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  1. Servus - Buttons mit SGUI https://gitlab.com/Phash/dual-universe-scripts/-/tree/master/videos/tutorials/buttons
  2. why restrict it? We get cities - cities get red light districts or streets full of pubs and bars... just give us a reason to go there...
  3. Hi, at the current situation, there is no real point in trading at a certain point. Sure: basic ores are a good thing to trade, but once you got a facility working, you only need ores and that's it. All Master-Crafters in the Universe will craft the same things. With the same quality... BOOOOOOOORING! Referencing Star Wars Galaxies: you got to craft items from different materials - every combination gave the item different behaviour. The mastery of the builder increased the chance of superior items - one material made it more versatile, others more precise... you get the point Maybe we could spice basic recipies up with special things, like crystals or special and very rare ores (optional, just to make better materials - you can go with basic, though) These Materials would be very worthy, if really rare Other thing. In some places you can find relicts... burried deep in planets, lost in space... whoever finds it, can use it - and lose it! (Or sell it...) This would give a reason to travel to a certain market
  4. PhashX

    Moveable Parts

    dark future, I suppose
  5. SGUI Buttons und ich schau mir die Listen-Implementation an
  6. Servus alle scripts findet ihr in meinem gitlab https://gitlab.com/Phash/dual-universe-scripts/
  7. Servus, ich hab angefangen eine Video-Reihe über Scripting in Dual Universe zu erstellen. Bitte beachten: das ist kein professioneller Channel! Aktuell hab ich weder Zeit noch Muße die Videos groß zu bearbeiten... Sollte es gut ankommen, könnte man das auch wieder machen, aktuell möcht ich nur ein wenig helfen... Meine Playlist dazu:
  8. PhashX


    yeah - we need a sound emmiting device, too (midi sounds) - then we can have beep beep beep while flying backwards
  9. PhashX


    Would like to get a camera, which produces a stream. that you can project on a display (and make it smaller / bigger) So the pilot can have some cameras around his ship, to see whats going on. Maybe we could also build drones with cameras. Mobile Core, that can fit xs elements and can be radio controlled
  10. I think, the game needs a galaxy wide system of emitter / receiver. create a channel and send to the universe... same interface like emitter / receiver, but in XS to XL variants with different ranges. with the backlash - if you know a channel, you can listen to it and talk on the frequency... so ppl need to encrypt... writing ceasar cipher in lua
  11. I would even like to have bots, that one can program to do simple things, like: "walk the route( a , b , c ) - repeat" or vending machines - so you can create an automated mall
  12. hmm... I don't think so. Container Unit only provides getItemsMass() and getSelfMass()
  13. The Containers should provide more information for scripting: List of items, that are in the container weight of each item volume of each item ID of each item storage capacity of the container storage capacity left of the container
  14. PhashX

    Moveable Parts

    Please introduce moveable parts / elements in the game. Parts like: horizontally moveable element: place it between 2 Elements, and on use it moves one part away from the other (example: sliding door - one part is fixed to the construct, one part is fixed to the element) vertical moveable element: same like horizontally, but vertically - maybe hangar-doors circular moveable element: turn one side around on use The parts should be scriptable, and allow being turned in specific angles
  15. Writing code in game is painful. Please add some functions to the in-game Lua Console - undo and redo - code completion - better examples in the codex - shared code repository or library, where a user can write global functions, that all his boards can use - construct wide library - more items to script
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