them in the next podcast, especially since some answers are insufficient and you have further questions? On Facebook, all sorts of things are posted, but there is never an answer to questions from "customers or interested parties".
  7. So many questions in the forum waiting to be answered. In comparison, the few questions the NPC answers are only a small part of what players want to know. Could the NPC question rounds also answer 30+ questions at a time?
  8. In itself, I would play again with release, although it rather depends now on whether we have to wait another 1 month or 1 year until then. I see the same thing with the cores and the grid alignment. There is an urgent need to work on being able to rebuild large structures properly, currently it is simply not possible. (Although that wouldn't stop me from setting the first core and copy-pasting the other 99. I rather hope that they offer more content until release and not just more timers, because those are not a game for me.
  9. You can choose your tile at the start, so you should discuss with your friends where to click your tiles.
  10. Can you see how long you have had the subscription? I have been using the annual subscription for 2 years, had problems with the service in between, it has been fixed. Are the periods still counted as 13+ months, as the 2x12 months were continuous?
  11. Am I correct in assuming that the core BPs mentioned are normal BPs and that the material needed to set these BPs has to be re-gained with a reset? Would it therefore make sense to create BPs in such a way that they are designed with T1 materials after a wipe in order to have them available again quickly? Furthermore, it would certainly also make sense if very high-value elements were not used, as many of these are not available for weeks or months after a reset. (e.g. rare manoeuvre Space Engines XL) should you redesign your spaceships and buildings with this in mind? If so, how much time do we have left to redesign all the important BP? What about large buildings that are composed of several cores? Could you please create a way to combine several cores as one building object? Is a wipe currently planned or necessary at all, or would it be sufficient if players removed their buildings from the planets and moved them to Space? (You had once mentioned that redesigning the planets is very important and therefore a wipe would be necessary there). Please understand, the text has been translated.
  12. Im Space hat es ja nochmal den Nachteil, dass die Konstrukte nicht mal durch ein Hauptquartier automatisch geschützt würden.
  13. There are limitations in every game. What is more important is how well they are hidden so that when you play it feels like there are no limitations. In Dualuniverse, however, these limitations become very visible. - Only make 5/5 schematics at a time. - Only have a maximum of 50 calibrations - only generate a maximum of 6 recharges of calibrations per day. - MiningUnits that produce a maximum number of litres per hour/day - maximum elements that can be built into a ship before it becomes unplayable - maximum number of cores that can be used for building - maximum number of organisational steps - .... In addition, the solar system is designed to be very small, not in size, but in variety and design. Dead planets and moons that seem uncharitable to me. No real living forests, no rivers, waterfalls, interactive flowers, bushes trees, animals....es just seems empty and dead.
  14. When we write here, we should stick to the truth and reality. DualUniverse is supposed to become a game, currently it is a test version that would be described as alpha or beta. To be fair, it should be called alpha, also because basic mechanics are still being worked on and will be removed from the game and added to the game. In the end, at release, you expect a game, not a metaverse. It is simply not possible to build a real metaverse with such a small company, neither in terms of the number of employees, nor financially, and certainly not in terms of the hardware that would make it possible. What used to be a dream of DualUniverse will remain a dream, from 20 years ago as a child I dreamed of bigger dreams, what should be feasible to keep me busy in a game. Perhaps this was also one of the reasons why I found the DualUniverse project so interesting. Unfortunately, I was very quickly pulled out of my dreams again when I got to know the game more closely on a daily basis and was able to really see what this game was all about. So actually very, very far away from the dreams I had as a child, but also very far away from what Novaquark had set as the direction for the game. It's disappointing, but at the same time I knew it would be too good to be true. If we stay in reality, I would say that there will not be a metaverse within the next 20-30 years. There will certainly be a lot of companies trying to get rich from it, very few companies will try to build something similar, but in the end it wouldn't even come close to a metaverse. Maybe in 50-100 years, but only if humanity has solved other more pressing problems by then. However, the game DualUniverse will not become a metaverse, not even in 50 years, because the basic framework does not seem to be capable, financially feasible or compatible with the possibilities that can be implemented in the game. I hope that NQ will still release the game on the market, but bring it in a reasonable direction of a building game, so that the players can at least have fun building their dreams with voxels. That's all I expect from DualUniverse at the moment.
