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    Luckso reacted to NQ-Pann in Market Clean-Up   
    In an effort to improve the experience of visiting some of our most popular markets, we will be implementing a new set of rules for constructs left at markets. Enforcement of these rules will begin on the 3rd of September at 6pm UTC. (That’s one week from the date of this notification.)
    We want to encourage a free and open game environment for all to enjoy. It’s in the spirit of that goal that these measures are being put into place.
    Only ships are allowed on the market landing platform. Constructs must be parked outside the green perimeter line surrounding the main market building and the access ramp to the market. One container construct per entity (player or organization) will be allowed for the purpose of storage below the landing pads. Shop constructs, advertisements, and dispensers are not permitted at any markets. These should be placed on your own tiles or at districts instead. We would like to remind you that you now have the ability to place a “Welcome Visitors” marker on your territory.  Under no circumstances may player constructs intersect with the Aphelia constructs. Constructs at the Aphelia markets must be parked either on the landing platform or the ground around the Aphelia markets. Airspace within 2km of the market building must remain clear. XL screens and screen arrays are not permitted within 2km of the market building Constructs that violate these rules may be hidden, removed, or abandoned without warning. Novaquark reserves the right to move, hide, or delete constructs at its discretion, for example if they are designed to circumvent these rules or if they impact marketplace performance or usability.  
    To safeguard the performance of everyone visiting these locations, we strongly encourage players to adapt any screens and advertisements to use Lua based Render Script instead of SVG/HTML even if that is in the form of uploading an image of your SVG and then loading that into the Render Script.

    Join the conversation here.
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    Luckso reacted to NQ-Deckard in PTS DATABASE UPDATED AND NEW FEATURES ADDED   
    The Dual Universe public test server (PTS) is reopening today with a preview of some of the improvements and additions that will make their way to the live server in a few weeks. Before we dive into these changes, we’ve got good news for you!

    A long-standing request from our community, this week’s PTS update includes a database refresh that mirrors the state of the live server from August 9. Players who created characters on or before that date will find them, and all their beautiful possessions, readily accessible. This should make your time on PTS more enjoyable. 
    Players heading to the PTS today will be able to test the following main changes:
    The docking and boarding revamp revealed in this devblog. Several changes to the way warp drives operate. Optimized planet operations. … and many more bug fixes and tweaks which can be found here.
    We would greatly appreciate constructive feedback on the docking and warp drive features in particular. How well do the tools work? Is the interface user-friendly? How can we make them better? Your input now will help us get them in tip-top shape before they are integrated into the Live server. 

