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    Solo Play Buffs

    I suggest increase harvest rates and the like for solo/non-organisation players. Maybe ×6. Allowing the solos to be able to build somewhat freely and contributing without quitting their day jobs Considering organisations will be dominant, it could help to balance things a little, one could even become a nuisance?
  2. xlDvSlx


    I agree, the mining is eve is kinda nice and being able to physically see your cargo/ore would be a really nice addition. But because building is a thing, i would recommend that some types of materials can only be found in space and you would acquire them similar to like in eve. Space exploration would be a good game to have as a back bone. Not that I've played it but have seen footage, the freedom is cool and so is the building and mining. Can be approved upon tho because I believe doing it is no easy task
  3. xlDvSlx


    I'm glad, because eve is stuck lol. I'm really hoping it doesn't end up like space exploration and be stuck in Alfa for years That would really suck
  4. I'm a fan just like you. And there has been a lot of talk weather the game can handle what it promises. Devs said they have come up with a solution with a single shared system. And then technology is evolving. The game has 2 years until it comes out, plenty of time to get it working I hope it'll be a bit simpler space engineers.. especially if they plan for it to hit console. Not that I mind spending time on a construction but hopefully it's a tad easier to construct I digress
  5. Will the politics be like eve 0nline at all? Also when you're mining/gathering will it be that you can only get certain materials in a certain part of space?
  6. Master craftsman first and foremost, director or close to, with a goal to influence the market/mine and control valuable areas
  7. I was thinking of a name like Vikings. We're farmers looking for better lands after all.
  8. I see lol I may just do that.. after seeing a few others xD
  9. I'm glad you're the type to experiment! The game will need people like you, to show people like me the way xD Maybe I could offer protection in exchange for knowledge ;P
  10. How do I delete this thread? I'm embarrassed lol
  11. Sounds good to me. I'm UK and willing to take on any role to help growth! Knowledge of course will be the biggest decider in many outcomes in the game I believe. Being a pioneer has always sounded good to me military defence would probably be what I specialise in, if holding down an area/planets.
  12. Forgive me, I may have been a bit rash lol I couldn't see the link tho?
  13. It's gonna be a big world, with lots of bad guys (not saying I'm an angel) but I'm a believer in the saying "united we stand" For all those looking to get a head start and make (I hope) useful friends Feel free to post with intentions of player path. I my self may go pirate/bounty hunter/ merchant. Looking for like minded people who will no doubt try to jump start there growth at the beginning Of course if it turns out to be massive and a slow start, making a council will most likely be a hot topic. Mostly I would like to cross that bridge if it every came to it. But in short I will not have the final say, just merely a voice of reason. The people who show the most potential and activity will be nominated for leadership roles, considering they are reasonable individuals. If things get big we will most probably categorise our selves to our natural passions. With some fine tuning to allow for a more efficient economy. I'm hoping this will be a starting ground for wonderers and people with big plans, that don't quite want to includ them selves as a citizen The goal To meet talented people that will do their own thing, wanting to be good at what ever field that takes there liking. and if necessary call upon one another, if a good enough bond has been made.
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