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  1. I think you should ask yourself what you can do to keep those players after wiper for 3-6 months. Because I have a hard time imagining that most won't leave in their first month. DU at launch is nothing like DU at the launch at beta. This is going to be a grindfest! Shams streamed recently DU again we were flabergasted what new players should be doing: It was picking up rocks or running atmo missions with your starter ship, both would leave you quickly bored out of your mind. Especially when new players crash their ship and need to walk 50km... Asteroid mining might be fun, but getting everything needed to get there is going to take a TON of work! And I suspect that many underestimate how much work.
  2. What puzzle? And if there was, good job on solving it and finding whatever treasure there was at the end of the rainbow! I really love it when devs add such stuff to their MMOs, I might often not partake in those activities, but it's cool they are there. And it's a shame that everything that you folks have ingame of that achievement is going POOF! Maybe add a trophy in game for such events or if that's to much to ask, a specific achievement for that event...
  3. *gets his hammer* You really need to specify how! 😉
  4. How exactly are you going to be doing that when everything is wiped at launch, including talents. I think the biggest issue is going to be to keep players beyond the basic grinding BS that we'll all have to do for a LONG time before we can do any of the activities you mentioned. We're going to be stuck picking up a LOT of ore before we can even make ships that can leave atmo! And combat? Look at what's required for that and what kind of limitations have been introduced to manufacturing. Combat is a long way off! I think people will quit way before they can even attempt any of that stuff.
  5. Yesterday in Markee Dragon's stream we asked NQ_Sesch how the 'loyalty rewards' will work with folks that had a subscription and/or gametime and had issues with billing/subscriptions and support 'fixed' it by setting us to 'beta' status. This account for example had a regular subscription via NQ on beta launch, then went over to a year gametime via a code from the Markee Dragon store, so I paid for the 13 month requirement. But somewhere in there someone from support 'fixed' my subscription issue with giving it a 'betakey' status. Just repeating the issue here so it isn't forgotten. As others have stated they have had similar issues and now similar concerns.
  6. My subscriptions I paid for will probably be still active, so I'll try it at least. But knowing what they've done already, I don't expect much of it.
  7. Yeah... Good luck with that! NQ has about the trustworthiness on 'promises' of a stinky old clown handing out lollipops to little children... At this point they are only after your cash!
  8. Yep! Pretty much in that state since the 14th of April... As others have stated, for now I've mostly moved on, I did prepay for a year+, so it's not asif my accounts get 'cleaned'. Whether I get back after the wipe or not we'll just have to see... If NQ can weather the storm for that long...
  9. Renaming Schematics to copyrights would be horrible, even renaming them to licenses might just create an antipathy, not just from older DU players, but every player that will ever try DU. Words have power! Schematics is a word that embodies creation, licenses and especially copyrights embody limitations. And while the Schematics system is a limitation, calling it out so obviously is a psychology move towards players.
  10. Yes, we'll have the same issue a week later. "if the objective is to equalize the difference between new and existing players" is not what I think the objective is, because trying to achieve that is throwing out the whole concept of DU and even then it's impossible to do due to the accumulated knowledge of existing players. Making the same profits at a slower pace is NOT the same profits. Sure, it's the same profits per product, but not per day, so the folks with those talents trained now have a HUGE advantage again in industry. That's not even touching all the other talents/activities that give an advantage over those that do not have them.
  11. Nah, it's a couple of human megalomaniacs giving the AI it's marching orders... 😉
  12. NQ wants you to solve a mini game everytime, have charges on how many uses it has and you of course have to pay quanta... 😉
  13. Yes, more and more people are leaving DU just for that reason and so many more. It's not just one change it's a chain of changes that have now resulted in gamemechanics we don't recognize since we started playing the game. When you're the last player on the server, will you turn it off when you leave? Nah, it will be turned off before that...
  14. Ya this isn't like Star Citizen or EVE, games that are actually fun to play these days and have more then a handful of players... 😉 Luckily atmo fuel you can make in your backpack, so moving around on a planet should not be a big issue. Also moving between the starter moon(s) and Alioth via shuttle. Things start getting interesting beyond that. Find or buy T2 materials and having enough quanta to make BP(C)s for the material and the fuel itself... The issue with the new system is that you need a ton of quanta to make BPCs (instead of having a few permanent ones in your backpack), that means even more grinding... I started at the start of beta and the quanta requirement for everything is starting to p!ss me off! It's now more of a grinding game then most of the mobile P2W clickers, and less enjoyable.
  15. And what kind of child are you? I'm guessing a grumpy child...
  16. @Zarcata Us Europeans start to get antagonistic when papa US wants to tell us what to do, but that's also the case vice versa. Also keep in mind that these are time codes for MMOs, these might very well fall outside of the VAT requirements (just as giftcards apparently are not included in these rules). https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/taxes/tax-on-digital-products#digital-goods-in-the-european-union https://taxation-customs.ec.europa.eu/system/files/2022-03/Indicative list of electronically supplied services.pdf Honestly, there is a LOT of information out there, not all of it is correct as many have their own business interests to promote and often that is directly linked to the pro-counter arguments. But honestly, It's not our business how that business is run. To date Markee has honored all things I've bought there, N=1, but in my book that is trustworthy. Might that business run into issues down the road with VAT owed to the EU, possibly...
  17. NQ-Magic-Eightball says: Possibly! 😉
  18. What the heck gave you that idea? No, a lot of us just haven't bothered beyond our initial reaction. Our opinions just don't count, and actually implementation is done via magic-eight-ball... NQ: Should we do x? Magic-eight-ball says: You may rely on it. NQ might at this point stand for No Questions... 😉 Let's see how it is eventually implemented at launch/after-wipe. If we're still around, at this point I haven't 'played' DU for over three months. I logged in a few times (talents, checking some stuff, etc.), but not actually do something interesting...
  19. So... 'Others' are right and I have an 'opinion'? 😉 Let's be clear, most of the commenters here have zero experience in (MMO) game development, programming, business, etc. Most are no more then armchair generals that are mostly spouting what they want to see. Those people that are 'right' is your opinion, nothing more. We all might need to accept that the initial premise of DU was flawed, and now 8 years later no longer has a sustainable place in the current MMO landscape... 8 years ago Wildstar was released as the WoW 'killer', we all know how that turned out... I'm not saying that there have been no good ideas, but that doesn't mean that they would magically fix DU or are even feasible to implement.
  20. A broken clock is right twice a day... So being right does not justify being an [filtered] about it. And the reason that people get drop-kicked isn't because the are 'right', it is because they are being arseholes (about it)!
  21. I deleted a wall of text. NQ you suck at communication and customer insights. @NQ-Nyota You're a community manager for *bleeps*sake, did you read the message before you posted it? Did you not see the issues a mile away? Why have you not send @NQ-Wanderer back to his corner and think about his many, many sins (looking at that April 14th post)? This 'announcement' is way to vague, leading to interpretations by customers who'll blow their top. Creating more and more negativity. TIPS: Make the system directly available on the test server so people can see how it works themselves and test it. Create a YouTube video that shows how it works. And create a list with items that you are still working on and aren't final. My initial reaction: NQ sure is good in making a game more and more unfun!
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