    Please note that PTS is solely for testing purposes and may go offline at any time without prior notice. We’d like to manage expectations that PTS updates may include feature prototypes and gameplay changes that might not ever come to the Live server. 
    On PTS, you’ll have some perks to help you speed up your progress and have an easier time getting the things you need: 
    Dispensers that provide most items for free at the Alioth institute district (11) by the Arkship. A daily allowance of one billion quanta. Teleporters at the Market 1 of each major planet, allowing for free teleportation around the universe. For Alioth, the teleporter is located by the dispensers in the Institute District (11) by the Arkship. Three additional teleportation platforms are deployed in space on the edge of the PvP zones. Players can respec Talent points at-will. (By typing /respec in chat) Use of the Fetch feature with no limit of range or cooldown.  
    Feedback and bug reports related to PTS should be posted in this designated forum, which we monitor closely as part of our commitment to improve the quality of the game and its performance. 
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    Luckso reacted to NQ-Nomad in Beta 1 Release Notes. Last updated on September, 13th   
    Hi Noveans, 
    Today, we're releasing the 0.26.2 version of Dual Universe. This update is named "Apollo". You'll find its massive changelog below: 
    Asteroids filled with precious ore will now spawn in the game world.  A new element, the deep space asteroid tracker (DSAT), will be available. The DSAT will be used to find and track down asteroids.  In the DSAT there will also be a global asteroid tracker (GAT), an interface which tracks all asteroids in the game world. Asteroids will be available in tiers from one to five, representing their rarity. Safe space will only have asteroids of tier one and two. Asteroids will cycle weekly, as they come in and out of the system.  At the beginning of each cycle, asteroids will spawn over the course of 24 hours and will be available for a week at which point a new cycle will start. The fractured space potato chunks that surround Thades are not asteroids.  
    PvP Shields
    Added shield generators that protect constructs in PvP. Shield generators will serve as a first layer of protection for dynamic constructs during combat.  Shields will absorb damage until depleted at which point they will stay depleted until the end of combat defined per the combat timer.  Shields will only be available on dynamic constructs. Shields placed during a combat timer will start from 0. Added Shield Lua API : activate(): Activate the shield. deactivate(): Deactivate the shield. toggle(): Toggle the state of the shield. getState(): Returns the activation state of the shield. Returns 1 when the shield is active, 0 otherwise. getShieldHitPoints(): Returns the current hit points of the shield. getMaxShieldHitPoints(): Returns the maximal hit points of the shield. absorbed(hitpoints) event : Emitted when the shield absorbed incoming damage (accessible with hitpoints argument). down() event : Emitted when the shield hit points reached 0 or deactivation. restored() event : Emitted when the shield hit points are fully restored.  
    Combat Timer
    The combat timer is a construct-based timer which indicates if a construct has recently participated in PvP activity.  Both firing and receiving weapons fire will trigger or restart the combat timer on a construct.  Currently the combat timer will affect two things: Shield generator regeneration Warp drive activation The combat timer is currently set at 10 minutes. Added in Core Unit Lua API: getPvPTimer() : Returns the remaining time of the PvP Timer (in seconds), or 0.0 if elapsed. pvpTimer(active) event : Emitted when the PvP Timer started or elapsed  
    Lua Screen Units
    The current API is not added to the codex yet. Full documentation can be found on the PTS forum here: Introduced a new screen content editor UI to allow switching between HTML & Lua content type for screen content: Syntax highlighting and character count display. Error display for render script content (Lua). Shortcut "Ctrl + L" to open the content editor on a screen unit. “setCenteredText” and “setImage” will set the screen content with render script; "Set Quick SVG" will not be available. Fixed an issue where the render cost of borders was only half of the correct value. Fixed an issue where non-ASCII characters caused immediate render cost overflow. Fixed an issue where floating-point font sizes resulted in tiny fonts instead of correctly rounding. Fixed an issue where the render cost of a Lua screen unit started at ~500k instead of 0. Optimized the render cost of lines to be invariant under rotation. Layers now have a fixed render cost of 50000 instead of a hard limit of 8.  
    Render Script API
    Added: addBoxRounded(layer, x, y, width, height, radius) : add a rounded box. Added: getCursorDown() -> boolean : return true if the mouse cursor is currently pressed down on the screen, false otherwise. Added: getCursorPressed() -> boolean : return true if the mouse button changed from being released to being pressed at any point since the last update. Added: getCursorReleased() -> boolean : return true if the mouse button changed from being pressed to being released at any point since the last update. Added: getInput() -> string : return a string of input data (or an empty string, if no input has been set) that can be set via the screen programming board API using screen.setScriptInput(string). Added: getFontMetrics(font) -> float, float : return the ascender and descender height of the font. Added: getTextBounds(font, text) -> float, float : return the computed bounding box (width x height)” of the given text in the given font. Added: setBackgroundColor(r, g, b) : set the background color of the screen unit. Added: setNextShadow(layer, radius, r, g, b, a) : set the radius and color of the outer shadow for the next element. Added: setDefaultXXX(layer, shapeType, propertyValue) : a set of functions for setting default values of properties ( FillColor, Rotation, Shadow, StrokeColor, StrokeWidth), segregated by shape type: Shape_Box Shape_BoxRounded Shape_Circle Shape_Image Shape_Line Shape_Polygon Shape_Text Added: setNextTextAlign(layer, alignX, alignY) : set the alignment of the next text string, relative to the bounding box of the entire string using the horizontal alignment enum: AlignH_Left AlignH_Center AlignH_Right And vertical alignment enum: AlignV_Ascender:  AlignV_Top AlignV_Middle AlignV_Baseline AlignV_Bottom AlignV_Descender Added: setOutput(string) : set the screen's script output to string, for use with control units screen.getScriptOutput(). Added: isImageLoaded(imageId) -> bool : return true if the given image is loaded. Added: logMessage(message) : write in the Lua chat if the output checkbox is checked. Added several monospaced fonts. Added Lua built in setmetatable to whitelisted functions.  
    Screen Unit API
    Added: clearScriptOutput() : clear the render script output string, such that the next call to getScriptOutput will return the empty string, until the next time a render script is executed and calls setOutput. Added: getScriptOutput() -> string : return the last output string of the screen's render script, or an empty string. Added: setScriptInput(string) : set a string of input data that can be retrieved from the screen's render script by calling getInput.  