  15. You don't have to watch the schematics every day, maybe the first few days at the beginning to start an industry, but once you have produced on REserve, it just runs through. You can increase the number of schematics so that you can also produce 1000 of them, e.g. for warp cells that would be 115 days for 10,000 circuit diagrams, which then also run for quite a while in the industry.
  16. Nano-Crafter, no Schematics needed.
  17. You really have great expectations. I see these plunders that they imagine differently. It will be more like the wrecks that hardly anyone was looking for, because it's just nonsensical to put time and resources into it to get less with it. I bet they get less looted from their ships then the cost would be high if they had done those schematics themselves. But well, if you have fun with it, have fun. It still lacks content for others who are not so easily impressed by it.
  18. When I think that DualUniverse itself is getting smaller and smaller, (not in terms of space, but in terms of playful freedom). even though the number of existing players is very limited and manageable, yet seemingly incurs significant cost deficits, I have strong doubts about what players can do when a million players play the game for 5 years and build cities and space stations. What will NQ do in 5 years after release when players have built so much that the costs are prohibitive? Will they invent something again to take something away from the players or will it be enough to increase the subscription costs? That will be difficult in the long run. Most players haven't even come close to reaching their core limits of how much they can build. Many players have also not built any giga-factories, but only smaller factories for self-sufficiency because the schematics were so expensive. What does this game offer in terms of content and fun? When I think about what World of Warcraft had in terms of content in 2005 (?) and how it looks now after >15years, how much content has been added to the game and NOT deleted. More arenas, more battlegrounds, more dungeons, more raids, more quests, more areas, more continents, more classes, more races, ...and it just keeps going and going....The game offers an enormously wide range of game content, so that every player can find something for themselves at any time without getting bored. At the same time, it is designed to really use your time with games and not just to fly somewhere AFK through space. For me, DualUniverse is developing in a completely wrong direction. You won't attract more players if you introduce more limitations. You won't get more players if you don't have a choice of content that is fun and keeps players engaged in the long run. And yes, we players will continue to go round in circles for weeks and months, nothing will change, Deckard has already confirmed that. That's why you can also stop chasing your dreams and should wake up here and face reality.
  19. Let me get this straight....you really think that with the new Schematic system you'll get more players into a PvP room than before? How should I imagine it, once a month a PvP battle is called between the PvP organisations or pirates, the rest of the month is then worked towards that everyone has also earned ship and ammunition for it?
  20. Here people really dream about AvA, planetary PvP, large organisations and pirates? Didn't you read about Deckard? They try everything to cut costs! All these dreams would cause significant extra costs, so these are very, very far away, if they ever come, it would be such a huge intrusion into a finished game, you can't just squeeze that in 5 years after release. Apart from whether it would be feasible at all. Anyone who dreams of such a PvP is in the wrong place in DualUniverse.
  21. That I use green has nothing to do with annoying others. I am very much in favour of mutual understanding, but it is not one-sided. I am colour blind and do it for me. Besides, I like the shade of green in general, it is a colour I can perceive without problems. I would rather appreciate not having to click on the colour all the time because of my disability, but be allowed to select it as default.
  22. Honestly? I've given up by now. I no longer have the energy to constantly argue with a wall, I no longer have the will to think about how to help the game, I'm running out of ideas about what could be improved, yet there were so many ideas written down here. I'm just exhausted and I don't see any will that NQ really wants to save the game. Savings have been made for months and years, and investment would help much more. I'll just wait and see what happens....
  23. No idea how this new schematic system is supposed to be "FUN" - please NQ - there are so many ideas from players - revise this system as soon as possible, something like this can't really be wanted like this or do you just have a completely different attitude what fun in a game means?
  24. Perhaps it is translated incorrectly, but in terms of content you seem to mean exactly the same thing.
  25. I'll just say that there is no metaverse yet and none of the providers on the market would even come close to implementing it in the next 20-30 years. Currently, the most that companies offer is games, not a metaverse. SecondLife is not a metaverse either, but a simple game on the internet.
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