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  1. I'm not saying that everyone is a moron! NPCs will add to the background of the universe to give it more depth and feeling. You say that NPCs will make the game shallow... Surely a game with very few interactions with other people because they are so spread out would make a game more shallow? The players WILL be the main part of the game, but you'll need NPCs to be part of your empire/ark... Otherwise who will you be getting to run the day-to-day elements of the empire you're busy playing? Personally I don't want DU to end up like the sim/game Civilisation (set in space) where I have to control everything on a day to day basis. I'd rather be out there fighting, exploring, trading and having fun. And you can't say that every backer here knows and accepts that there shouldn't be NPCs! That is just a false syllogism! It is like saying that all dogs have four legs, so all four legged animals are dogs! Okay... Let's say that I'm acting as a Trader and I pass through what you are calling your region. Should I assume that I will be attacked without provocation? What if I have on board items that would help you develop your region? Would not trading with me (rather than killing me) build a universe that feels more alive?
  2. The universe is a big place... it will seem very very empty without NPCs to interact with. Just imagine flying for three days/weeks without seeing another player only to finally see one and find out they are a complete moron who just wants to kill you as you're flying in their bit of space.
  3. I would say all of the above to the options given, with a few additions... Primitive and hostile(e.g.stone age) Whose to say that there aren't races out there at all levels of civilisation? They could be more advanced than us or at a more primitive level. That's not to say that the more primitive species would be hostile, they might welcome (as others have said) interactions with a more developed species. Or, they might be just like humans and want to wipe them out! Interactive and untouchable You'd have to have a mix, perhaps some species see themselves above all others (e.g., in a religious type context) and want nothing to do with anyone else. Quest-givers I'd put this with the Interactive species. Hostile to all players and war-able Diverse and organisation befriending Or hostile to just some factions of humans, yet wanting to interact with other factions.
  4. They both use a WordPress theme called "Godlike". That's all. And being as they are both fansites using images from the same game it isn't surprising that they look somewhat the same. As for WordPress needing more designs/formats... the vast majority of themes for WordPress are created by independent designers and not by WordPress themselves.
  5. Welcome I read the title "The great sleepy one" and I thought Cthulhu had arrived
  6. I don't know how long I've been asleep for in this cryo-unit, it could be days... or it could be years! Certainly seems like a long time to me. They said I wouldn't be aware of time passing whilst asleep but I can sense something, perhaps it is all just a dream? Whatever it is I keep hearing voices, panicking voices, shouts, screams and then silence... Until it starts over again. Its like I'm stuck in some VR software that is constantly looping again and again. I feel like I'm going crazy. Maybe that's it... Maybe I have gone crazy and someone has locked me away in this cryo-unit for my own protection. But it all seems so real. Earth being destroyed, mankind leaving their home world and being sent out in to the depths of space. So much like an old sci-fi movie, so much like the dreams I had when I was a child. That was a long time ago though, or was it? I'm not so sure at the moment. Nothing is making any sense, I can't even be sure if it is me, Fenris Wolf, talking to the darkness or if it is another dream. The voices are starting again... Hard to think...
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