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    C'est grâce aux anglophones qu'ils ont eu le budget pour faire ce jeu alors c'est le minimum que de les servir en priorité. Faut quand même avouer que notre marché intérieur est rikiki, faire 200.000 ventes dans ce pays est un exploit historique alors à ce rythme là c'est même pas la peine de penser aux francophones avant looooongtemps.
  2. It is true that those games are not the most unique of their kinds but at least it shows that publishers are still eager to take risks financially because they cost a lot. Division, Destiny and Star Wars were a big gamble money wise because for the first two we didnt know if an MMO-FPS would be well accaimed by the public and for star wars looking by how many MMOs have already failed it was also a challenge to convince a large public. Now with our DU, we already have a proof for this kind of gameplay with Minecraft, SpaceEngineers, Starbound, StarCitizen, Ark, Rust so once again DU is not completely new overall, which makes him eligible for a publisher support. How would you guys explain the lack of sucess of the Kickstarter campain otherwise ? The only reason is because of this subscribtion imo, only a big publisher might be able to offer something else to the players.
  3. Now thats a limited logic.
  4. Ubisoft : Watchdogs, The Division, For Honor, The Crew, Steep, Grow Home, Child of light, Zombi U Electronic Arts : Unravel, Titanfall, Fuse, UFC, Kingdoms of Amalur, Star wars online Activision : Destiny Tencent : Blade & Soul, Smite, Monster Hunter The scared publishers is part of the past for most of them, especially after Star Citizen's popularity. If I remember, someone at NQ already said that some publishers were ready to get their backs otherwise.
  5. This is still a dangerous gamble, and looking by the kickstarter semi-failure campaign it doesnt draw many ppls in
  6. Since when does the publishers only sticks to one kind of games ?
  7. I don't mind if they fake the collisions a lot
  8. Maybe one day you'll figure out what an internal forum is meant for
  9. They were both about multiplayer, sci-fi, lore, freedom, space supremacy, spaceships ,trade and raising the bar of the videogame genre at the begining. I don't know why Dual Universe should not go this high knowing how large the PC community is ? This new game has had even more coverage than the previous one
  10. So their goal is to run into a wall ? Because it won't collapse on them.
  11. This is not a question about myself, I told earlier that I don't mind paying a monthly subscription, however looking by the lack of popularity and even the hate it has generated on the internets it looks like this game could remain very unpopular and therefore with no backers, no game, or no great game. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1949863330/dual-universe-civilization-building-sci-fi-mmorpg?utm_source=website&utm_medium=website&utm_campaign=kickstarter 5.600 backers as I speak while star citizen had six times this amount in its time and not even counting their own site. Dual universe is now known by everybody, has been covered in many websites, supported by some big names and now stil lacks of new backers; this should alarm NQ Of course I am standing for a big change in their monetization strategy looking by this popularity failure. If they cannot afford independance they'll have to pay the price of they'd kill their project. I would rather prefer to see EA, Tencent, Ubisoft, Microsoft or even Nexon backing up the game as much as needed to end up with something great rather than something close to a prototye due to the lack of money and their will to remain independant at all cost. So yes, some of you may be fine with the short term benefit for their ego but I call this a selfish attitude. But at this rate, NQ's vault will be so short of money that we won't end up with a great game but just a weak one. We all want to play the best game possible, but with just 6K players we won't do much.
  12. Textures, meshes, characters, environment kits, refined blocks and so forth,this game alsao has content. But believing that ppls will pay a lot per month and forced to build their own content is a mistake and we can see it live since the Kickstarter campain doesnt get much attention compared to the potential of this game. We are just very fews to accept it, and with this sole base this is not enough to afford such a game, please folks stop your selfish vision.
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