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  1. Has anyone had trouble with voxel's rendering in above the ground too late to avoid hitting it? Specifically this problem seems to occur most in the mountains and around player bases near the trade (problem near the trade centers likely is a render lag issue and unrelated to the mountain issues away from most peoples bases).
  2. So how come some of the controls are grayed out, such as the secondary general controls, like the secondary left middle and right buttons?
  3. So, it sounds as though they are not using standard resolution settings, great. Changes the resolution down cause the text to be difficult to read.
  4. So, I have a problem with my screen resolution set in game to 1440 x 900 vs the game. My inventory windows overlap. Is there a solution for this problem?
  5. I don't want to call the bases that are being erected around the market places griefing, but they are dangerous and interfering with flight. Twice in one night, a friend of mine crashed into a station that did not render. It was floating over 300 meters off the ground. I have flown past other structures or ships which just float in the air and make flying tot he market place a real hazard. As ground transportation (hover vehicles) are not exactly useable at speeds over 200, might I suggest the following solutions. That bases and ships not be allowed to fly/hover over the market place, other than for landing. Within 25-75km of the marketplace, bases must remain in contact with the ground, and not built upon another core or allowed to float, and especially being made of the thinnest of blocks so not to be easily seen? Dark blocks are not easily noticed during night flying. In all realistic sense, we do not build skyscrapers around airports as they would interfere with the aircraft landing and taking off. Can we use this common sense practice around the marketplace?
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