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  1. So after two weeks of waiting (over that actually, 17 days) i finally got a reply from DU support, NQ rocketman. what i got was no questions, a seemingly ingenuine apology and the ticket being marked as solved simply because they saw i was logging on...the issue isnt logging on, the issue is actually playing the damn game and constantly crashing over and over and over, if anyone is interested here's the ticket and the incredibly assuming response I got. Edit by NQ-Nyzaltar: While we can understand your frustration, you're not supposed to disclose a private discussion without the consent of both parties. As it seems clear that this has been posted without the other party consent, the private discussion has been removed from your post. Please refrain to post any private discussion you might have with the Customer Support in the future, or the Community Team might need to escalate Moderation measures. That being said, we totally understand your reaction. Here is what might be an explanation on what caused this mistake: Customer Support agents sometimes work on several tickets at the same time, with some pending while waiting for an information from the Dev team. By having multiple tickets opened, he might have given you an answer that was destinated to another ticket. While relatively rare, this can happen, as we are all humans and humans make mistakes sometimes. Best Regards, Nyzaltar
  2. Beta and alpha testing for games now days has largely lost all meaning, literally every single game worth talking about has gone into EA or some type of variation of that so your defense as such is incredibly weak let alone tired, here is a tip, stop defending devs...you dont get anything for doing it and you actually hurt the game in the long run since your giving them a pass to allow mistakes that could have been fixed BEFORE its release into the public build. Just to let others know ive not been able to play for 2 weeks due to some kind of memory leak/hardware compatibility issue, i can stay in a secluded area but if i try to leave i crash every single time, ticket has been in for 11 days and still no response, i regret getting into this so early on but ill forgive if they can fix this and maybe give a month back.
  3. So its been three days since i put a support ticket for the issue, no response as of yet for THIS issue but i have had a response for the other issue i had (solved by myself). For this error it seems for me anyways that its related to voxels for terrain or pop-ins like grass and trees as when i travel sufficient distances my game will crash unexpectedly (or rather expected at this point) and this can be confirmed by the fact ive since reached a hex to call home after much time spent getting there due to the said crashing, once there i noticed i wasn't crashing anymore until i again traveled, bike or otherwise, which is 100% repeatable every single time, around 50-100 meters or so. I get this is a beta (debatable) but this is...not great, why is this an issue only after this release and not for the alpha testers? i have more than enough for even the recommended specs for the game except the GPU which still falls into the minimum requirements, so why is this such a massive issue for me specifically i wonder since ive only heard two other mention this error and yet seemingly fixed it by clearing the cache, which ive done? i may have to give up on this game for a very long time as this seems like a critical issue to do with hardware compatibility possibly. Specs: R7 3700x 4.2ghz, 16gb ddr4 3200mhz, RX 570 4gb GPU, 500gb nvme ssd.
  4. I bought the game about two days ago and only just got away from a market, randomly i will get a unhandled exception error which crashes the game, in fact it wont allow me to go very far on my hovercraft as it seems to do it repeatedly when i go a certain distance or speed. i put in a ticket on day one with dxdiag file and the last log for the game yet i havnt heard anything yet, if i dont get a response from the devs by Monday of this writing ill be asking for a refund. i wanted to love this game For those who may suggest reason to the error, its not hardware or anything on my side and ive confirmed this with a full reset of my pc and a reinstallation of windows (i needed to do this anyways) but still getting the same results, hardware is enough for recommended specs too other than the GPU but still more than the minimum.
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