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  1. @EasternGamerEasternGamerI kinda like the effect of lum voxel giving light to everything around depending on how close you stand from them. They also give a good effect at further distances to themselves. 


    Been using these two effects in my builds. One is to highlight key things. For instance I have some pillars infront of my base that I put lum voxels on. Really highlights them for avoidance when I am heading in.  I also use them on fence poles at head level, creates a nice effect when your going through a large base. And finally I put a small flat less than 1 voxel size at the head position of every seat. Really helps on lighting up the ground when I am piloting a ship.


    If you want lights to actually light up surrounding, then use actual lights. And even with those many of them give specific  light waves. Just gotta use the right light for what effect your looking for.

  2. On 6/17/2022 at 10:51 PM, Rokkur said:

    The problem for pvp in Dual Universe is at the very least the ratio of risk vs. reward is very out of balance and unpleasant for the player.

    In Ark. it cost 100 times more to destroy an item then it was to create an item. In DU I feel its the exact opposite, its 100 times easier to destroy an item then it is to make an item.  


    And for those crying about PVP space being to small. I am sure you have all your assets parked out in PVP space?  You dont have anything parked inside the safe zone?  That way other people can PVP your assets when you are offline, or someone that is bigger and badder then you can PVP you when your online.


    Or is it you have all your stuff parked in the safe zone, same as everybody else? Its like you want everyone else to be a target for you, but not you to be a target for them. 




    There is 0 reason to remove any of the safe zones around any of the planets. If the only safe zone was sanctuary then everyone would live on sanctuary, all the other planets would become abandoned.  Removing the safe zone around the outer planets will serve no purpose other then a smoargusboard of initial kills of everything that is out there. And then noone will build on those planets ever again. For the same reason you dont have your stuff parked out in PVP space right now. And deep space is a hell of allot safer then a PVP planet would be. 


    Now with all that said. A war declaration system will be needed. that way players can fight other players in safe zones. Although discussion on such a system would deserve its own forum thread. 

  3. 13 hours ago, Taelessael said:

    a) Pirate ships could get disassembled in to non-pirate-flagged carriers for protection,
    b) PvP space is functionally an infinite void in which to set up a station to hide a flagged ship, and while a 2-SU radar may net you the ability to search a very large sounding 268,082,573 km^3 at a time, that is still an almost uselessly small detection area when you need to search an infinitely large environment.

    I dont think these are bad things.  A secret pirate base. A carrier secretly operating for a pirate. A cheap throw away ship for ganking. I see nothing wrong with these strats. almost a requirement. 


    I do agree that pirates not being able to shoot back at military ships in safe space is kinda an issue.  But the goal is to make pirate ships less desirable. They are already going to get to have all the best modules on them. You allow them to do everything else, and everyone would just fly pirate ships around. 


    Also one of the goals of a system like this is the soft removal of items from the game. Where once an item becomes flagged as pirate it sudo removes it from the economy as noone is going to want to buy it for there merchant or military ship. 


    What about a module that does 500% damage to pirate ships? 

  4. They should have different icons in the radar.  Which would allow players to decide if that ship is a threat or not. (granted sneaky pirates could create fresh meta unclassified ships to sneak gank merchant ships, atleast once per new hull before it becomes flagged as pirate).


    Introduce role specific modules.  Modules that increase merchant ships, cargo capacity, max speed, that are only for merhcant ships. Same thing for military ships, role specific modules that only work on military ships. Of course I do feel that pirate ships should be able to use any module they want, they are pirates, they illegally modify parts to fit on there ships. 


    Next up is the debatable part. I think to spice things up a bit we change some zone rules. Pirates can attack merchant ships. in any space zone.  Pirates cannot attack attack military ships in space safe zones.  Meaning if you are a pirate ship and get caught by a military ship in the safe zone, you could get destroyed without being able to fire back.  Military ships can attack pirate ships anywhere.  And of course deep space no rules apply (except flag changes as I said in the first post). 

