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  1. Also, territory scans should be able to be viewed on the map from a linked container, not just your own inventory. Definitely some nice ideas here. Especially the compact at market and then can only be uncompacted on the same hex, or maybe even an "impound" hex 2 or 3 away from the market, so you have to go there, pay a release fee (dependent on core size and maybe ship weight too) and then it can only be uncompacted on THAT impound hex, no other hex in the entire game.
  2. At the moment, the PvP aspect of the game, from my point of view, isn't even really in existence. Ideally, there would be "safe" areas for newer players to explore and build on, knowing that they can't be shot. There would also ideally be areas where you can get shot both in space, in the atmosphere, and on the ground. However, realistically with ground bases, unless the ground bases have the option of either being invulnerable at certain times of the day (when the owner(s) are probably offline and so not able to defend it), then they need to be able to deploy things like shields and surface to air weapons. Let's face it, if I fly to Thades and mine, I'm not stealing anything - nobody owns what I mine, unless somebody has claimed the hex and set access for anybody to mine, in which case that's their own issue. PvP in its current form seems beyond dull, and very much like a terrible MMO where you just click on something, click on something else and then do 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and repeat. DU gives the ability for skill and design to play a huge part in how ships and ground constructs are made, and I'm hoping that when the PvP update hits, we will start to see that same variety of design and skill play a huge part in how PvP actually works. For point and click PvP, there are other things like Eve online for space games, or WoW for characters - both essentially involve clicking on something and then just pressing the number keys in sequence.
  3. Thanks for this - very helpful and I will try it when I get my ships back on the same planet. Another easy solution would be to have some sort of tether module which works with either landing gear or another tether module - sort of like the connectors do in Space Engineers, so you can set them through Lua to have an attraction strength, or be locked or unlocked etc. for automated docking systems when approaching space stations or whatever. For now, I think I'll put some steel plates down on the floor to act as elements for your fix.
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