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  1. Well what I was thinking was an elevated railway instead of it interfering with ground traffic so cars won't crash into it. P.S. Thanks for believeing in my idea
  2. So I was thinking, what if I could use those hovercraft engines and have some kind rail to go with it and use it to make some kind of maglev/monorail system. Imagine an intercity train system that can remove ships off the sky and decrease air traffic. or at least have one going around your city to go places faster so now ships can stop crashing into your buildings. I don't know what do you think?
  3. Strange maybe the developers thought that it was unnessasry to star that thread and thought it had no meaning.
  4. I don't get it why not use drones to hunt the space whales
  5. I have one thing to say: DU should be available on steam. I am a steam fanatic I get almost all my games on steam. ksp, space engineers now we need DU, NQ please consider if DU is available on steam so many people will know about this awesome game and make it even more popular. So, who's with me
  6. Why not just have solar panels and solar dishes like these... http://www.ens-newswire.com/ens/oct2010/20101020_tesseradishes.jpg Or a massive solar farm like this one I saw in California https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRgqLFeoEaStY7PrLh99-45JoLnH1o7tn0a9AdanXVxvWqKU4Mu
  7. I would like paint so now I can paint DUA on all of my ships so now during large ship battles we can all know who is who and prevent friendly fire.
  8. Oooohhhh I can't wait for dual to come out So how do you become an alpha team member? Not that I want to be one I want to wait until beta is out
  9. If you read the silly ideas thread you know I came up with the idea to have a fashion magazine then that got me thinking I wonder if you can customize your character like the color of their suits or there height (or width ) or maybe gender body shape (I know some lady friends that want to play) or mabe you can take your helmet off on some planets or inside ships and buildings and customize your face. tell me what you think and NQ if you listening er* reading this PLEEEAAASE consider .
  10. You can ride whales (if you aren't killing them first)
  11. Question: how can you build cities with only two people?
  12. Oh I was just kidding I still want to build a space elevator
  13. I'd want two ships one a small attack ship designed to fly in to the target wreck havoc then fly away as fast as possible, two a heavy transport meant to take supplies and materials to my next construction projects. Like these (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-nyGOpUEauvs/TxUIJ0tHzzI/AAAAAAAADSs/CqCrt8i9Gz8/s1600/ultra+modern+city+2+futuristic+cityscape+concept+building+design+by+sky+tower+skyscrapers+future+the+twin+towers+spaceship.jpg) And for special occasions I would want this... https://inspirationfeeeed.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/scifi-luxury-liner.jpg
  14. perfect infact screw my space elevator plans I'm starting a fashion company
  15. Maybe you can play cross platform with pc like roblox where you can play on mobile but play with pc gamers as well But what I really would like to see, if DU will be available via steam that would attract more people into the community (look what happened to ksp and space engineers one they became available in steam)
  16. Well the thin is I am thinking economically than military and defense wise I mean if it was going up to military installation then yes we need defenses. But if it's going to some interplanetary parking lot then it won't be necessary.
  17. I'm thinking something more like this... http://files.renegadebs.com/miscjunk/space-elevator.jpg Or this... https://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/n5forpmnc1je36cimqdb.gif
  18. Maybe be can choose a curtain mineral and use it as the universal currency
  19. What I was thinking was building it like how shadowlord said it (a vertical bullet train) where there is a carrage or climber attached to a vertical "rail" the it uses rocket engines to propel it upwards then hovercraft repulsers keep the climber from colliding with the Rails. PS: happy Olympics. USA!
  20. hey guys I'm sorry for well you know and i promise it will never happen again. please welcome me back to your community
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