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  1. Well, I'm certainly late to the party. How did I not hear about this until now? This looks like a truly exciting undertaking. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors, yama. Things like this capture the essence of what Dual Universe really is meant to be, and I hope this will soon become a reality. We at Cinderfall will be more than happy to support you on your journey through the stars, should you want it. Cheers and happy New Year!
  2. I've considered having myself cryonicized, if for nothing more than the sheer novelty of it. I don't think there'll be a medical advance major enough in the near future to justify any scientific motive for cryonics, though.
  3. Perhaps you mean CEO? As far as I know, corporations are fully able to have shareholders and a board of directors along with a Chief Executive.
  4. I second, third, and fourth the motion for fountains. It would appear that the technical restraints for accurate and precise water physics would be difficult to overcome, but if we added maybe a pseudo-water material as in Minecraft, or even just particles textured to look like water (for fountains), this would be possible to implement.
  5. Totally can't wait to see everyone's amazing art!
  6. Ahaha no worries . Everyone who's written a story has done a phenomenal job of it. I really do think it's going to be a close call.
  7. Honestly though, can we take a moment to appreciate how accurate this actually is?
  8. No, no. Silly Xplosiv. The spam is in Cinderfall's spam channel, not here. Tsk tsk.
  9. I love reading these short stories. BRING THEM ON! Edit: Just finished it! It was good, really, really, good. Me gusta mucho. Keep it up!
  10. Gears of War 4 and Deus Ex: MD? Yes, I'm a console traitor - come kill me.
  11. More exciting designs from Objective Driveyards! Three cheers for those fantastic designers!
  12. Welcome welcome to the fabulous world universe of DU!
  13. Define "heavy republics".
  14. Perhaps try "Galactic Commonwealth", as I believe that is what TheSlaxx said it was renamed to. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/galactic-commonwealth
  15. Right you are. And most blueprints are going to be player-created anyway, so it's not going to be backers getting loads of blueprints for free. Sure, there'll be some pre-made ones, but the vast majority will be handcrafted.
  16. The Chinese very well know that walls don't work. I fly over the wall in my hover. Oh dear. I've accidentally landed my hover on you. I am King of the Hill.
  17. I marry UnderhandAerial. I am Queen of the Hill.
  18. The Kings of the Hill decrees that Atmosph3rik be exiled from the Kingdom of the Hill for high treason.
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