    New PvP rebalancing Deployed weapons properties were changed and applied talents were reset. New talents Honeycomb refining for the following honeycombs: Concrete Marble Carbon Fiber Wood Brick Honeycomb Productivity for the following honeycombs: Concrete Marble Carbon Fiber Wood Brick Mission system Players can now sell Aphelia mission package content to bots on the market. The price is lower than the lowest colateral of Aphelia missions using those packages. Bot orders Removal of tier 2 ore buy orders from bots. Only tier 1 ores can now be sold to bots. New Elements: shield generators Extra-Small Shield Generator Level: 3 Mass: 670 Volume: 210 Hitpoints: 1400 Shield Hp: 300000 Shield resistances: Antimatter: 15% Thermic: 15% Kinetic: 15% Electromagnetic: 15% Element resistances: Antimatter: 10% Thermic: 10% Kinetic: 10% Electromagnetic: 10% Small Shield Generator Level: 3 Mass: 3300 Volume: 950 Hitpoints: 4500 Shield Hp: 1750000 Shield resistances: Antimatter: 15% Thermic: 15% Kinetic: 15% Electromagnetic: 15% Element resistances: Antimatter: 10% Thermic: 10% Kinetic: 10% Electromagnetic: 10% Medium Shield Generator Level: 3 Mass: 17000 Volume: 4500 Hitpoints: 6750 Shield Hp: 8000000 Shield resistances: Antimatter: 15% Thermic: 15% Kinetic: 15% Electromagnetic: 15% Element resistances: Antimatter: 10% Thermic: 10% Kinetic: 10% Electromagnetic: 10% Large Shield Generator Level: 3 Mass: 92000 Volume: 22700 Hitpoints: 31500 Shield Hp: 25000000 Shield resistances: Antimatter: 15% Thermic: 15% Kinetic: 15% Electromagnetic: 15% Element resistances: Antimatter: 10% Thermic: 10% Kinetic: 10% Electromagnetic: 10%  
    Weapon tier scaling changes The scaling multiplier for variants has been reduced for both positive and negative aspects of the weapon. Advanced: 1.15x > 1.1x Rare: 1.32x > 1.21x Exotic: 1.52x > 1.33x Weapon stat changes Stat changes are listed as old > new. Defense, precision, agile, and heavy variants are not listed; however, they still follow the same weapon variant pattern with the tier scaling reduction. Cannons Cannon XS Base damage: 2000 > 6000 Optimal tracking: 20 > 10 Falloff tracking: 20 >10 Aiming cone: 10 > 30 Falloff aiming cone: 20 > 60 Weapon capacity: 30 > 25 Reload time: 5 > 10 Cannon S Base damage: 4000 > 11100 Optimal tracking: 10 > 5 Falloff tracking: 10 > 5 Aiming cone: 10 >30 Falloff aiming cone: 20 > 60 Weapon capacity: 150  >125 Rate of fire: 2 > 2.7 Reload time: 5 > 10 Cannon M Base damage: 8000 > 20535 Optimal tracking: 5 > 2.5 Falloff tracking: 5 > 2.5 Aiming cone: 10 >30 Falloff aiming cone: 20 > 60 Weapon capacity: 750 > 625 Rate of fire: 2  > 3.645 Reload time: 5 > 10 Cannon L Base damage: 16000 > 37990 Optimal tracking: 2.5 > 1.25 Falloff tracking: 2.5 > 1.25 Aiming cone: 10 >30 Falloff aiming cone: 20 > 60 Weapon capacity: 3750 > 3125 Rate of fire: 2 > 4.92 Reload time: 5 > 10  
    Lasers Laser XS Base damage: 2500 > 7000 Optimal tracking: 10 > 5 Falloff tracking: 10 > 5 Aiming cone: 15 > 60 Falloff aiming cone: 5 >15 Weapon capacity: 40 > 80 Reload time: 10 > 15 Laser S Base damage: 5000 > 12950 Optimal tracking: 5 > 2.5 Falloff tracking: 5 > 2.5  Aiming cone: 15 > 60 Falloff aiming cone: 5 >15 Weapon capacity: 200 > 400 Rate of fire: 3 > 4.05 Reload time: 10 > 15 Laser M Base damage: 10000 > 23957 Optimal tracking: 2.5 > 1.25 Falloff tracking: 2.5 > 1.25 Aiming cone: 15 > 60 Falloff aiming cone: 5 >15 Weapon capacity: 1000 > 2000 Rate of fire: 3 > 5.47 Reload time: 10 > 15 Laser L Base damage: 20000 > 44321 Optimal tracking: 1.25 > 0.625 Falloff tracking: 1.25 > 0.625 Aiming cone: 15 > 60 Falloff aiming cone: 5 >15 Weapon capacity: 5000 > 10000 Rate of fire: 3 > 7.38 Reload time: 10 > 15  
    Missiles Missile XS Base damage: 7500 > 14000 Optimal tracking: 15 > 7.5 Falloff tracking: 15 > 7.5 Weapon capacity: 25 > 24 Rate of fire: 5 > 4 Reload time: 30 > 45 Missile S Base damage: 15000 > 25900 Optimal tracking: 7.5 > 3.75 Falloff tracking: 7.5 > 3.75 Weapon capacity: 125 > 120 Rate of fire: 5 > 5.4 Reload time: 30 > 45 Missile M Base damage: 30000 > 47915 Optimal tracking: 3.75 > 1.875 Falloff tracking: 3.75 > 1.875 Weapon capacity: 625 >  600 Rate of fire: 5 > 7.29 Reload time: 30 > 45 Missile L Base damage: 60000 > 88642.75 Optimal tracking: 1.875 > 0.9375 Falloff tracking: 1.875 > 0.9375 Weapon capacity: 3125 > 3000 Rate of fire: 5 > 9.8 Reload time: 30 > 45  
    Railguns Railgun XS Base damage: 5000 > 11000 Optimal tracking: 5 > 2.5 Optimal falloff: 5 > 2.5 Aiming cone: 5 > 15 Falloff aiming cone: 5 > 15 Weapon capacity: 100 > 150 Rate of fire: 8 > 7 Reload time: 15 > 25 Railgun S Base damage: 10000 > 20350 Optimal tracking: 2.5 > 1.25 Optimal falloff: 2.5 > 1.25 Aiming cone: 5 > 15 Falloff aiming cone: 5 > 15 Weapon capacity: 500 > 750 Rate of fire: 8 > 9.45 Reload time: 15 > 25 Railgun M Base damage: 20000 > 37647 Optimal tracking: 1.25 > 0.625 Falloff tracking: 1.25 > 0.625 Aiming cone: 5 > 15 Falloff aiming cone: 5 > 15 Weapon capacity: 2500 > 3750 Rate of fire: 8 > 12.7575 Reload time: 15 > 25 Railgun L Base damage: 40000 >  69648 Optimal tracking: 0.625 > 0.3125 Falloff tracking: 0.625 > 0.3125 Aiming cone: 5 > 15 Falloff aiming cone: 5 > 15 Weapon capacity: 12500 > 18750 Rate of fire: 8 > 17.222625 Reload time: 15 > 25  
    Ammo volume size changes The amount of inventory space in litres that missiles take up has been reduced. Listed as old > new. XS: 5 > 3 S: 25 > 15 M: 125 > 75 L: 625 > 375  
    Honeycomb health changes
    Honeycomb health per m³ changes are listed as old > new. Carbon: 1452 > 1560 Silicon: 1491 > 1586 Aluminium: 1728 > 1730 Iron: 5024 > 2763 Sodium: 620 > 846 Calcium: 992 > 1211 Chromium: 4601 > 2686 Copper: 5734 > 2873 Lithium: 339 > 500 Sulfur: 1164 > 1352 Nickel: 5702 > 2869 Silver: 6713 > 2997 Gold: 12352 > 3198 Cobalt: 5696 > 2868 Scandium: 1910 > 1831 Fluorine: 1085 > 1289 Titanium: 2886 > 2245 Manganese: 4614 > 2689 Niobium: 5484 > 2837 Vanadium: 3840 > 2521 Plastic: 896 > 1125 Silumin: 1920 > 1836 Steel: 5152 > 2784 Duralumin: 1792 > 1767 Stainless Steel: 4960 > 2752 AlLi: 1600 > 1654 Inconel: 5438 > 2830 ScAl: 1824 > 1784 Maraging Steel: 5267 > 2803 Grade 5 Titanium Alloy: 2835 > 2227 Mangalloy: 5013 > 2761 Concrete: 1230 > 1403 Brick: 384 > 560 Wood: 960 > 1183 Carbon Fiber: 1728 > 1730 Marble: 1728 > 1730 Luminescent White Glass: 1664 > 1693  
    New assets for PvP and other
    Added new chair surface element that allows the placement of seat positions everywhere, the gold part indicates the front of the seat. It has three modes cycled via the R key:  On the ground At seated height Sunk into surface Added new cannon models. Added new laser models. Added new missile launcher models. Added new railgun models. Added new unique Gunner Seat S/M/L models. New Ammo Containers XS/S/M/L models. Added Space Radar variation skins. Added Weapons variation skins. Changed textures of home set elements (Chairs, Sofa, Tables, Club, Dresser, Wardrobe) Changed textures of Hover Engines. Changed Planet Hologram icon. New FX update for the bonsai, green to blue. New FX update for the resurrection node: blue and smaller in height. New FX for the teleportation node. New FX for the DSAT deploy, run, and screen.  
    [Map] Added Territories section. Similar to the construct list, you will be able to see your territories and territories of organizations of which you are a legate. [Map] Added ability to declare a territory you own as "Welcoming visitors” via the map screen (for trade, showrooms, ship shops, museums, events ...etc).This adds an icon on the map visible to all (this icon is visible from a certain zoom level). You can revoke it at any time. [Map] Added ability to rename a territory you own via the map screen. [Map] Revamped tile filters in planet map now allows you to navigate between tiles without searching on map. It also now uses your active container rather than the inventory when filtering for territory scans. [Map] Updated points of interest list. [Map] Improved planet loading in map interface Regrouped different dispenser settings into a unified dispenser configuration panel. You can now use "Right-click -> inspect element" for a placed element on a construct to open an item inspector window for that element. This item inspector will display the applied "onDeploy" modifiers currently applied on that element. New dispenser configuration that allows you to redirect the money transfer to a recipient different from the owner of the dispenser. (Should help set up stores for people that rent core units.) Added shift-click multiple selection in inventory. Achievement panel revamp, including some minor additional information on achievements. Operation taxes are now applied also to order updates. Polish the scanner tool UI. Schematics now display their produced products and required industry units in the item inspector. Added contact request notification icon in bottom right of the HUD. The layout of the Item inspector was changed. Classic interactions on widget buttons (click/hover) have been added. HUD notification icons and chat improvements. [Performance] When a modification happens in an inventory, we no longer perform a search directly if the view of that container is not visible (inventory closed). This avoids costly search operations in lots of situations (when mining, for example). [Performance] Improved PopcornFX performance. Optimized operations on planets. Temporarily removed a small animation when hovering item slots to avoid frame drop in inventory. [Art] FX update for industries about their level of detail (LOD) to improve performance. Minor polish of error notifications messages.  
