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  1. Good point. If they're closing they won't tell us. I'm more worried about what happened this weekend which is: they aren't closing shop but communication has been almost 0 for 3 months so when info like the ceo switch comes out, people speculate and some people leave the game. They resolved it, good. I'll continue to play. I just wonder if we would have gotten anything if people didn't speak out. It may be asking a lot for them to communicate these types of things but the flip side is they're asking us to basically partner with them in building this game. They lay down the framework and we make all of the content.
  2. My post isn't about "hey let us keep our stuff" and coming off like an upset child doesn't make people listen. I was speaking with the mindset that the game will die. Now that I see the post from NQ, I have a bit more hope. With that said however, in the spirit of a dieng game I wanted to take a second and reflect. Maybe with some luck new management at NQ hears us that if they want us to dump hours to build this civilization, they need to communicate. Also acknowledging that I/we as a community aren't perfect either. That's all.. They need us obviously in terms of income and to make this game into the thriving civ they advertise. We need them to keep the lights on and update, bug fix, whatever. Symbiotic relationships and such
  3. Missing the point a bit but ok. I know not to feed trolls
  4. I've been thinking about the past few days and even the last few months, even back to .23. Some in the DU community including myself can be pretty harsh towards NQ. This last few days has been no exception. Sometimes it's all written off as trolling but that's not the whole story. The trolls are a small number of people. I think this is a huge learning experience for all of us. On the NQ side, know that you want us to build a civilization and that requires lots and lots of time. Lots of us have been grinding away at this for many many hours. If something changes and puts that all into jeopardy, we want to know. It's not like call of duty where the damage will change slightly. Changes here mean dozens, maybe hundreds of hours of work lost. In the extreme case of the game shutting down, people want to know they aren't pumping hours into nothing essentially. On the community side, we have probably learned a lot about ourselves and how we fit into games like this. How sometimes we stop enjoying the game and worry too much about things we can't control. I think that for a game to be the real life Ready Player One, the developer has to be serious about nurturing it's community and the community needs to be reasonable with their expectations from the developer. I've learned quite a bit here and It's been a fun ride.
  5. Why aren't capital ships viable?
  6. Woah, realistic destruction, not just all good until the core is damaged then everyone dies randomly lol. Pieces fly off and you don't have floating voxel everywhere? wild
  7. It also has ship breaking as a job or hauling rocks back to station to have people mine there. Gas harvesting which is new and I don't know much about ect. Combat is actual dogfighting and skilled flying, first person shooting. Shooting with your character ect. DU has staring at a screen hitting a button for combat and sitting in a hole for 8 hours on a meganode and selling it to bots to buy schematics that are in place to slow you down. woo content
  8. Looks to be the case, ya. Though the 22 came over time. It shows they clearly do not have enough sub income to pay the bills so someone needs to cover expenses and maybe cut some costs until they do. Or sell it, idk
  9. I think the problem here is hitting tab and not using alt R. Try that, but (edit) i think it cuts thrust when you switch either way. might have to play with it
  10. The short answer is that the amount of players has declined since all of the ships and buildings were built, and since most of those videos were recorded. I will add that there are some bigger space stations with some people on them but we're talking small numbers out there.
  11. I don't expect a dev to cater to us but this situation is a bit different. Unlike EVE for example, they require us to support them through this dev period to make it to release. Plus this game takes a large amount of hours to get anywhere as you probably know. The point is I'm not going to sink hours grinding to get to a position when it's looking like this game won't last long enough for me to finish another project.
  12. With the new head of NQ being an investor. Maybe we can try to look at the company in a way he is likely to be looking at the company. He has hinted at gaming being the future in entertainment so there's some hope there but NQ has lost quite a bit of money. The financials paint a bleak picture and its either go deeper in hopes of saving it or get as much back as you can. Every day that goes by with no announcement tells me they have no respect for the time and energy we have invested. They may be trying to avoid a panic but that ship has sailed. If you throw in .23, .24 (no missions) and the last 3 months of almost no coms despite promises stating otherwise. I'm starting to think It's unwise to be invested in this project (as a player). Purpose of this post? More noise for NQ to see we would like answers. If no response comes of all of these posts by various people, its GG DU
  13. Ya, I haven't seen a single person get punitive action besides the market 15 guys. Possible it happened in alpha since I only caught the tail end of alpha. Maybe some players had some duped items removed early beta if I remember correctly. I don't think there's manpower available to hunt people down. Add to that the fine line on most of this stuff. It would only be fair to have a list of exploits available before they start taking action and we don't even get complete patch notes that list all changes.
  14. Sanctuary has small ore deposits and you can only mine on a claimed tile on sanc. Would recommend moving Alioth sooner than later
  15. You can do the tutorials at the institutes for talent points to speed things up. If I were starting fresh and trying to speedrun to 10m, I would do all working tutorials then use that money to buy/build a tiny mining ship. Spend talent points on linked range, mining, piloting, core placement and a couple others. Then fill the mining ship, sell ore and upgrade the ship, then repeat to 10m. probably missing something but that's the gist
  16. ty man! And although my post comes off grumpy, I am excited for missions
  17. We really don't need a repeat of .23 but with the communication being so sparse, It's concerning. Servers just went down so taking bets on what's broken and to what degree it's broken when they come back up. reminder that .23 let people BP any construct they owned regardless of drm among other issues. That took a week to fix so rip ship sales back then
  18. Nearais was in discord answering questions, chatting and fielding the criticism very gracefully. I thought it might be a short lived interaction with all of the hate that was being vented but we all had a good discussion. Hopefully we can get back to stuff like that if it's not too much strain on resources/time. I too have been critical of the lack of communication since .23 but I would like to take a moment and thank you for interacting with us and maybe restoring some hope.
  19. I'm not trying to be a troll or overly negative but the interaction has fallen off of a cliff. Before .23 there were interviews pretty often, staff would communicate, Questions were answered. Perhaps we were spoiled and this new level of communication is just standard. I'm new to developing games but I actually wonder what's going on.
  20. They're great for ammo production and for building out of since you can put plenty of items and never need to switch containers. The main reason I wanted them is for deploying huge BPs that 10 L container's simply can't do
  21. Also need to make sure nothing is claimed and nothing has dynamic properties (like a named engine or seat with a config on it)
  22. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense why it works like this but that's how it is for some reason. If you have any handling skills, it all gets reset either when making the bp or deploying it.
  23. I gave up on wanting new cool stuff. Now all I hope for is that they don't break the game and kill what's left of the community with this update. Not a fan of the new voxel textures currently seen on the pts though, If I had my way those would all stay the same. If that's just dialed down for sake of the pts then great. Biomes look great though.
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