  5. Every  item you put on a ship adds adds weight, adds cross section, must be repaired when damaged. Unless it serves a purpose there is no reason to have one on your ship other than looks. 


    You could go as far as removing  the repair cost,  removing all the weight not having it add cross section.  Which would not seem right for DU. 


    But these are all negative things. So why dont we give them bonuses.  They dont need to be huge bonuses. Not to the point where people feel they have to have them on their ships.  For instance placing down a metal beam might increase element HP of nearby items maybe by a set amount or maybe by a percentage. Maybe that bonsai plant reduces weight of nearby items.  or what ever part reuces cross section. Or having the decorative radar increases the usuable radars range. Or having a bed increasing weapons damage. Maybe having a toilet increases explosive damage of your ship. 


    There are hundreds of different stats to effect. Give players fun instead of taking it away. 


    Ohh and rework repairing ships so the repair are actually economically feasible. 

  6. On 6/19/2022 at 9:44 PM, Kurosawa said:

    No it is not, it is an impassable barriers that stop players in there tracks, hence the great exodus of 0.23.

    Sure it fits with NQ stick and no reward mentality + survivalist grind fest, but if they want more customers they need to bring out the carrots and rewards. as only die hard fans seems willing to play and that in a niche game.

    The only impassable barrier would be a pure industrialist.  And thats because you could never make enough money doing basic industry to earn enough for exotic schematics.  And thats not entirely true as some basic lines can be profitable. 


    I do have an idea that could solve this progression bottleneck and add content to the game. Commodities.  Talking about crates of gears, servo's, hinges, flat walls, carbon bars........ And industrialist could mine, or buy carbon on Allioth. Turn it into carbon bars. and a bot market on Jago would buy those carbon bars for 150%. (or some other value some economist later decides.  


    The key here is a pure industrialist has an industrial way of making profit. and is not forced to go out and mine or run aphealia missions. 


    I would like to see this idea taken a step further.  Each market would have its own commodity requirements. (And generally require  things that are made from ores not available nearby.) (which would encourages shipping which encourages piracy.) And each market hub that has its commodity requirements met on a planet offer that planet some sort of boost.  IE maybe that territory taxes on that planet are lower, Or maybe the market tax on that planet are lower. Heck maybe even take it the opposite way and have a type of commodity that is supper supper heavy and if sold to a planet increases that planets market and territory tax.  And to  defend against that players must keep there planet supplied with basic commodities so they are not interested in buying these black market items. 


    Something like this would add the resource sink that the game desperately needs.  And it would add progression to industry, even for newer players. And and a whole new slew of player driven content. 

  7. I was shocked when they said they are considering removing schemattics. I get they are highly unpopular, and a sticking point for some people. But they are a gate keeper for production. It means when someone wants an item  they will actually check the market instead of build it themselves. It is also the largest quanta sink ingame.  If anything I feel that the prices on schemattics are far to cheap. Even for basic stuff. 


    You make it harder to get production setup , less people will setup personal production lines and buy the item off the market.

  8. Have an idea for a simple reputation system that I think would work well in DU.


    First we have 4 reputation types. 


    1, Unclassified

    2, merchant

    3, combat

    4, pirate


    And its elements that are given this classification.  IE all elements start out as unclassified.  A player can then select the construct in build mode an change an unclassified ship to merchant, or combat or pirate.  Once it is classified a player cannot change its designation.  And all the elements on that construct will always have that flag unless changed through combat. 


    Flag changes:  If I have a ship that is unclassified.  and I add an element that is classified as merchant, all the element on that ship are now classified as merchant.  and continues as follows:


    Unclassified can become merchant or combat or pirate

    merchant can become combat or pirate

    combat can become pirate. 


    Once an element becomes pirate flagged adding that element to any other ship will flag that entire construct and all its elements as pirate.  IE if you have a combat ship, and add an item that is flagged for merchant, that added element now becomes flagged as combat. 


