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  1. Arrh yes, Neil Degrasse Tyson. The mad who said SpaceX will fail, electric cars won't be a thing. No point in going to mars! That last one maybe an exaggeration. The man who is more an actor than a scientist, is being quoted by non other than Blazemonger looool ive enjoyed our time and I'm honoured. if you do find a better way, do stop on by and let us know ✊🤝🤜☝️🤘✌️
  2. Starting to think you were dropped or something. I've mentioned a few times now both are my accounts. To clarify, xlDvSlx and DvS_uk are both my accounts (for all those) I don't need to give my reasons, just know there was a mistake on my part. But I do have access to the alpha, granted not on this email address. There has to be a better way. Do you know what that better way is Blazemonger?
  3. Knew you had it in you X but do try and keep up JC has said territories will be expensive to craft. If you can simply buy them with real life money, you're skipping a massive grind. Broken. Again you can dream up a number of scenarios where this could be good or bad. But the fact is, it's possible Again we keep on going in circles with scenarios. The underlined fact is, you can spend real life money to get an advantage, how ever big or small. Whether it's a time advantage, player advantage, it doesn't matter. It's an advantage, = p2w. In a post I said if they make skins
  4. Ahh yes, the good old cult withdrawal. Is that Andrew Yang riding that horse by any chance?
  5. Taking things out of context again lol how low delusional people will sink to defend what they believe. I didn't mean literally, but their/your argument needs to be shot down imo. Some of you can't even bring yourselves to admit it's a pay to win model. Boggles the mind As a matter of fact you've added absolutely nothing to this topic. Everything that has been discussed here is in video form (made by NQ them selves) hardly a banable offence. Without any proof!! Why are you lying for and contradicting yourself in the same post! You say I have no proo
  6. I remember JC saying you can earn your subscription through game play, I don't remember him ever saying it'll be directly through a p2w mechanic.. untill I saw that video I posted on my very first post. Again, thousands of scenarios can play out. It's but pointless to try and list them all. You mention talents to counter the P2W mechanic they've implemented. I hate to go back to scenarios, but what if 2/3/4/5/6 orgs decide to battle it out for dominants for a planet. They will use there DACs to buy anything and everything they feel as though they need. It
  7. Can appreciate the long replies. Still I see defending p2w with no recommendations of a better system I don't know how you've all been conditioned into thinking DACs are alright. P2w should not be a thing in this game. I will campaign passionately against this mechanism of that you can be sure. One does not wait 4 years patiently only to find out this game will be a money grab upon lunch. I will take my review to YouTube and the like once the NDA is lifted. I will still give the beta to my friend but I will tell him straight this game is pay to win
  8. Laughed way to much on that first part. I see what you're saying. I'll give an example, let's take Star Wars battlefront 2 before the rework. The star cards don't directly win you the game, sure you still have to aim down sight, actually look at an enemy. But they give you a clear advantage. Sure you can earn these cards in game, but the grind is ridiculous.. swaying you to perches the cards DU could be similar if not addressed now. But in this case, blueprints, marital, labour etc etc will be the indirect 'win' all of which would take hours, if not days/weeks or even m
  9. You have agreed you can benefit in game by buying DACs. Agreeing it's pay to win. BigEdge came right out and said but also put it in a way, where it's the nicest possible pay to win model he's ever seen. Venstix has called it P2W. Why, because it's pay to win loool We can go in circles about scenarios, like what would happen if 2/3/4 massive orgs decide to fight it out, and they find themselves a few ships short. Reeeee reeeeeee reeeeee. You're glossing over the fact it's P2W, not suggesting any better implications. And shockingly trying to j
  10. Blazemonger. I've given examples and reasons a few times. We've already come to the conclusion it's pay to win. Not full blown, could always be worse but it is in fact a pay to win model.. if some1 is flying a massive ship, and some1 can think ' I wonder how many DACs he sold to build that' is even possible.. it's pay to win Venstix put it pretty well Any1 can edit a conversation to match their bias. You JCs alt account? Lool But seriously, if you can't keep up don't step up x I forgot to mention when I say, I hear, I mean I've watched a Dev blog or rea
  11. Not all the 20m, they don't owe me and most likely you anything, they've basically delivered on their promise in my eyes for the most part 50k paying £10 a month is half a million a month. Just pure subscription alone. That's low balling imo (player wise). They could lone out their engine like epic games does. Cosmetic. Sponsorships, etc. They could pay back 20m in 2 years if they went hard imo. The technology alone is worth more than that I'm willing to bet. I would like to see the valuation of NQ come to think of it
  12. yes its my account, i explained it earlier. im ok with subcription, no problems there. im not ok with DACs being 100% pay to win. dont confuse the 2, like subcription can only be implemented with a p2w model the game is already paid for, they got way more than they needed to make this game, thats a fact. so at the very least, they could show some respect and not have a p2w model. i dont know if eve was a kick starter and i dont really care. what i do care about is how this game will turn out. these fourms are gathering dust and theres current less than 50k
  13. 'Emotional noise' lol what kind of robot are you? What makes you perches most the things you own, mate? It's an emotional subject for some, and a subject that shouldn't be taken lightly. So I'm sorry if you don't want to read through all the rubbish, to establish we both know what we're talking about. To the point of order: no. I write how I write and people speak how they speak. Ask Ben Goertzel. I've never wrote 'oi mate' but I get your point. Thanks for being smart. On your request. Disclaimer, I'm but a humble plumber who knows only but modest layman terms.
  14. I'm sorry I cant agree. 50k players paying £10 a month is more than enough to fund this game. Cosmetic, server technology etc etc. They will kill it in the financial field. Why can't they just make DACs in-game, that can only be perched with in-game currency?? Still making it social because people can still trade and sell and people will still have the possibility to play for free.. if they can be bothered. They only people winning in the eve model are the investers and director and maybe some managers. A possible bonus maybe for the employees if a few Wales got addi
  15. I see what you're saying and it does make sense. If the game was free to play, I could back something like it. How many revenue streams would they have? So straight up monthly subscription low ball 50k players, cosmetics, advertisement and probably more I can't think of. You could argue it's a matter of volume. £20 would be hard to justify, even to a 50k playerbase. They need to do better. Eve is dead and is a niche game. DU is FPS mmo that could do waaay better. They need to realise their potential and not get greedy. No bullshit p2w. Consumer friendly mo
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