    Gameplay Balancing/Changes
    [Avatar] Resetting character customization doesn't reset character type anymore. Updated the roadmap on the login screen. Emitter unit Lua method “send(channel, message)” has been deprecated. The channel can no longer be set dynamically. The message will be sent with the static channel set on the emitter element itself. Use the new method “broadcast(message)” instead. Receiver unit Lua event “receive(channel, message)” is now deprecated. To be future-proof, use the new event “receive(message)”. For privacy reasons, those two methods will only listen to the receiver static channel defined on the receiver element itself. [Art] Icon update for the Metalwork industry element. [Art] FX update for decorative plants, holograms, and  elevators  level of detail (LOD) to improve performance. [Art] FX update for the surrogate pod station with a smaller FX height. [Art] New FX for the teleportation node to follow the new VFX direction. [Art] New size for the railgun L, smaller and  closer to the rest of the large weapons family. [Art] UI VFX now shows the current tracking step.  
    Crash Fix
    Fixed crash with incorrect data in Lua “setWaypoint()”.
    Bug Fixes
    Radar capacity handling talents text corrected to five percent per level instead of 10 (text fix only). Radar targeting handling talent (identification speed on put down) now working. Fixed weird trajectory and constructs sometimes getting destroyed when warping through a planet. Fixed a bug where surrogate pods became public on core destruction. [GUI] Fixed a bug where the bigger the name of an item was, the less its info was visible on the bottom part of the inventory. [GUI] Fixed ammo container display name. [Visual] Fixed overly-bright light reflections on smooth surfaces. Fixed a bug that allowed everyone to access the wallet of any org. Fixed a bug that removed element property when adding an element from the inventory. Fixed drag-and-drop between container and inventory when the item is too large for your container that displays only the modal without the gauge. Fixed the crash of the market operation direct buy/sell modal while opening it. Fixed a bug where VR challenge next reward time was reset when tested. [Industries] Fixed metalworks status lights. Fixed a bug where elements could be placed with the deploy element tool while players were inside the element. [Loc] Various localization fixes. Fixed the landing gear element appearing to be extended every time it was loaded regardless of its actual state. [Settings] Fixed a bug with the graphic option "Environmental Shadows" to "None" that broke the flashlight. (User could still see the "angle" HUD but no light source.) [Talents] Fixed a bug where player talents would not apply to industry unit run when the player is in VR or in a tutorial. [Missions] Fixed a bug that prevents job details from showing up if a respondent is offline. [Friends] Fixed a bug that prevented players from removing a friend from the friend list in some rare cases. [GUI] Applied a max length to bookmark names and their description. Fixed overflow of the description that prevented it from  scrolling horizontally. [GUI] Fixed missing search arrow on member column in organization search. [GUI] Fixed double quanta symbol in some wallet log entries. [GUI] Fixed tooltip on crafting tab not updating. Fixed incorrect display in some cases of surrogate loading screens. [GUI] Fixed dropdown for camera lens settings (no longer goes outside of the screen) and searched entity dropdown in tile filter block. [GUI] Fixed build helper window that was not interactable in some cases.  [Chat] After a resize of the game window (includes alt-tab when in fullscreen), we now force the chat to scroll to the bottom. [GUI] Fixed some already existing default inventory sub filters. Added "combat & defense" and "airfoil" sub filters. [Org] Fixed super legate who could no longer be targeted for "change super legate", "exclude" or "demote" vote at vote creation. [Tutorial] Fixed a bug where the mining tutorial could not be finished because the scanner range change was not detected. [Art] Fixed a bug on the cannon S rig where parts of the mesh were not following the rotation. [Art] New gunner seats meshes (element/collision) update (position), contact surface & anchor character realigned following that. [Art] Cannons variations colors big update and minor fixes (mesh and mats). [Art] Fixed a bug where the interior of the railgun S and L  were visible in some situations. Fixed a rare bug that prevented warp without Aphelia mission package present in some conditions. [GUI] Fixed a typo in number input that was causing an issue in dispenser configuration panel. [GUI] Fixed input capture for tag entry in dispenser panel. Pressing "o" will no longer open the wallet if focused in the input field. [GUI] Fixed market registering the input too soon and not checking if input was captured, causing the "j" key to open the market when the dispenser panel was opened. Fixed a bug where space core unit XS could be displayed with the wrong mesh. Fixed radar capacity handling talent description.  
    Known Issues
    [PvP] Firing multiple weapons leads to very high rates of missing due to internal timeouts. We are actively investigating the issue. [Shields] Shields sometimes do not correctly fully encapsulate the construct they belong to. This does not affect the functionality of the shield and is a visual issue only. [Screen Units] Non-standard aspect screens like signs currently do not render correctly and stretch. Numerous French and German localization issues have already been spotted. A random rendering crash may occur under some conditions due to low GPU/driver resources. Setting shadows to ‘Low’ and disabling Volumetric Clouds in Graphic settings may help. Voxel crashes may occur due to low disk/memory. [Industries] Talents that impact ingredients of schematic products are not displayed client-side, but the schematic updates with the server schematic when starting. [Industries] Some inconsistencies in schematics and tiered elements. [Screens] Transparent screens display as solid white when loading in close proximity. [Screens] High-frequency text updates on screens in HTML mode cause text to not display or flash. [Elements] In certain situations, elements unload at high speeds. Various lighting, shadow, and reflection issues might be seen due to ongoing rendering rework. In some cases, DU stops responding when the game is minimized for too long. We’re investigating this issue right now. Animated elements can be visually duplicated when broken during an animation. Wrong highlight mesh for shield generators (XS, M, L)
    As always, we thank you for your support and we can't wait to hear your thoughts about the Apollo update! 
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    Luckso reacted to NQ-Deckard in DEVBLOG: PVP COMMUNIQUÉ   
    Okay, PvPers, this one’s for you! 
    As foretold in The Future of Dual Universe Part 3: Finding the Fun and the recently-published 2021 roadmap, we’re adding some new toys to your arsenal and making some of the existing toys even better. 
    These changes will come over time and in waves. Here’s what you can expect in the first pass as part of the Apollo (0.26) update, now available on our public test server. 

