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  1. Seams right, so what ever you ll have time to build, will be left behind And if you build in an enclosed moving plateform, then the whole plateform will get stuck to what you just built Or, if you spawn an other cockpit on this plateform, will you take control aswell of the plateform?
  2. will be more fun to find, when you ll realise a whole enemy fleet entering your spaceship from that hole and killing your crew one by one, thinking they were safe inside
  3. ouuuh! i could do that in garry's mod 12 years ago now waiting see what happen if someone build an other voxel object on the same moving plateform
  4. precisly 650k = 150k for hiring someone else to develope the character creation interface it has for sure nothing to do with air
  5. SL isnt economy driven? it doesnt have political aspect, true, but economy is there, transactions are real, and real estate is very developed i have just breifly checked Wurm online, we are here in a real time crafing mechanic, similar as The Forest, with a lot of role play game mechanics behind, survival and interaction with npc NQ is planning a universe fully occupied and and created by players, since the LUA wont be as developed and free as the LSL, if the few interaction elements given by NQ arent filling the purpose of the game, which will be living in fully players created cities or spaceships, those living environment will be gameplayless, animated by most brave and creative minds, by virtually simulating an happening event its cool to gather matter, its cool to freestyl build, and connect with LUA 2 elements (the LUA replaces the redstone...) but if Notch forgot to implement the furnace, would minecraft be what it became now? so if spaceships in DU dont have the right instruments, will there be a DU?
  6. anyone has dreams and fears, i have played SL for a long while, and SL offered me 10 years ago all what DU offers today, exept the infinite universe concept SL was all but not a game untill yourself incorporate the roleplay DU is designed to be a game with its proper gameplay and mechanics My fear is that even after a successfull kickstart, 500 000€, that represent a year salary for 15 people in France (including government taxes, unemployement fee and retirement fee) DU doesnt develope the right mechanics of a game and that players will have, out of their imagination, to animate the roleplay themself I do believe the dev team was playing with java while drinking milk at early age, and isnt planning to make a minecraft like galaxy version where everything will be static Since DU will not be a survival game, and will be focused on building cities for homebodies and spaceships for explorators, those 2, must be deeply thought and playable I backed the game same as most of us, but i m making sure to let devteam know that, myself, and maybe some other gamers, are picky, and wont be satisfied with a SL voxel version with an infinite universe mode, and will be strongly unpleased that the roleplay takes too much importance, that i have to type in my chat, "ding dong", faking pressing an invisible button at my neighboor's door to let him know i am here, while beside that i have implanted in my arm the nano technology to compress half of planet matter to fit in my backpack.
  7. what she meant is what JC mentioned in a interview, for survival gameplay air voxel in this topic is about filling void data grid by an air data grid -first use is for detection of breeches in the hull -second use is for voxel creation within a moving ship -first issue for this, is the creation of a voxel in mid air (that will by default be non physical, and remain in mid air at same position while the ship is moving = crash) -second issue is the replacement of those air voxels data to split player personnal creation with the voxel added to the ship
  8. here is the purpose of the topic, an alternative of this bubble solution, already emited by JC here: but this solution is only a survival gameplay solution (breathable air or not), not solving spaceship hull status nor voxel building on a moving spaceship
  9. no need to explain, there are people who also already know how to, and those who will never touch LUA because they dont know how to and will spend time on other things the topic of automatic defens turret has been started many times his concern here is, will it be possible to lock all turrets on one target, and the answer is for sure yes, and as you mentionned, we are still waiting for the LUA communication functions, to be able to know how it will be made possible to communicate same information to all these turrets at same time in one single message but in addition, and confirmed by devteam, 10 automated turrets might be less powerfull than 1 player controled turret
  10. it has been confirmed in one of the interviews automatic firing, but also has confirmed that automatic firing will be much much less powerfull, and much more power consuming than player controled turrets
  11. i think the multipurpose screen you are mentioning will be a screen that will only display strings, very usefull aswell for many other purposes, so on them, how to display graphics, like battery life graphic, loading graphic, power up graphics and animate them, etc... radars also can be displayed on 2d screens, with a list of strings for names and coordinates but there might be a way to implement in the LUA to display different types of graphics instead of pure strings
  12. galaxy scaled 3d radar, with the ship in the middle, discovered planets, and detected other spacecrafts +1 planet scaled 3d radar, with basic activities on the planet +1 pilot seat +1 co pilot seat +1 automatic pilot control seeat +1 automatic turrets control seat +1 communication instruments seat +1 hull status display screen +1 fuel status display screen +1 energy consumption display screen +1 engine power dsiplay screen +1 warnings display screen +1 doors locking panel +1 cameras screens +1 speedometer, traveled distance counter +1 on board detected life forms counter display screen +1 etc...