    Rules of engagement:

    If an unclassified ship attacks an unclassified, merchant, or combat ship, it becomes pirate flagged. If a merchant attacks an unclassified, merchant, or combat it becomes flagged as pirate. If a combat attacks an unclassified or merchant it becomes pirate flagged. If a combat attacks another combat or pirate it stays as combat. And once a pirate always a pirate.

  9. You dont need to test this. I can already tell you what will happen.  First off, hardcore players will move all there assets to sanctuary. PVPers and trollers and pirates will spend all there time destroying everything that is left behind.  Anyone that did not move there stuff, and got destroyed would leave the game. The pvpers/trollers/pirates would have a great month or so of wiping all the planets. then they too would begin to leave the game as they ran out of targets.  Miners would leave the game as they can no longer automine on planets, they could get away with astroid mining while the pvpers are buisy wiping the planets. but as planets become ghost towns asteroids would then become camped too. So most miners would leave the game. This would result in industrialist leaving the game as they can no longer get the resources to make things. And finally builders would leave the game as noone is there to buy or look at the stuff they build. 


    It would not die off completely as there would always be hardcore players in each field to play the game.  However the question becomes does NQ make enough money off these players to keep the servers running. Let alone develop/fix new/old content. 

  10. If eve was a PVP only game it would have never survived. If eve was a PVE only game it would have never survived.  I think the same thing applies to DU. If DU was a builders only game, it would not survive. And personally I think the game needs actual PVE content to survive. Because the more demographics you bring into the game the more robust you make it.  

  11. 59 minutes ago, Foregotten said:

    It sounds like people don't understand what Beta is.

    Alpha and Beta are not the product. Alpha was closed testing. Beta is open testing. Release day is the finished product.

    I have always planned for a wipe when the game launches with blueprints being the only thing not wiped and maybe the free sanctuary territory.

    It's partially about fair play, but it's also about starting the game from the beginning as it was meant to be played as a completed work.

    How many other Beta games out there charge a monthly fee? 


    Beta testing also used to done by paid employee's. 


    I was paying to play a persistent world, not being paid to bug test a game. 


    I would love a lawyers opinion on the legality of wiping for those that have paid a monthly subscription. 

  12. Spaceman hit most of it.  He did not talk about how allot of engines came onto the market when ships became abandoned during the no long term parking at markets thing. And more recently inactive accounts had all there things become abandoned. 


    Everybody started out with those engines. As newer engines came into the game and as people could afford better engines they took those engines off and put better engines on. The old engines got placed on the market. Except no one wants those engines at that price. because they too are getting better engines at that price. So the price drops to a point that people will actually but them. which is a loss for that item. 


    Also if its costing you 107k to make. you dont have max skills. so your trying to compete in an over saturated market producing at inferior rates. Which is not going to be profitable. would not think you need to be an economist to figure that one out. 





  13. On 5/26/2022 at 4:04 AM, CptLoRes said:

    But SC is at least still making improvements.. NQ/DU is by now in pure survival mode, just trying to still be alive for a couple of more months at the time.

    You say that, but we have no idea what they are working on. Personally I invision them working on micro transaction content right now.

  14. The current combat mechanics allow it to be a world based game instead of a region based game. If we want a twitch based combat sim we would need a 20ms ping to each other instead of the 2,000+ms ping that some have to each other. So I don't expect a game to have gunner sights that you walk onto target.


    For me the most interesting part of pvp is ship design. The ability to make your ship more offensive or more defensive. And that's part of du combat.


    Can they do better?  I think they can do two thing. 1, allow gunners to select specific systems to target, ie engines, or weapons or command....  and 2 a flare/decoy system. Where the defending pilot launches a decoy. And the attacking gunner must decide if his target is the real or decoy target and if he should stay on target or swap.

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