    New PvP element: Shield generators
    Shield generators serve as the first layer of protection for dynamic constructs during combat. Shields will absorb damage until depleted, at which point they will stay depleted until the end of combat as defined by the combat timer. Future plans will bring shields into play for space core units, but for now, they will only be available on dynamic constructs. 
    These elements come in sizes XS through L with different shield strengths respective to their size and are not restricted to core sizes.
    This is the V1 technical phase of introducing shields, making sure that the foundation is solid before more bells and whistles are added.

    Honeycomb Health Points
    Adjustments to honeycomb HP--rebalanced and significantly reduced--have been done in the context of the implementation of shields and the weapons rebalance. With these changes, we should see a general reduction in fight duration with a faster time to construct destruction (TTCD).
    Specifically, gold has been brought back in line. While still technically the highest HP honeycomb, it will now come at a serious mass cost compared to other options. This should open new options in honeycomb selection when building ships and reduce the feeling of “gold or nothing” players may currently sometimes feel.

    Weapons adjustments
    We found that the disparity between the smallest and largest weapons DPS was too great. This made it difficult to justify using anything other than L weapons. While L weapons previously did roughly eight times more damage than XS weapons, they will now only do just under three times more damage than their smallest cousins. 
    Revised damage per second:
    XS weapons: On average, extra small weaponry will do 2.5 to 3 times more DPS. S weapons: On average, small weaponry will do 1.75 to 2 times more DPS. M weapons: On average, medium weaponry will do 1.5 times more DPS. L weapons: On average, large weaponry will do about the same DPS.  
    In regards to DPS, larger weapons of the same type will take more time to cycle, allowing larger weapons to keep hitting hard per round, at the cost of rate of fire.
    Lastly, adjustments have been made on various other parameters, such as reload times and weapon capacity, to help balance overall damage output, and how it feels to use.
    We hope this brings more diversity to the offensive options you have when building ships and allowing more space for smaller ships and weapons.
    Weapon cones’ optimal and falloff values have been augmented by about three times (with the exception of missiles). This change was based on feedback from the community who said that weapon cones felt too limiting and restricted flexibility when designing ships. 
    We hope this allows more options when placing different weapon types, having more weapons that approach similar levels of flexibility to missiles with weapons like lasers and cannons having a much wider range of operation. Railguns will remain relatively limited as a heavy sniping platform but will still enjoy more cone than before.
    Tracking on weapons is the ability to reliably track and hit targets. Weapons with improved tracking will generally have better chances of hitting targets, especially smaller and faster ones.
    There was always an intention that smaller ships should be able to evade damage from larger guns. In practice, this was not the case as L-based ships easily dispatched smaller constructs at various ranges. 
    To help correct this, tracking has been significantly decreased across the board by about half on every weapon. These initial adjustments will help, but likely not suffice in helping smaller ships survive combat engagements. We will continue to look at other options for further iteration in future updates and already have plans on the subject.
    As a parting comment on weapon balance, please note that this is more of a global rebalance to address macro issues we had across the board to set a healthier base. Expect more specific adjustments to come later for specific weapon changing and balancing as more PVP-focused releases are done in the future. 
    Opinions Wanted
    As noted above, and in nearly all of our communications, player feedback is always welcomed and encouraged. Particularly as these changes are on PTS where you can experience them first-hand, your opinions go a long way in helping us make needed adjustments before Apollo (0.26) debuts on the live server. Please take a moment to share your thoughts in this thread.
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    Luckso reacted to NQ-Deckard in Look back at 0.25, look ahead at 0.26   
    The three-part devblog series we published in April, “The Future of Dual Universe”, addressed the cost of doing business and our plans for the ramp-up to launch. We took the first steps in delivering on those changes in May with the incremental 0.25 updates, adding more gameplay content and improving both performance and visuals.
    Our 0.25 updates brought players:  
    Voxel compression  Constructs LOD  Hauling Missions The Job Forum The first of a series of Challenges The integration of PopcornFX for visual effects And, of course, many bug fixes and additional improvements  
    If you haven’t had time yet to check out these changes, we released some videos showcasing them. Watch this video for a closer look and missions and challenges and this first look at the new visual effects. 
    About the latter, It was fun to watch the real-time reactions from our Twitch streamer community as they saw the changes for the first time. 
    Now that 0.25 is wrapped up, development is underway for our next big milestone. Codenamed Apollo, the update centers around the first phase of a major mining revamp. The addition of asteroids will provide rare and precious ore, which in turn will create opportunities for conflict as the hunters become the hunted. To that end, PVP will receive a first wave of balancing changes and the introduction of shields. Keep an eye out for devblogs on these topics! 
    In the meanwhile, we’d like to invite you to post your follow-up questions about the changes we introduced in 0.25 in this thread. In turn, we’ll take the best questions for an upcoming Q&A. Your insights and constructive feedback go a long way not only in helping us identify any lingering issues that should be addressed but are also helpful in how we can make things better in future updates. 
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    Luckso reacted to NQ-Deckard in Play DU on any computer on GeForce NOW!   
    Novaquark is pleased to announce its partnership with NVIDIA GeForce NOW to make Dual Universe as accessible as possible to our players. GeForce NOW is NVIDIA's cloud game streaming service that instantly transforms nearly any PC, Mac or Chromebook into a powerful PC gaming rig.
    If your PC specs are below the minimum requirements for DU, this is for you!
    Dual Universe has been thoroughly tested to ensure the experience is optimal on GeForce NOW. You can now play DU at its best, in all its graphical magnificence.
    To do so, you will first need a subscription to Dual Universe. Then, simply head to the GeForce NOW website. GeForce NOW offers two membership options: Free and Priority.
    Anyone can sign-up for a Free membership, and start playing instantly. If you would like to upgrade your membership to experience the best of GeForce NOW, including priority access to game servers and extended session lengths, you can upgrade to the GeForce NOW Priority membership.
    Dual Universe awaits you, Novean!
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    Luckso reacted to NQ-Deckard in Upcoming Organization Changes   
    We’re making some changes to the way organizations work. 
    Currently, organizations can cascade within themselves thus making it possible to create a near-infinite multitude of sub-organizations. This poses a problem from both a design and cost perspective as it removes any form of scaling limit to the amount of constructs and organization that can be in the game. It also leaves the door open for various ways to circumvent limitations needed for balancing. 
    These changes will address these issues as well as clear up a number of anomalies that are affecting some existing organizations. They will be included in the 0.26 update, which gives you more than a month to reorganize as needed. 
    New regulations for organizations will be:
    Each organization must have a player as its super legate. An account can only be the super legate of one organization. Nested organizations will still be possible but will require a player as super legate of that organization, and that player cannot also be the super legate of the parent organization.
      To ensure a smooth transition and have things set up the way you prefer, we encourage you to restructure your org(s) accordingly. Organizations that have not been updated will undergo an automated modification process. This will be done in a prioritized order as described below. 
    For players that are the super legate of multiple organizations:
    One organization will be selected as the player’s primary organization according to the following parameters: The number of players in the organization. The number of constructs in the organization. The age of the organization. The player will become a designated legate for any other orgs to which they belong.
      To address situations where an organization is nested within another so that there is no player designated as super legate, these are the solutions we’ll pursue: 
    The legate with the most seniority that is not already a super legate of an organization and has connected over the past month at the time of the change is promoted to super legate. If no legates exist, the oldest member that is not already a super legate of an organization and has played within the past month at the time of the change is promoted to super legate. The oldest legate that is not already a super legate of an organization is promoted to super legate. The oldest member that is not already a super legate of an organization is promoted to super legate. If none of the above apply, the organization will be disbanded.
      Constructs and territories for any properly structured organizations or organizations that are assigned a new super legate will be unaffected and remain in ownership of that organization. The constructs and territories of disbanded orgs will be reassigned to the first former super legate in the chain of organization parenting. Any other construct will be abandoned, and territories will be unclaimed.

