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  1. I have been playing DU for hundreds and hundreds of hours. Why? Mostly because of the people I played it with. DU itself does not give me a big enough reason to play it. I have one suggestion to the Developers ... before they try to implement more player based content that uses the exact same boring mechanics that already make the game an insane grind without actual reward. Don‘t implement more of that. There is currently one very simple yet really successful game ... Valheim ... it does not have the insane scale of DU. It does not have great graphics. It does not have any kind of in game economy. But there is one thing it has ... progression in PvE and a feeling of accomplishment. Yes, PvE. And an environment that gets more challenging the further you venture away from your starting point (to put it in simple terms). DU is boring, because it is not challenging. There is nothing dangerous out there except Borg Cube PvP gankers and your own stupidity when flying. Everything else is grinding. Get more ressources, sell more stuff on the market, to be able to buy more stuff that helps you to grind even more. Valheim has different biomes. DU has different planets and moons. Why is the DU universe dead? Introduce PvE combat, both in space as well as ON planets, against hostile fauna and NPC pirates, maurauders, NPC industry conglomerates, etc. Have Sanctuary as a sanctuary. Dead moon, no PvE or PvP. Make Alioth an easy PvE area near the districts. Make it more difficult in the further away areas. Make planets more dangerous PvE areas the further they are away from Alioth. Also the space ... you venture away from Alioth ... you will be attacked by NPCs eventually. Go even further away from Alioth and you can even be attacked by players (in addition to the even stronger NPCs). Give us a feeling of accomplishment ... because building the 50th spaceship and the 100th base will get old very fast.
  2. Still no response by NQ on this issue but dead silence. Well, what a surprise. I haven‘t logged in since a couple of days ... and I don‘t feel like I will ever again ... except to hand my Orgs over to the few that are left.
  3. So NQ introduced another industry braking bug/mistake into the game ... some people bought schematics worth several billion quantas and got them almost for free ... and can now either make shittons of money or rule the economy, because they did not have much of an initial investment. All other indusry players are basically fubar ... because they still have to pay the insane schematic prices. And NQ‘s response? None. Thank you NQ. You once again showed clearly that you do not understand how in game economies work and how things like this can destroy the economy/industry gameplay for everyone (except the few people who used the bug). No rollback? Seriously? Well, in case you didn‘t notice ... the improved server stability lately ... is not because your servers miraculously solved the problem on their own. It is because no one is playing DU anymore.
  4. The game right now has several issues that need to be adressed before the Alt+F4 and element destruction changes. Several players have login timeout / disconnect issues. Those issues seem to happen only to certain players connecting via a few internet hubs. (Seems at peak times the Amazon servers do not work very well with certain internet hubs ... as the game runs better, faster, and with less lag when those players use a VPN ... which is paradox). DU does not use the processing power of your graphics card. It‘s main source of processing power are the CPU cores. Additionaly my system is capable of running 24 threads ... but DU only uses 12 threads ... as it only uses one thread per core ... even if your system could use two threads per core. My CPU is screaming, while my GPU isn‘t even bothered to turn on its fans. That‘s a huge waste of processing power. Repair unit does not work. Needs to be fixed before the changes happen. When you buy a tokenized ship from someone, the elements get the „when put down“ boosts of the creator. If I have to replace broken elements, those boosts will be lost. They need to have a possibility to keep those boosts upon repair/replacement of the elements. Otherwise most of the tokenized bought ships will be fubar once they have been repaired. With limited ressources in the system it is not smart to have element destruction in the game as this will drain ressources from the game faster than NQ can imagine. Higher tier ressources are already hard to find ... these changes will make things worse ... prices will skyrocket ... and new players will be forced to fly around in crappy ships ... which will make new players leave the game before they reach a point where they can afford the better equipment. Stuck adjustors will be stuck forever, when the Alt F4 changes are implemented. This needs to be adressed beforehand or we have a lot of „adjuster shipwrecks“ AGG towers on low surface altitude planets are littering the atmosphere. Many of those towers are sitting on 1 voxel wide „poles“ that support them. Those structures are invisible during flight, spawn very late ... too late to break. I have crashed into them more than just once. With Alt F4 gone ... you can‘t even do an emergency break to avoid the destruction of your ship. AGG towers must be banned from the game ... easiest way to fix this ... make AGGs work from any altitude ... and make them work faster in vanilla settings. The way AGGs work now is just forcing players to litter the game with trash towers everywhere.
  5. In our organization's Teamspeak we have often discussed possibilities to remove "clutter" on and near the District landing pads. Here a suggestion how this could work: When a dynamic core is "parked" near the district for too long (more than 24 hours) it should be "towed" to a virtual compound The player receives a "parking ticket" and needs to pay a fine depending on how often the player's constructs have already been towed. Contructs will NOT be sent to player inventory ... however the "parking ticket" can be traded in at a vending machine at the landing pad and the construct will be spawned immediately (so people can not use this mechanic to get an easy "no weight blueprint" of their ships) First time offenders ... reclaiming the towed vehicle is free. Warning is issued that it will cost from now on. Second time offender ... reclaiming the vehicle costs 50.000 h Repeated offenders ... reclaiming costs double every time a construct gets towed.
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