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  1. Topic pretty much says it all. Currently every seat in the game (at least functional ones) can only have ONE Radar linked to it. While the reasons for that are fairly obvious between atmospheric & space combat uses, it also limits the pilot severely for craft that transition between the two. So I'd suggest that Non-Weapon Chairs (ie. Command Chairs, but not Cockpits or Hoverseats) be allowed to link to both Atmospheric & Space Radar. They cannot use weapons in any size, shape or form, so the Radar would be used for navigation purposes only. As a pilot (and non-gunner), it only makes sense that they would (or SHOULD) be able to detect what is ahead of the ship whether it is in atmosphere or in space. Flying towards a space station? Better adjust course! Flying towards a building or single voxel 'tower' ahead? Ditto! Right now, command chair pilots are forced to use one or the other radar. Go with space to help spot potential PVP pirates or better align a ship for your gunners? Or use the atmospheric radar so you can see and avoid space stations, buildings, etc, as you fly through an atmosphere and near the ground? Give pilots both! Those chairs are already limited from using any size weapon, so give them SOME advantage for use.
  2. I still want them to institute a change to the regular Command Chair to allow it to have BOTH Radar types linked to it. The Command Chair cannot link to ANY weapons - its a pilot seat only. Even the Hoverseat can have SOME weapons linked to it, but the Command Chair? Zero. Allow the Command Chair to have both Atmospheric & Space Radar tied to it so that the pilot can - surprise - navigate around potential obstacles ahead. Or even be able to acknowledge when those on weapon seats say "Turn us towards XYZ ship to attack". As it sits, the pilot at times might go "Who? Where? My radar is jammed at the moment! I got the wrong one linked!" For a non-combat seat, that's a restriction that should definitely go.
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