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    Luckso reacted to NQ-Deckard in 0.25.8 HERMES UPDATE: Missions and more - Discussion thread   
    Hello Noveans!

    The announcement can be found here.
    And the video can be found here.
    We would love to hear your feedback, so discuss away!
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    Luckso reacted to NQ-Deckard in 0.25.8 HERMES UPDATE: Missions and more   
    Looking to quench your thirst for quanta? Today we are launching update 0.25.8 "Hermes", which is codenamed after the messenger of the Greek gods, as a reference to the newly-introduced Mission System. "Hermes" marks the final phase of the 0.25 update and introduces three features that will fatten up your wallet in no time. The Mission System and Job Forum were the topics of this devblog. Challenges were mentioned in The Future of DU: Finding the Fun.  
    Hauling Missions - Your Alioth hostess with the mostess, Aphelia, or other players will request delivery of goods from Point A to Point B. You’ll be handsomely rewarded for successfully completing the mission. These missions adhere to a particular list of parameters that includes specific locations, time limits, and collateral.  The Job Forum -  Earn some cold, hard quanta by accepting freeform contracts from fellow players to perform a service, such as fuel deliveries or providing security.   Challenges -  This repeatable, solo-player activity takes place outside the persistent game world, making it a perfect opportunity for new players to get a feel for maneuvering a ship without compromising a “real” one. More experienced pilots will also find challenges fun and financially rewarding. Enter a designated VR surrogate station, complete the objectives, and watch your wallet swell with pride.
    Note: Additional challenge types will be added over time. 
      Watch this video for a closer look. 
    Last but not least, you will notice some spiffy new VFX thanks to our integration of PopcornFX. We’ll reveal more about this in an upcoming article. 
    Full patch notes are conveniently available in the launcher so you can read them as you update the client, or they can be found here on the forum. 
    We cordially invite you to join the discussion where you share your feedback about the Hermes release.  
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    Luckso reacted to NQ-Naerais in Market Clean Up - Today!   
    Despite our recent efforts to expand and clear out Market 6, we are still getting reports about performance and clutter. We want to assure our players that we understand your frustration and are still working to find better permanent solutions. 
    Meanwhile, we will be addressing clutter across Alioth this weekend. Our plan is as follows:
    Dynamic constructs that have not had direct interaction with their owner over a set duration (currently 30 days*) will be hidden.  Constructs at the market that violate our rules,  Code of Conduct and EULA will be removed.
    If your construct is hidden, you can unhide (recover) it by using the Fetch tool. To do this, right-click on it in the Construct list on your Map screen. Any constructs that you own, whether visible or hidden, will appear on this list.
    Fetch functionality now works for organization-owned constructs as well. For hidden constructs that belong to your organization, your legates can retrieve them via that same functionality. 
    Our customer support team is at the ready if you still need assistance recovering your constructs. Simply ping our Live Support staff in the in-game help chat with “@GM” or file a ticket on our support page and we will dispatch help right away!
    Please note that this is intended only as a temporary measure to aid performance and improve your experience when visiting these areas. 
    We look forward to seeing the results from these changes over the weekend.
    May your frames be plenty.
    *Duration may change based on our findings 
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    Luckso reacted to Dhara in THE FUTURE OF DU COMMUNITY FEEDBACK Q&A - Discussion Thread   
    NQ has been quite clear since the beginning of Beta that there was no promise that they would never wipe.  They have always said they might if they need to.
    And IMO they really, really need to at some point.  Some might quit, yes, but I bet a lot who have already quit will come back as most of us quit because of the schematics and the related debacle that gave other orgs a SEVERE advantage over the rest of us.
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    Luckso reacted to NQ-Naerais in THE FUTURE OF DU: COMMUNITY FEEDBACK Q&A   
    We’ve seen a lot of positive feedback following the release of our devblog series on the future of DU. We’re  thankful to our community for the great feedback and encouragement. We’ve collected what seem to be the most burning questions following the publication of the blogs and wanted to do a follow-up to address them the best we can. Not all questions have an answer at this point, and we’ll try to fill in the gaps as we’re able in future communications. 
    Are you going to launch the game in 2021? 
    Realistically speaking, we have too much to do with the time that’s left  this year to get to a state where we feel the game is ready for launch. Our current plan is “at some point in 2022”, and we’re targeting mid-year. That projection is tentative, depending largely on our progress and  the feedback we get from our community, so please don’t hold this as a commitment. It could be sooner, it could be a bit later. The state of the game will dictate the date.
    Why is the game not working on Shadow (cloud gaming platform) and do you plan to support it?
    We believe cloud gaming platforms are a great way to enjoy DU if you want to play the game but don’t meet the proper PC specs or want to benefit from the latest hardware improvements without investing in upgrades for your gaming rig; however, we need to clarify that we are not yet officially supporting cloud gaming platforms, including Shadow. Our releases are not tested on these platforms or Windows emulations on Mac and Linux, and we can’t guarantee compatibility at this point. The game is still in beta, and we are focusing our efforts on native Windows PC support.
    We plan to officially support these platforms at some point, and would like to ensure that when we do we are able to offer ongoing compatibility with adequate testing and collaboration with the platform holders to make a long-term commitment. 
    We recently started working with a cloud gaming platform in an official manner, and we are hopeful to announce our official support of that platform soon. In the meantime, compatibility with cloud gaming platforms can’t be guaranteed. We log bugs and look at potential quick wins, but we can’t commit to a timeframe for fixing them. Please also note that there is a waiting list of one year to have access to one of the machines of Shadow, which makes debugging all the more difficult.
    Will there be an updated roadmap?
    At the moment, there is no plan to release an official roadmap with dates. We tried to explain why in the three devblogs. We’re changing many things in the way we develop DU, and it’s hard right now to have a clear idea of our future velocity. We don’t want to give you dates that we might not hold. We think it’s more important to have the freedom to adapt to your feedback rather than trying to hit the dates on a public roadmap. We hope you will see this as a sign that things are changing for the better and that we’re being more realistic in our approach.
    Why don’t we have more frequent releases?
    Dual Universe is an extremely complex game to develop. Many of the systems we have already in place are interdependent, and changing or adding a feature has ripple effects on other features and systems both in terms of code and in terms of feature design. For example, RDMS has to be carefully considered in many things we do, as does  the role of organizations in the introduction of new features, etc. Most of the tech we use is custom and not off-the-shelf. It’s one of the secret sauces of the game, and it also makes features much more difficult to work on because we develop the tech AND the features at the same time.
    Now, with the introduction of the PTS, we hope to make more frequent releases, including releases of prototypes, such as the Lua technology for screen units. How frequently will depend on what goes in these releases and how much work needs to be done after we receive feedback from the PTS. We estimate that you can expect three to four additional major releases in 2021, and smaller releases in-between, but that’s only a ballpark estimate for now.
    What’s going on with long-standing beta bugs? Are you going to fix them?
    Yes we will fix them as quickly as possible although we aren’t able to pinpoint an exact date. Some bugs are easier to squash than others, and some even require a rework of an entire complete backend system to resolve. These processes need to be scheduled accordingly, also taking into account that we want to avoid reworking the same thing multiple times if we suspect that the development of an upcoming feature will force us to rework the same system again. The more critical the bug, the higher the priority. When we’re focused on fixing bugs,  that means we’re not working on the plan we presented to you, so it’s a balancing act. We wish we could give you a list of bugs and a timeframe for each one, but that would be highly unrealistic. These bugs are not being forgotten, that’s the best we can tell you right now.
    Can we expect a more frequent communication from Novaquark?
    We’d love to, just understand that the frequency of our communications really depends on the cadence of the game releases. The way it works is that as soon as the content of a new release is established (at least a content draft), we sit down and make a plan for how and when we’re going to talk about these features/this content. Often we have to wait until a feature is stable enough in terms of game design and/or coding to be able to talk about it or show it, as a feature can evolve a lot along the development process and the unfolding of our sprints. We simply want to ensure that the information we give you isn't misleading, as early communication means the end result may differ significantly once development is complete and the feature is released.
    So between releases, there is indeed a communication gap. 
    There are different general topics we could discuss between releases, but they wouldn’t really bring anything concrete to the table and that communication could be seen as shallow and vague. It’s actually an interesting topic we’d like to explore with you: what is it exactly that you expect in terms of communication? How can we balance having meaningful content to present with what seems to be the need of our players to see ongoing communication? Based on reactions we’ve seen in the past, we  believe that communicating simply for the sake of it when we have nothing really new to talk about is never well-received.
    What about PvE? Are you planning to add PvE features to make the game more varied?
    Our current focus is on enabling emergent content between players. PvE is not one of our priorities at the moment. This doesn’t mean that it won’t ever come to the game, but it is not going to be added before the official release of the game. That said, one could potentially consider the challenges that we’re currently working on as some form of PvE, though not in the sense that you’ll be shooting NPCs or wildlife.
    Will we see a return of NQ employee Interviews and AMAs?
    We would love to do things like livestreams and AMAs again when the time is right. We feel like these formats are better suited when there is a clearly defined topic to focus the discussion, such as a major release for instance. It is duly noted that these interactions with the community are appreciated, and we will include them whenever possible.
    You mentioned the changes in the industry gameplay, but it wasn’t clear if schematics will stay or go?
    The honest answer is that we don’t know yet. When we introduced schematics, it was a major disturbance in the forc… in the economy of the game.  We don’t want to rush into more changes after that, especially given that players invested a lot of hard-earned quanta in buying them. Removing schematics is ONE of the options we’re looking at, as well as changing their prices or adding more recipes. Reverting to the way it was before the introduction of schematics is also on the table. We know we want to do something with the current state of the industry to add back some of the fun that was taken away with 0.23, but how exactly we’ll do it is yet to be decided.  
    Is there going to be a wipe?
    We see that the debate on the topic has been pretty hot in the community for a while, and it’s about the same at Novaquark. We’re uncertain if the changes we are planning to introduce will require a wipe or not, and we’ve started (intense) internal discussions on the topic. Our priority is to try to preserve the time and effort that our players have put in the game since the beta started. Once we’ve got a better idea of how much the changes we discussed in the third  “Future of DU” devblog will impact the game’s economy, we’ll make a decision. If there is a wipe (and it’s a big IF), it may be a partial one only affecting certain aspects of the universe. Our  priority will be to mitigate the impact for long-time players.

    Join us in our feedback thread here!
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    Luckso reacted to joaocordeiro in DEVBLOG: THE FUTURE OF DU - Part 3 - Discussion Thread   
    True. But is there a point here? 
    Dont we all know the game is not currently viable? 
    It is assumed the project is rebooting with this new managment and reboots take time. 
    From the player perspective, was there a choice? Do we want to play a non viable game? 
    The only thing worth asking is:
    What about the investors and funds? Havr the investors agreed with a new round of funding and the extended time needed to fix this game? 
    If yes. Then im quite happy with it. 
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    Luckso reacted to DecoyGoatBomb in DEVBLOG: THE FUTURE OF DU - Part 3 - Discussion Thread   
    This is all very nice sounding. Progression.. gameloops... these are the things we wanted to hear. Thank you! I hope you guys keep talking to us rather than having an unnecessary veil of secrecy going forward. Transparency goes a long way. 
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    Luckso got a reaction from Doombad in DEVBLOG: THE FUTURE OF DU - Part 3 - Discussion Thread   
    Sounds good to me
    By the way, if you need more ideas about the "BREAKING THE MONOTONY" part, I wrote a post on reddit sometime ago about a way to promote exploration & pvp for people who are not interested into mining.
    I hope you'll read it :  here's the link.
    Of course it's probably not so easy to implement, but you could keep this as a side note for later
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    Luckso reacted to NQ-Naerais in DEVBLOG: THE FUTURE OF DU - Part 3 - Discussion Thread   
    Discuss the final chapter of this series below!  What are you most looking forward to? 
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    Luckso reacted to NQ-Naerais in DEVBLOG: THE FUTURE OF DU - Part 3: Finding the Fun   
    In this third and final segment of this series, we’ll take a look at Dual Universe gameplay and how we’re aiming to improve it. There’s a delicate balance to strike between staying as true as we can to the original vision, making smart design and production choices, taking players’ feedback into consideration, and creating more opportunities for community engagement. The game needs to be challenging but, most of all, fun. It can be a tall order sometimes, but not an impossible goal. 
    This is far from being a comprehensive list of everything we’re working on, but we think it’s a good starting point for sparking conversation with the community. You’ll also notice that we have intentionally stayed away from precise timeframes. We would rather stay flexible and give ourselves the opportunity to revise our plans based on the feedback of players. 
    Now, let’s get to the good stuff!


