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  1. The official CSYN forums are now open, powered courtesy of Enjin. You may access the forums from our website (http://cinsyn.com) or at http://cinsyn.enjin.com Register and explore the forums
  2. The picture is suggestive as well, of different kinds of alien prey, which could different caloric contents of different kinds of effects. Maybe a rare type of strange gazelle meat would allow for faster speed, so it could even start a whole black market of poaching, not to mention the legal food industries. And to think of all the beautiful furs and pelts that could be used for...clothes.... Sigh.
  3. Welcome to DU, Yondu! What an adventure this will be.
  4. The Terran Union is a fantastic nation of which to be a part. It might, in fact, be the only nation in DU right now, so make history alongside the TU.
  5. Today, the Cinderfall Syndicate is proud to unveil the launch of its new website! Feel free to probe around at your leisure, and new features are being added. (Look out for the CSYN forums!). Explore: cinsyn.com
  6. Certainly something very streamlined and beautiful. Think big massive ships peacefully floating through space, and capable of unloading hell if need be. Something like a Beluga Liner loaded with guns and missiles. Or Majestic-Class Interdictors, but more powerful mayhaps.
  7. Some of the creative minds at Cinderfall have already begun a novel/short story collection. Illustrations are a fantastic idea though! @nietoperek
  8. Any type of microphone would be fantastic. Imagine giving a speech to a whole senate or attending an in-game concert. It would be a whole lot better than reading potentially disorganized and confusing text chats with large volumes of people.
  9. The Cinderfall Syndicate burns a little brighter today as it welcomes Hammertime Gaming into the family. Welcome to Cinderfall, HMMR! Explore and apply to Hammertime Gaming here on the community portal or here on their website.
  10. Here's some more: Make DU an MMO but for solo players Remove the need for social elements altogether. Allow multiboxing
  11. The solo players ought to be even more well off then, in terms of immersion. If you were to consider the real world, a single person in most cases is not going to be able to get very far in anything just by him/herself. The same carries over here. This is an MMO, a massively multiplayer online game, designed to facilitate and encourage interaction and sociality. There is absolutely no problem in players enjoying a lone wolf playstyle in MMOs, but the MMO at its core is not designed to cater to these solo players.
  12. It's all about image, my dear Kiklix. Surely we wouldn't want to discourage or intimidate new players with such a projection of grand piracy and smuggling as COPS so happens to create? How very ironic. When people have a choice, they gravitate towards the one with a net benefit for themselves. Cinderfall is able to provide that. Welcome to the Syndicate, newbies.
  13. Of course. VR is in fact going to be implemented: it's a primary focus of the game. I suggest you first read the devblogs and other forum posts - they give you a wealth of information about the game and are a great introduction.
  14. Hopefully it won't result in everyone writing their posts in curly script ????
  15. The corresponding page of the Syndicate on the community portal is available here.
  16. @CosmicDragon: Thank you for your good wishes, and we you.
  17. AEONIAN FEDERATION The Aeonian Federation is an intergalactic umbrella organization comprising both sovereign Member Organizations and Individual Citizens who share a common vested interest in progress and prosperity. But what is it, really? •••Too Long, Didn't Read••• Enrollment: Accepting citizens and organizations - enjoy the privileges of Aeoniancitizenship. Timezones: Global Primary language: English Focus: To promote progress and prosperity among our members. •••The Pillars of the Federation••• A Military Alliance The universe is a treacherous place. We at the Federation hold the belief that military strength and solidarity are critical to our members’ interests in the face of those who seek to violate them. Our Non-Aggression Pact and military cooperation are only part of Aeonian’s firm dedication to security. An Economic Syndicate Operating an advanced and wide-reaching network of markets across the universe, the Aeonian Federation is a key player in the galactic economy. With additional banking and investment options available to members, the Federation unlocks the path to prosperity and financial security. A Visionary Pioneer As a progressive, forward-thinking organization, the Aeonian Federation is always striving to do what has never been done before. We challenge the traditional “guild alliance” paradigm and emphasize the importance of member and organization sovereignty. We push the technical limits of what Dual Universe represents, undertaking bold enterprises such as Project Emberstone. Rest assured: there’s no such thing as “boring” at the Federation. A Community and Family The Federation isn’t the typical dictatorship guild. Although we may appear large, we’re also a tight-knit family dedicated to player cohesion. With our revolutionary Nexus hubs (the ultimate social network) and frequent game nights, the Aeonian Federation offers the best of both worlds: the friendship of a small community and the security of a large, established organization. •••The Administration••• In order to keep AFED running smoothly and its members happy and safe, the Syndicate employs a variety of structural techniques and facilities to ensure the integrity and continued existence of the Federation. These make up the Administration of the Aeonian Federation. Take a look below: Directorate The legates of the Federation, there to maintain the integrity of the entire system. Magistratum The legislative and judicial division, there to resolve internal conflicts/disputes, create internal policy, and oversee diplomatic relations. Grand Assembly The collective assembly of the Aeonian Federation. Composed of representatives from each member organization as well as individual citizens, the Grand Assembly is a place of discussion between the members of the Federation, where actions and resolutions can be diplomatically discussed. Administration All of the various other departments necessary to make the Federation function. Many valuable teams and departments are part of the Administration, including our Development Department, design teams, Defense Department, and Communications Department. •••The Verdict••• Aeonian is a choice. Your choice. Let your dreams take flight.
  18. Aha...so there is a way to buy out the Ark area. Excellent. +1 this idea
  19. Yes yes quite. Thank you for bring up these, ah, excellent points. I am sure we all have very real concerns of the possibility of these controversial creations...but the real point of your post here as I understand it is to introduce the idea of a player council, indeed similar to the Council of Stellar Management present in EVE. Well, allow me to steer you to this particular thread, for the idea has already seen the light of day. Please peruse it at your leisure. Yours sincerely, Astrophil Democracy Killer
  20. I agree with the cryobed part if possible...but I would say ragdoll if a cryobed isn't nearby. Similar to Avatar...so ragdolling would probably result in death 9/10 times...but there's always that 10% chance
  21. Welcome Skwarka! Please note that we are not liable for any bodily damage or dismemberment caused by space whales.
  22. Welcome, reincarnation of Saffi!
  23. I would so love to be able to perform ship surgery.
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