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  1. Welcome...Tbagger... Looks like you have quite a few space sims and games under your belt. DU should be a great addition to your collection!
  2. Welcome Kambalo! Enjoy the DU adventure!
  3. Yes, in fact, several threads (which I am currently too lazy to hunt down) have mentioned the possibility of underwater constructs and regions. I will allow Nora and his DU forums index to find the corresponding links. Aerial colonies should also be no problem. If you've seen the E3 trailer, you can see a space station as the ship flies off of the planet. I don't see too much of an issue with building several of these in a space neighborhood, if you have the resources.
  4. Welcome to DU, Catastrophie!
  5. Astrophil


    Welcome to DU! Without a doubt, 47th Legion has the strongest foundation, with groups in several games and presumably good experience. I've linked it here: https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/456-47th-legion-milsim-pvp-pve-recruiting-open/?hl=legion but invite you to explore around and see all of the options available to you, which you may see here: https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/503-official-known-empires-register/?hl=register Enjoy your stay!
  6. Welcome welcome. Step right in, mind the step, and enter the wonderful world of Dual Universe. *Not responsible for addiction, anxiety, or any health problems that may arise from constantly browsing and refreshing the forums to find more information.
  7. Ohh yess. The official terminology is "organization", about which you may find more information here --> https://devblog.dualthegame.com/2015/03/20/organizations-build-your-corporation-faction-nation-or-empire/
  8. Welcome to the DU family CodeGlitch! It's becoming a prolific one at that. Take a look through the forums and devblogs...I suggest starting by clicking the banner in my signature. You may find a home there, I don't know Enjoy! P.S. Nora, don't you dare say anything.
  9. “Your voice…is familiar…” “You chose it upon your departure from Earth. It is the resequenced voice of your fiancée, Stella Maris." Link: https://devblog.dualthegame.com/2015/07/31/dual-universe-part-1/
  10. I'd love to see Shack and Wasted join the forums so they can ask all the questions they need. It'd be cool to have them
  11. Actually, you won't. I don't actually think there's a limit on ship size, so the biggest ship possible is of infinite size, or as large as the servers can handle Have fun with that...and welcome to DU!
  12. Well...basically...you can't. But you can edit the post to your liking.
  13. No fault of yours The banner itself is linked, so if you click the image it will take you away to Wonderland...I mean, the thread.
  14. Welcome to the adventure! I'm sure your ideologies are shared by many here. Feel free to peruse these forums at your leisure, and check out all of the available organizations at the moment! I personally would recommend taking a look at a particular organization called Cinderfall, whose respective thread I've linked in the signature below Enjoy your stay!
  15. Honestly Nora, you seem to have tabs on every single member and thread on the forums. Welcome to Dual Universe, both of you!
  16. Welcome to DU! We look forward to further tickling your pickle.
  17. I would not, however, move for a PLEX-type model for DU, or any game. I'm not sure exactly how or why, but somehow PLEX seems to always wreck up the economy in games and take the fun out of it. I recall someone earlier in this thread discussing how all of his/her in-game hours in EVE? were taken up by mining so that he could buy PLEX, which defeated the purpose of playing the game for enjoyment, especially when dropping a couple of dollars every month was not a significant investment. My two cents, deposited.
  18. I would certainly be in for some good voice acting and dialogue, even if it is just Aphelia, who I am assuming is female.
  19. Welcome! I believe PC is confirmed (obviously), and NQ may actually look at developing for Linux, but I haven't heard anything about Mac OS as of yet. I will allow Nyzaltar to elaborate more.
  20. And of course this ties in with again, the character creation part of the game. Because if there's life support modules managing air consumption onboard a ship or in a building, is there really a need for spacesuits and oxygen helmets? Of course it's not planned for alpha, but I'm hoping that in the future players will be able to wear more than just suits
  21. In most respects, yes, it was terrible. The graphics were like 1990s, there was no story arc, there were no objectives or any purpose to the game. But for that reason, it was a good time killer. You could always jump in whenever and find a crew and start blasting away. No need to worry about money or completing quests.
  22. It's interesting because that could add even another additional layer of gameplay concerning strategic selection of which Arkship players spawn in. The first Arkship spawn areas available would probably be the most populated and most developed off the bat and in the future, but that would also mean rapid congestion and overpopulation, and thus high crime rates, taxes, costs of living. Other players may prefer a more remote location with a little more space and freedom and a little less players, but mayhaps could have a harder time surviving in the wilderness. It would be an interesting balance. One more tactical element is in play here that I won't mention now; it may or may not be a considerable advantage if utilized correctly.
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