    Even if the main pillars of the game aren’t quite finished yet, the launch of the beta allowed us to see how the various systems work together, how fun they are, and what actually works or sometimes doesn’t.
    Analyzing data on player behavior and reading the copious amount of feedback we receive (thanks for that!) have pointed to two main objectives we’ll be addressing in the coming months (in addition to continuing to fix bugs and balancing issues). These are: 
    First, emend gameplay loops that are tedious for some players. We call it “fixing the player routine”, so that playing DU doesn’t feel like “going to work”. Up the stakes, adding meaningful opportunities for conflict so that the in-game economy, social components, and building aspects come together. 
      Some elements of gameplay are more fun than others in Dual Universe. Mining can often be seen as a must-do for many new players, and because it is perceived as mandatory it can rapidly feel tedious. Earning quanta is fundamental. When we launched beta, it seemed like mining was almost the only way to get money, especially for new players who didn’t have much in the way of resources or allies. 
    To make it more interesting with a real sense of progression over time, here is the high-level plan:
    Make it easier for newcomers to gather resources from the surface of planets without the need to dig; Then, transition players to deploying mining units once they’ve claimed a territory. Mining units will supply a steady stream of ore, depending on the specifics of the tiles the player has claimed. These mining units come in tiers and should add a sense of progression even to early mining. There will also be a production optimization gameplay if you want to use several mining units. For players who want to specialize in mining, we will introduce asteroid mining. Think of asteroids as epic mining with high reward potential. Asteroids will be spawned in the universe. Players will be able to scan clues in space to discover where they’re located. Some asteroids will contain not just regular ores, but also rare and valuable ones. Once discovered, there will be a delay before their location is broadcast to all players. This is an opportunity for explorers who find these asteroids to reap their resources first or monetize their location. The control of valuable asteroids will also create opportunities for combat, information trading, and collaboration between players. Please also note there will be asteroids in safe zones with lower-value ores.
    Another way for players to earn quanta is the previously-announced Mission System, coming in version 0.25. It will include two components: a job board to facilitate interactions between players (for example, “I need gold delivered to this location”), as well as a secure framework for player- and NQ-created hauling missions. We hope that this will kindle the game’s economy with increased specialization and proper tools for exchanges between players. The upcoming introduction of in-game challenges will also add fun ways for players to earn cash. 
    On that note, we plan to revise the way the markets work, considering different ways to improve connections and making it less painful to trade for goods. This should make markets more accessible and fluidify trade.
    We are looking into how we can rebalance the industry. The reaction to changes introduced in 0.23 told us that there is more work needed here. The role of schematics is definitely one of the areas we’re looking at; whatever we do with schematics, we are particularly sensitive to making a fair move for players who have invested in buying them. 
    Builders haven’t been forgotten. We just delivered new tools for them in 0.24, and we are already working on new ones that should let builders enhance their artistic arsenal to create more amazing constructs. We’re pretty excited about them, but should forewarn you that it may be some time before they appear as higher priority changes will take precedence. 
    The first-time player experience will get a full overhaul to facilitate the onboarding of new players. We’re doing away with the long monologues from Aphelia and the length of time it took to get into the action. The tutorials will be more contextual, and the experience of new players should get them into the core gameplay faster. As it is now, new players sometimes need to travel long distances to find a tile free of neighbors and suitable for future expansion. The redesign will allow these new pioneers to start with their friends in a location of their choosing in a more streamlined fashion. They will also be able to select an outpost design and receive startup resources. 

    We know a lot of players want to hear about PvP. Once we’ve fixed the main gameplay loops, this will be the next thing we’ll tackle. Our goal is for space warfare to be one of the driving forces of the emergent gameplay, fueling the economy of the game, including for players who don’t want to directly partake in combat but might want to provide ships, ammunition, and services for those who do. 
    While there are PVPers who are in it for the thrill of the pirate’s life, there are others who aren’t pirates so much as protectors who enjoy defender-type PVP scenarios. In its current state, PVP can be seen as gratuitous, devoid of reasons to fight beyond pillaging a bested ship’s cargo. The current PvP mechanics will be modified with the addition of construct shields and a rebalancing of weapons, among other things, as well as introducing territory control in space and, later, on planets. Controlling space territories will give players benefits such as the ability to acquire highly-lucrative space resources (i.e. rare gas, singularities) and a worthwhile reason for organizations and solo players to fight. Not only that, but you’ll be waging war in style with an array of new, unique cannons and skins. 
    Admittedly, graphics improvements have been on the back burner for a while in favor of building the main gameplay systems. Upgrading the visual immersion has now taken a more prominent position in our priorities, the goal being to give more “life” to Dual Universe. 
    This ongoing process began in 0.24 when we overhauled many of the assets used in world generation (i.e. trees, rocks, ground textures, etc.) We’ve also undertaken a big push on visual effects, with a slew of new and improved visual effects planned for gradual release in the near future. Continuing our efforts with the recent addition of new voxel textures for builders, we will freshen up many older elements in the game to bring coherence between older and newer assets, as well as between voxels and assets.
    We are also investigating longer-term visual improvements. For some time, we’ve been working on prototypes for a new planet generation technology to make sure that our planets are interesting to explore. Before we can roll this out, we will be doing an overall pass on the existing planets, like Jago, with improved terrain and more varied environment assets. There is also a project to improve lighting with the inclusion of global illumination.

    Again, please remember that all these changes will be tested first on the public test server. The final versions of these features may vary depending on your feedback and our own thought  processes. In terms of timing, most of the “player routine” fixes are planned to be gradually introduced before the end of the summer while the space warfare and PvP revamp should begin rolling out sometime after.
    As you hopefully see, a lot of these changes are based on your feedback and a more grounded, pragmatic approach to game design. We realize that many of these topics require additional explanations and that they will probably trigger more questions. We will answer them in due time, as we’re able, in future devblogs. Until then, we look forward to hearing your thoughts in this discussion thread. See you there! 
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    Luckso reacted to NQ-Naerais in DEVBLOG: THE FUTURE OF DU - Part 2: Under the Hood   

    In our previous blog, we spoke about improvements we’re making to our processes in order to get more efficient use of our resources and deliver the best game possible. Today, we’re taking a look at operation costs and how we’re working to make improvements in that area, too. 

    The server and database architecture behind Dual Universe is new and quite complex. As we had about the game itself,  we had made assumptions about how much running a game like DU was going to cost in various areas. What we found was that our estimations proved to be far too conservative. We had to confront the actual cost of scaling up operating costs for a larger, global player base. And that’s okay. We have a plan. 
    After reevaluation, we determined that some of our design decisions have had a major impact on our operational costs (i.e. what it costs to run the servers). In particular, databases are a major part of these costs. For example, because the world can be entirely edited and every edit needs to be stored in a database then communicated between the server and the clients, it eats a lot of our I/O allocations, which in turn increases our database costs. 
    The consequence is that, in the upcoming months, we will be rolling out significant backend improvements in order to optimize these operational costs. We made the conscious decision to keep pricing low in order to make the game more accessible for people who want to play, but that means that we need to keep operational costs in check. Developing these optimizations is time-consuming, but it is fundamental if we want to have a viable game as the playerbase continues to grow. 
    It’s important to make players aware of this because some of our upcoming releases may not seem like much to you. While they won’t appear to include much in the way of new features, they will be updates to deploy these fundamental under-the-hood changes. For instance, the upcoming 0.25 release will be primarily focused on introducing a “game-changing” incremental storage mechanism for edits to the game world that will have a major positive impact on our database costs. The good news is that we think that some of these modifications will improve performance for the players.
    Speaking of performance: that’s another area where we’ve been doing a lot of work, using the in-game telemetry to optimize areas where performance was dropping. There are several projects in the works to address performance. Although these may not seem particularly sexy when you read about them in the patch notes, the difference in how much better the game runs and feels while you’re playing should convince you it was worth the time and effort we spent on them. 
    One example is the in-game screens. They ended up being quite popular among players, but the use of HTML for screen customization has proven to be quite a performance bottleneck in areas where there are a lot of screens. We recently started testing a new system using simple Lua draw commands instead of HTML to achieve the goal of screen customization. This change should seriously alleviate performance issues in areas with a lot of screens while providing the added benefit of unifying customization languages in a more user-friendly way.
    There are other optimizations like this in our pipeline, and they will be presented in due time. 

