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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/94sxai5srgxgilv/Screenshot%202016-10-07%2022.49.56.png?dl=0










    Rough 3d renders created by Jeremiah (Azuros) (Papa) using blender


    So far: four large landing docks for large fleets of ships, public council chambers with seating for thousands, accessable via jetpack or elevator from the bottom where the marketplace will most likely be. Near the top of the inside of the Galactus, the council chambers can become private via forcefield bubble, large shield etc., detacheable coliseum on top with seating for thousands of people, for settling personal disputes, hosting sports, games etc.


    To be: about 4000 concealed private ports for passengers connected to their quarters (there's space for far more), rooms within coliseum for fighters, teams etc. More detailed council chambers with added utility within the council's stage as well as screens for viewing the proceedings on every floor of the citizen's viewing area except for the bottom and closest, which will be for government officials and very important figures. Still working on a cockpit separately along with boosters engines engine rooms and blah blah. This design will allow for incredible functionality as well, don't want to give too many details on what I'm thinking but let's say it will become quite mobile quite fast. Might lose the elevator. Also might have another layer or two added for higher population, durability, storage or whatevs. Let me know what chall think.


    Just a little tip from one blender user to another, switch from blender render to cycles render if you understand how to use it a bit, renders will then look alot cleaner  :D

  2. Content:


    Reserved ;)


    Place: - Antarctica - 


         Population: - Classified 


         Where: - Along the Transantarctic Mountains (in my story the ross ice shelf has melted away and doesnt return)


         Government: - Nill - Private Organisation/ Research Facility.


         Climate: - Extreme cold, Dry, Ocean Front


    When: - Year 2500 +

  3. "

    Not bad, but there should be more space between the cockpit and the engines. If that can't be done, a simple element should be placed in between the engine and the cockpit. I doubt engine noise and vibrations will be issues in Dual Universe, but certain components could be placed there. Stylised reinforcement to anchor the cockpit, perhaps?


    Yeh your righti, I like to place all my major functioning parts first on the ships then i work in the structural and the outer aesthetic at the end. But it will make it in eventually

  4. -------------------------------

      //Open Log

      //User = Dark Novation



    -Weapon Systems 1-


    The first of three main weapons systems attached to the wasp-viper is two dual rapid fire laser cannons. These are low damage, fast fire rate guns to quickly chip away at the enemy's shields and keep them out of commission. Allowing for weapon systems 2 and 3 to deal the final blow. Mounted beside the cockpit this allows for greater accuracy when aiming and they also have slight gimbal to lock and track the enemy target.











    Added extra wiring to route power form engine to the laser cannons







      //Close Log

      //User = Dark Novation


  5. Got a bit of extra time tonight so Im gona keep working on it aha


      //Open Log
      //User = Dark Novation

    Added the cockpit to the ship. The cockpit was designed in a spherical shape in mine to allow for the largest field of view for the pilot. Also adding in the latest Augmented Reality technology to project all ships systems statistics for ease of viewing for the pilot in command.
      //Close Log
      //User = Dark Novation

  6. -------------------------------

      //Open Log

      //User = Dark Novation



    -Fuel Cell Assembly-


    This assembly has supporting structures to hold the engine in-place and also contains two tanks to store the fuel to run the engines. The way this was designed also allows for the engine to slide right out the back of the ship when it needs to be replaced quickly in combat. The dual tanks on this ship also allow for a longer range the fighter can reach but will add extra weight to the ship.







      //Close Log

      //User = Dark Novation


  7. I thought instead of cluttering my organisations thread with progress on my newest fighters id create a separate post in the builders corner to show how I'm progressing with the latest ship ship design, the "Wasp-Viper" running on my latest engine concept the "Viper" modular engine.


    -The Viper Engine-



    Hope you enjoy following my progression on this project.

  8. This weeks design wasn't to detailed but here it is. The Viper engine and thruster assembly designed to be easily swapped in and out of small fighters so they can return to the battlefield as fast as possible. I'm going to be implementing this design into my next fighter and show how this assembly will fit into the ship and how easy it will be to replaced the damaged unit.



  9. Both are very good, but to me, the core shows up better in the lighter one.  If it's possible, I would suggest having a darker background with a little more light on just the core itself.

    Im trying to lighten the cube up atm but i need to play around with the noise in the final render to make it look decent. There are too many white pixels for me to be happy with the render aha

  10. I just wanted to show my progression on a wallpaper for my pc of the core unit I have been working on, Most of the model is finished but I need to add small textures such as the "D" and the "dynamic core unity" text on the outside. Also planning to add some nano former effects floating around it (as seen in some of the published videos) and alter the colours and make some for the static cube unit.


    Thoughts on which style would look better.

    -Lighter Background Variant



    -Darker Background Variant


  11. I think the pets are going to be robots, they even showed a quick glimpse of the model in the KS video (It's at about 16:35).


    I wonder if the pet could be combined with the 3rd person drone concept. When you need it to, it can hover and give you a 3rd person tracking view. Of course pets are only for backers so that wouldn't be very fair to new players.


    Another idea is that you could have the pet offer some very basic defense for your constructs while you are offline by mounting a small weapon on it. 

    A small robotic dog mounted with a Gauss gun... I like it

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