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  1. hell yeah thanks dude!
  2. anyone know if there is gonna be a guild system in this game? trying to make a mercenary guild some friends
  3. Hey everyone ! Excited to play this game saw it at E3 and immediately jumped on board , been waiting for a game like this for some time! Been wanting to play a space exploration game with a shared universe ever since i saw eve but was too scared to play it cause it was like 10 years in when i saw it. Then found out about this , it was like a sign ! so super hyped! - Thicksauce
  4. i only ask cause , i do alot of work on UNIX/LINUX systems and two have two separate systems(not a huge fan of windows) but i think ill manage ! haha Thanks for the replies everyone! cant wait to play this game!
  5. Does anyone know if this game will be available on Mac?
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