  13. A little push up for dev team to gather ideas from the community about what type of elements would be appreciated to be seen in control rooms of our spaceships Unlike other topic i would like to structure that one and condensate informations, so that after few posts we dont loose them I will start with an exhaustive liste of active elements, scripted elements, that players will have interaction with And encourage everyone to copy past the liste adding +1 on the counter of the elements they like, and add their own elements at the bottom of the list Eventual comments would be made after the liste has been past
  14. And you would call it "The Restaurant at the end of the Universe"
  15. yup and probably only for an estetic purpose, nothing about breathability
  16. great great idea to rescale at a bigger size the air data grid and totally agree it shouldnt be on top top priority list, because we are still far from having started to build a km long spaceship but more at the stage of non physical space plateform, and single pilot ships the overall concern of the topic is what will spaceship control rooms / pilot rooms will have as active elements / interaction elements thought the "hull status" display element is a must have otherwise living on a huge spaceship will be like beeing deaf sitting high on a branch of a tree watching the stars while a lumberjack is cutting off that same tree
  17. correct me if i missunderstand, but the LUA system already planned to be client side runned. so all the ingame LUA is also conmpromised
  18. to be honest @Petcat, the latest video doesnt show anything new, but a simple introduction to voxel build for uninformed public about voxels (that also have no idea that Landmarks exists) the video doesnt give any answer to the community - possibility to smooth voxel (till a tiny voxel aspect) - possibility sculpt voxel (as mentionned many times already, but not shown) - possibility to rotate or scale voxels - possibility to rotate, scale, strech, one face of a voxel - possibility to build your own voxel creation while on moving voxel spaceship - possibility to unify 2 voxel constructs together build by 2 different builders - possibility to save as blueprint - etc...
  19. great idea, but sadly we will have to remember that voxel tool wont allow us to build human scale bikes, designs will be very simplified compare to details that we could achieve on large scale spaceships this one less sexy, but considering DU will be LEGO like constructions with prefab elements, there is still tons of possibilities
  20. but this isnt new, and official for a long time blueprint is given name for any saved creations available from 1 voxel, with or without elements attached
  21. i didnt mentioned survival aspect and i am aware of the process of calculation everytime for the deployment of the air voxels within the spaceship everytime a ship will start what if it isnt server side calculated, but by the cpu of the 100 clients around, a remote calculation that will be done almost instantly once air point clouds setup in the enclosed room of the ship, at ship start, there wont be more calculation unless there is a modification of the hull, breach opened, but once detected the elements send alarm message and the calculation is canceled you talked about wheels, yes but there are many ways to fake them NQ mentioned there will be hoover ships, with following terrain behaviors What does it cost to make a decorative animated element, with no physical and mechanical properties, but just the animation of a rotating wheel, and stick it to a car like hoover ship?
  22. the tittle "air voxel" is about data storage and mechanic, i didnt mentionned any survival gameplay (only at the end, in the Edit of my first post) i know the survival aspect of the game isnt plan for close future mechanics mentioned are: - ships hull status, segmentation of the ship for detection, prevention of enemy boarding during assaults - possibility to build voxels on a moving spaceship, especially if your first created voxel is a floating voxel
  23. true, Data 0, is also a stored data, but i believe much lighter than you say, it isnt associated with much information, so could weight only 1 or 2 bytes client side it doesnt have any rendering process, and the ships will be sightly longer to laod, maybe 1 mili second more
  24. what is a colony if the queen isnt around? would be fun if you could hack in your favor that colony
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