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  1. That's not a parachute. If a player normally relies on a gradual slow descent to land, will it also do the same gradual descent to a flat area? Or does it just apply brakes and yolo? I'm willing to bet that most people do not put enough atmo brakes to do a non-crash fall; something which I think is a bit of an exploit in itself. We need parachutes.
  2. Then why did they ban for market 15? An action, I might add, which definitely harmed them a lot more than not banning.
  3. @NQ-Naunet Something else to consider for these changes: the "Further, if you disconnect while another player is in range, the server already assigns the task of handling the physical properties of your ship to that nearby player." part. People have been talking about this in the official discord a lot, and one major concern is that the "player is in range" distance should be equal to or further than linked container range (at least 2500m). Otherwise, the following sequence would be possible and exploited. Have a ship consisting of a lot of engine and a hub of 10 L containers. Link to the hub. Move away from the ship and have a third party accelerate the ship to cruising speed towards another planet. Have the third party disconnect. Move within linked container range of the ship, but not the physics range, and fill the container with megatons of cargo. Have the third party log back in, instantly accelerating the ship back to cruising speed, with all of those megatons of cargo being accelerated for free. edit: Here's a second potential exploit for you to consider:
  4. Sorry, I was merely participating in discussion. I didn't intend for it to be taken as harsh criticism.
  5. Suppose that someone lands on a market pad and logs out, causing their ship to vanish. What happens if another ship lands there and then the first logs back in? Elite: Dangerous solves this by only having up to x players in a given session. If you arrive at a station and it's full and you can't dock, you can swap to solo, dock, swap back to open, and you're in a new session with a slot for you. DU doesn't have discrete docking bays.
  6. Here's something fun to consider. Someone on the discord was able to create a script that, with 3 points for triangulation, can tell you exactly what angle and direction to dig to find the closest node. https://github.com/d6rks1lv3rz3r0/DU-Prospector Why couldn't this be baseline?
  7. I 'liked' the post above yours emotionally, then after reading your post, realized it wasn't quite logical and un-liked it and liked yours. A lot of good points there...
  8. I got a bit carried away with creating a chain of parent orgs and this was the result. I can't click the ones extending off the right edge anymore... I seem to be the super legate of 16 orgs, now. lol
  9. OTOH, ships stopping mid journey and wasting the fuel used to accelerate them is infuriating. How do we solve both problems?
  10. You need experience to sort out the genuine responses from the trolls who just want to incite heated 'discussion'. The problem with 50m is that it's a universal constant when core sizes are so wildly disparate. For an XS core, 16m max length, it's fine. 3x the length. For an S core, 32m max length, it's still fine, but starting to get iffy. 1.5x length. For an M core, 64m max length, it's now less than the max size of the ship. I foresee problems arising. For an L core, 128m max length, it's now less than half the max size of the ship. I foresee significant problems arising. And XL cores are planned, 256m max length. 50m would be less than a FIFTH of that. My personal opinion is that maneuver tool "max movement distance per unit time" should be 3-4x the size of the core being maneuvered.
  11. The proposed changes would keep the forward speed of the ship when you log back in. Now, the question is: is the speed kept when you log in, or when you get back into the control seat? Should be when the player gets back into the control seat IMO.
  12. This. And if some people are abusing the tools .. make that actionable / against the EULA?
  13. Interesting. Why do more AGG users not know of this? And how do we spread that information more widely?
  14. Is ECU not LUA? I thought all LUA stuff stops if a player gets further than 500m. The point was to log out/in so the ship was frozen and wouldn't fall out of the sky once one got beyond 500m. See my post here. Also, you can edit your posts; there's no need to post twice.
  15. These two explain one major use nicely, albeit log out/in, not alt+f4. Fix AGG staying up BEFORE this change goes through.
  16. I don't know for certain, but I believe that to be the case, as well. I've noticed that after time passes, I can add more likes, but never 10 in a single sitting. edit: and confirmed. was able to add 3-4 in a few minutes, but no more
  17. They don't think. That's the problem. There doesn't seem to be anyone on NQ's dev team who can think the slightest bit creatively about how these changes will impact gameplay, let alone play their own game like a regular player.
  18. You do realize that a large core ship can be up to 128m on a side, yes? How does a flat 50m total make sense, given that info? Make it 250m total, instead. Yet another change made by devs who don't play their own game.
  19. Same. As long as talent points don't get wiped, I really don't care what else happens. I still advocate for wipes if necessary.
  20. Just gonna quote this gem from Discord from ~1.5 months ago: Womble said: "Their materials science and geology is %&$#ed. Eff You Bee Ay Arrr. Quartz as the source for silicon, when there are oceans and oceans of sand. You can get Calcium out of Limestone, but not Carbon. Coal existing as discrete pockets all over the place on every planet. Viciously reactive metals and gases being used as structural materials, and Gold being the toughest armour. Hope they change much of this because it's just %$&#in' ridiculous when they're aiming at "plausibility" with their Newtonian physics and "complex" manufacturing chains, and adds nothing at all to gameplay." True. It's possible to surface mine up to 24k liters of T1 ore per hour, or 14k liters of T2 ore per hour. Tedious and boring, as well.
  21. You do realize this will result in legions of disposable suicide vessels composed of a grid of voxels with some engines using autopilot scripts to do perfect collisions with innocent space stations at 29,999km/h.
  22. I apologize in advance, but I was forced to remove my 'like' of your second post here so that I could give it to someone else. I assume that this was put in place to prevent people from endlessly posting and liking each other's posts to inflate their reputation rapidly. What if there was instead a limit of reactions per unique profile per day, with a larger or uncapped limit for how many different unique profiles one reacted to?
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