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  1. Any of you database people know how often backups would be run on a database like the market orders? I mean .. NQ did do regular backups, right? Everything I've seen seems to indicate NQ does no backups at all. I heard about some industry batching error that caused millions of ore to be deleted and NQ did no rollbacks at all...
  2. Conspiracy time. Did player action result in the market data getting wiped, or is this a False Flag operation from NQ to make an excuse to ban the people who disassembled their market? Watch for Market 15's orders to mysteriously reappear soon, as they were never really deleted or lost.
  3. Because the devs are children, lashing out in the only way they ever learned? Agreed.
  4. Players lose bases? NQ is like .. eh, who cares, not our problem right now. NQ's Aphelia loses a market? PANIC! PERMABAN EVERYONE!
  5. I'd like your post for this, but it seems I have no more that I can give, for now.
  6. Quite a few people have attempted to compare this marketplace destruction to real life examples, but none have seemed very relevant. Allow me to provide one of my own. Redundancy as a form of Disaster Mitigation. Imagine that you work for a well known bank situated near the bank of a river that is known for 100 year floods. Everything goes as normal until one day, a rainstorm of unprecedented size causes the river to swell considerably beyond its normal size, flooding the nearby town and destroying all of the computers in the bank. But surely, you think, the bank was not where all the banking data was stored? Surely there were remote servers and multiple offsite redundant backups? Alas, the situation is far more grave. The bank's directors in their naivety thought that such a disaster could never occur, and they had no backups at all. All transaction and account histories were lost. Rollbacks of a server imply that backups are kept. I'm not sure NQ does. See the example described in this post.
  7. You know that was intended to be silly, right? Regardless. The dev response was completely disproportionate.
  8. That IRL scenario you mention has zero relevance for what happened in the game.
  9. It was only so 'important' because of dev incompetence. Nothing more. In a sanely designed game, destroying a market would've had no effect on the market orders, and replacing it and getting it functional again would take maybe 5 to 10 minutes at most. Instead, the devs decided to tie the market orders to the existence of certain elements in the market, and we have this snafu.
  10. Never said NQ was a player. However, Aphelia definitely is one.
  11. @NQ-Naerais, you realize this makes you look like hypocrites, correct? https://support.dualthegame.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016890940-Clarification-Regarding-Bug-Exploits-and-Griefing Aphelia owns the markets. Aphelia is a player, as evidenced by the fact I can add them as a contact and add them to RDMS policies and they're listed as a player there. Come on.
  12. The game was ruined because of dev incompetence, not the market defacement. The market data should NEVER have had its existence tied to the market terminals or any ingame element.
  13. Except that it wasn't NQ stuff. The markets are owned by Aphelia. Where is it stated that Aphelia is NQ? Aphelia should not be NQ. This market heist should have had an ingame response, not a Hand of Zod response.
  14. Yeah. I'm about to head back to Gregtech New Horizons. Far more compelling than this.
  15. Why should that affect anything? Why should it ever have affected the market orders? Fixing it should be as simple as deploy new market, adjust line of code in market control script to access that part of the database again. Done.
  16. Excuse me? Are you saying no blueprints were made of those markets? 'Fixing' it should be as simple as deleting the old construct and replacing it. A task that would take a couple minutes, maximum, with the blueprints. This is a reaction I would expect from children in a sandbox, not mature adults. edit: Apparently the 'quick fix' is a reference to the market orders. To which I have exactly one reply: What? Market orders should be stored in the database and no removal of market constructs should EVER affect those.
  17. This could be our first glimpse of how player markets could work. Can a market terminal have its properties edited or interface with lua somehow to set what market it is tied to? Wonder if I could buy an, ahem, liberated terminal from the deconstructors.
  18. Seems there was a heist of the century. Screenshots from the reddit post And someone on the discord went there and took this screenshot: So. That happened.
  19. Was interested until I read that. If they were decent crafting / technician characters, I would be very interested; but without talents? Meh. I would be interested in the accounts, if only to hold onto for you until you inevitably decide to come back. It's easy to say you're done forever, but things change.
  20. Finally they're starting to grow a semblance of a backbone. Should've happened a few weeks ago. Some of those requests are ludicrous.
  21. Whoops, thank you for catching that. Seems to have been the only typo; that line ended with "88 iron, 44 carbon, 84 steel output"
  22. From the official discord (and no, this was not as an announcement; merely a random byline in #duscussion): https://discordapp.com/channels/184691218184273920/304455542162587649/762765739307827200 One wonders why exactly they had to delay it, and why they didn't want to announce this to everyone.
  23. Some people have suggested the following fix to the bot order situation, while leaving them ingame. What if the bot order prices were based on a rolling 7 day average of player order prices? Buy orders would be 25%, sell orders would be 400%. This would allow items not sold by players to still be obtained, albeit at a premium, while ensuring one couldn't buy from player orders and make a profit selling to the bots. For voxels, the bot order prices would be based on the lowest buy / highest sell price for any voxel of a type.
  24. Did you not automatically enter build mode when you placed it? Usually when a core is placed, build mode is automatically entered. By using the move element tool, the core may be moved within the build area wherever desired, even near an edge or corner.
  25. Until I read this thread, I did not realize derails could be perfected into an art form. {sarcastically} Congratulations, @FryingDoom
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