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  1. Before patch on left, after on right. Better check your unmined ones; seems NQ didn't like them.
  2. Why the "with scrap" addition? We know that repair units could(/can?) repair elements using parts. What if cores can be also restored with a repair unit with parts?
  3. That he's never played in at a player level. Everything he's done has been with creative mode / cheat codes. Please, prove me wrong.
  4. Nope. You pinged an NQ staff member asking it. A moderator politely asked if you could please not ping NQ staff. You said no.
  5. How do I make the dev blog text size larger? Or invert the colors? White on black at that small is horrible for my eyesight...
  6. Not a single construct, no, but a single ship, yes, if you accept the docked cores as dead weight and never control them.
  7. Ships in combat or recently fired at should have build mode disabled.
  8. @NQ-NaunetAny updates on this? I just did an experiment for ~Science~. I unliked 7 posts from days ago, re-liked them, then was only able to like 3 new posts, implying that unliking a post causes the reaction to just get eaten by the limit.
  9. Would be rather funny if some random logged in on a market and all the AGG ships in their sight fell to the ground and exploded. Honestly, I can't wait. There's probably so many ships lost at varying heights in atmo that will now fall and be more easily salvageable.
  10. I like them. Add: (6) For industry players. Mission requires Industrialist: Character must have at least x skill points in Crafting skills. (7) For miners. Mission requires Mining: Character must have at least x skill points in Mining skills. (8) For athletes. Mission requires Parkour. Character must have at least x skill points in Avatar skills.
  11. Lol. Yeah, the linked container 'fixes' were such a travesty. Why did it take so damn long for a simple fix. And taking months to finally forbid linked container access when in a surrogate... like WTF. That should have been forbidden from the very start. Doesn't inspire confidence in the dev team.
  12. Blah. Anyone else with zero interest in that thing? After the last 'community event' becoming a test of 'who had the most Alpha insider knowledge'...
  13. Mass isn't conserved at all right now. It is, in fact, generated from nothing. With max skills, refining hematite, 278.46 kg of hematite ore becomes 406.24 kg of pure iron... even with no skills, 327.6 kg of hematite becomes 353.25 kg of pure iron. Makes no sense at all.
  14. The price is definitely a lot higher in DU than in Eve. In Eve, anyone can roll an arty thrasher alt in a few hours and pop squishy 'innocents' in highsec until sec status drops too low.. Griefing in DU is a bit harder and I'm still unsure as to what limits are possible before GMs interfere.
  15. I seem to remember some drama months back about a person claiming territories in the line of a runway and building voxel terrain walls and GMs doing nothing. Or did they step in at some point?
  16. construction bots build/repair. logistic bots move items, and at larger scales require a lot of power. When was the last time you played a bot-based megabase? There have been a lot of optimizations over the years. also, Factorio can scale up to levels that Fortress Craft / Satisfactory only dream of.
  17. Nothing stopping someone from doing that with the existing system. e. Just look at all the speeders and various ships cluttering up every market.
  18. Counterpoint: Factorio has logistic bots, which given a sufficient supply of and power, are basically the magical links of DU. Also, blueprints make mega factories a lot easier. I would prefer that DU's industry be set up Satisfactory style. It's a nice balance with big factories being possible and big factories also needing time spent to set up.
  19. I have been playing this 'beta' off and on since Sept 12th and I have had maybe 3 or 4 crashes, total. I do know at least two of the crashes were related to running out of memory. However, I have also been a bit of a solo player and have my base away from everyone else and only visit markets rarely, if at all. I wonder if the two are related. I do have 64GB of ram, so I have a bit more leeway before it fills. And if I notice the ram getting full, I restart the game to reset it.
  20. You're arguing under a fundamental misunderstanding here. The original post is below, for reference: NQ - the developers CM's - The Community Managers appointed by NQ. Nothing to do with players or org leaders.
  21. Use brakes or thrust, like is intended. If you want to stop a ship while you exit it, use an emergency controller set to hold the brakes.
  22. I'm sorry, what exactly are you trying to suggest here? A better way to get rid of random micro terrain voxels from clearing large areas with the dig tool? There is a reliable existing way to prevent that problem from occurring in the first place: the flatten tool. Merely have someone train the width and height skills, and then methodically clear sections of terrain a bit shorter than the flatten tool height.
  23. Why would you think it might be removed? I honestly can't imagine a reason. Without it, getting permanently stuck could be very easy. All one would need to do is scoop afk players off markets and drop them down holes on a claimed territory and fill in the holes. Both of the 'exploits' you list in the OP are already possible with Alt+F4 or simply logging out/in.
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