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  1. That could be one way to solve the problem, i would take that.
  2. Recycling sounds good. A recycling facility sounds good in compare to a simple "all in one recycler". Finding and salvaging wrackages sounds good, maybe in combination with a mission system "Help to keep to universe clean, find the abondened wrackage near x,y,z and salvage it. By completing the mission we pay you 25.000!" We could even have some skills for it like "wrackage scanning distance" or "pinpointing", similar to mining. I like the idea.
  3. We can currently sort by distance, but then you loose the sorting by price, so you have to go through all orders manually. The problem is that market updates every few seconds and the sorting of all orders changes. So after every update you have to start over again until you made it through.
  4. The market is an essential element of the game, but using the market is neither fluent nor fun. I try to make some suggestions to the UI keeping the current concept of market, but seriously, this are just workarounds for an immature concept. GUI: For checking my sale prices in compare to other sale orders on the same market we need a "market filter" in the search ui. Setting this filter will only show buy/sales on the selected market. This selection could also have a "closest market" option, so i can see all sales close to me if i quickly want to buy an item remotely. The full text search needs some love, if i search for "cont L" i want to see all "containers L" and "containers XL", currently we get nothing. By dragging items from market container into inventory the item stack can't be splittet, only a full transfere is possible. So if i puchased 200 x Container L, i would never be able to get them out of the market due to lack of inventory space. Currently I cant even sell them again, they are dead items (see 5.) I want to see the content of a market container remotely to decide if i need a small or a big ship for transporting the items home. As a serious trader i should be able to create a sell order for items in the market container without taking them out first. This should also be possible remotely (see 4.) Idea No. 5 offers the posibillity of abusing the market container as an endless storage. There are different aproaches to prevent that, but this is a question of concept i dont want to touch here. Currently this is prevented by just not having the functionality an enthusiastic trader needs.
  5. I want to be able to select a voxel construction with the selection tool and save this selection permanently as a blueprint for further use. This way you can construct your individual elements like "a voxel bottle" or "a voxel chair" and place it everywhere you like using the blueprint. Currently you can only save a complete core construction, but not single voxel elements.
  6. Having the ores intersecting into claimed borders is a bad thing, because this deposit cant be mined, will not vanish, and always appears on radar as false positive signal. (Sorry for loosy screenshot, but i am restricted to 30 kb! upload and i don't know why) Better would be: On ore respawn on server check intersecting borders. If intersecting try another respawn. Loop until succsessfull spawn.
  7. That IS the current function, 1 item, multiple inputs, one output.
  8. Organizing a large industrie is a heavy task. Due to the limitations of container connections the transfere unit helps a lot, but is far away from perfect. It would be nice if we could have multiple items transfered by one transfere unit. This would help automating without touching the container node limits. With this extension we could do the following example: Having a container L as main input for ores. -> transfere unit 1 moves all T1 ores to a T1 container -> transfere unit 2 moves all T2 ores to a T2 container T1 container feeds T1 refinaries T2 container feeds T2 refinaries
  9. By using the link element tool in a large factory you loose the overview of all that connections very fast. An improvement could be: If you select an element as smart target all connections with this element are colored, all others are grayed out. Input and output connections should have different colors, so you can recognize the direction of connection faster then watching the nicly animated arrows. I just added a screenshot that you know what i am talking about.
  10. I would like to have a function for getting the name of an element. Background: Having a storage room with displays to show the filling state of all containers using their names. Showing production states of mashines on displays.
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