    Tomorrow, in the third and final part of this series, we’ll talk about DU gameplay, and the challenges of maintaining a delicate balance between staying true to the original vision while taking player feedback into consideration. 
    Discuss today's blog here!
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    Luckso reacted to NQ-Naerais in DEVBLOG: THE FUTURE OF DU - Part 1   
    As promised last week, we would like to give you a glimpse at the changes, improvements, and additions we have in store for Dual Universe. 
    We’ve learned many lessons since our beta began seven months ago.  Going from a backer-focused game in alpha, under NDA, to a public, wide-open beta with many new players gave us a lot of insight in several areas: processes, economics, and gameplay. In this blog, we’ll focus on processes with the latter two being the topics of subsequent blogs. 

    At Novaquark, we’re still a fairly small team. Given the ambition and complexity of this game, it can be quite a challenge to make the right decisions on how to make the most of our resources. To date, we’ve been focused on bug fixing, stabilization, balancing, scaling, and improving our server and database infrastructure - plus firefighting when necessary - to make the game work better. 
    Not to say that this is all behind us; it never will be (such is the way of MMOs), and we know some bugs and exploits still need to be addressed - this is a beta after all. Still, we paused earlier this year to ponder what the next phase of development of DU should be, to stay the course of the original plan or adapt to how things have evolved since beta began. After taking a  long hard look at everything we’ve learned from the beta, we decided where we need to focus next, based on what we think will be best for Dual Universe and its community. 

    Maintaining a live game while we continue to develop it ended up being quite the leap from our tightly-controlled alpha environment. As much as we prepared for it, actually doing it was a whole different beast. That’s probably one of the areas where the reality check was the most brutal for us. The world of Dual Universe is a persistent one, and every time we introduce something, it impacts the player and the delicate balance of its economy. There’s no safety net, and player feedback often came once bugs or balancing issues had already impacted the game’s common universe. 

    Let’s start with how we plan to improve our processes and quality control, because this is an area where doing something wrong can have a major impact on players. We have three goals in this area: 
    Gather feedback from players earlier in the process, so that when new features and changes are introduced in the game, their impact on the persistent universe is properly measured.  Have a more flexible and collaborative development approach that will allow us  to take player feedback into consideration, modifying plans when we’re able.   Overall, improve the quality of our releases, which means fewer bugs and exploits, and less hot-fixing.
      When it comes to gathering feedback from players earlier, we are evaluating some options on how we might get feedback on game design ideas from players at an earlier stage before they have actually entered the production pipeline. We are already seeing significant improvements in this area since the launch of the public test server (PTS), which lets us test prospective new features, improvements and bug fixes in a non-persistent environment where it won’t impact players’ progress on the Live server. If enough players test features on the PTS, we’ll be able to prevent bugs and balancing problems from making their way to the persistent universe. 
    When we deployed 0.24 on the PTS first, players gave us invaluable feedback, helping us to identify several issues that we were able to address before they reached the production server. Although  our PTS-to-production process isn’t perfect yet, we are still working to improve it and think it’s getting significantly better with each iteration.  In the future, we will expand the use of the PTS to testing prototypes of features, outside of regular releases, so that all players can give their feedback as early in the development process as possible. 
    Another major improvement to our processes that we are addressing is flexibility. On our way to beta, we had a fairly rigid roadmap that was dictated by the necessity to lay the foundations for all of the gameplay pillars for beta as well as fulfilling our promises to our backers. While the overall plan and long-term goals for DU haven’t changed, we need to be able to adapt to the feedback of players along the way whenever it’s feasible. For example, if we decide to make a major overhaul of our mining mechanics, we need the flexibility to iterate as much as necessary until we find the right formula before we move on to something else. 
    Although they may not be visible to players, there are many other things happening internally  that have already proven to improve our releases. First and foremost, our internal release process is undergoing a revamp, based on the learnings from our past launches. We’ve allotted more time for QA than we used to, and we will postpone a release if we think it’s not ready (as we did  with the 0.24 update.) These new processes are still being refined, but we’re seeing improvements already.
    We remain steadfast in our promise to deliver the best game possible. We feel confident that the changes we’re making now to our processes are a big step toward making that an attainable goal. 

    Ready to discuss part 1? Click here.
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    Luckso reacted to NQ-Deckard in Changes to Lua screen units   
    Hello again Noveans!
    We have heard your initial feedback on the screens and we want to elaborate on some of your major concerns.
    Will this affect both screens and content written to the players screen (HUDs)?
    No, this technological change will affect only screen units at this time.

    Will all player created work on screens suddenly become non-functional?
    No, this technology will be available side-by-side with the current technology, both first on the PTS in a prototype state, and eventually also on the Live server.
    We strongly recommend everyone does test and experiment the new tech on the PTS, as your feedback and testing will help shape this feature.

    How will this make a difference on performance?
    The main reason being that the current implementation does not allow for much control over the performance impact of screen renderings. Complex 3D transformations using a combination of HTML, SVG and CSS has a significant impact on render times in the client. Adding to the fact that screens are often condensed with multiples of them in close proximity to each other, there is an increasing drop in performance on the client with more screens using the current technology. The new system allows for more precise control over rendering time allowed across screens and allows us to safeguard the level of performance impact the screens have on the client.

    So you will be removing HTML support entirely?
    Not necessarily, the two techs will run side by side for an as of yet undefined period of time. Eventually we may introduce a phase where we make the rendering of HTML on screens an option for players along with a warning that it can significantly degrade client performance. Players with that option disabled will simply not see any HTML content and not suffer performance degradation because of it.

    Why not improve the current HTML implementation instead of the new technology?
    This is a complex topic, HTML/CSS/Javascript is a group that forms a UI technology. For reasons beyond the scope of this topic we do not allow the use of Javascript inside the screen units. When you remove Javascript, the group effectively becomes a not so efficient vector image drawing technology which we have very little control over in terms of rendering. We have previously implemented a lot of small limitations here and there to reduce the impact of the screens, but there are (and likely always will be) edge cases which will eventually crop up using that technology. As such, the new technology has built-in limitations on how taxing a screen unit can be, and if a screen unit goes over the limit it will simply stop drawing. This is why we ask you all to go and test this, and help us find caveats and where you run into things you can and can’t do.

    What about bandwidth? Are you doing this to reduce data transfer for screens?
    The current implementation does not address this, the current implementation is a way for us to collect your feedback on this concept. Eventually we may change the way data transfer for screens is handled, where we may increase the size of the defined “template” inside a screen unit itself. Followed by a lower limit on the amount of data transferred to the screen from external sources. Allowing the screen element to do the rendering and drawing work, using parameters fed to it by a control unit.
    For example: You would draw the design of a fancy instrument panel using the screen element, and a programming board or control unit just sends the values for all the instruments to the screen. This is currently not in the current implementation however, but may give you a better idea of why this technology has a lot of potential for more intricate and powerful designs.

    What about artists who draw using external programs and import their SVG’s into the game?
    One of our hopes is to provide a good enough set of commands in the screens API so that our system can express most SVG graphics converted to these commands through for example a small conversion tool. It is unlikely that we will develop and maintain a conversion tool for this, but this is also why we want your feedback on this new API for you to let us know what commands you really want to see included to make this process easier.

    We sincerely hope that this answers many of your initial questions and concerns.
    I personally can’t wait to see what you will all come up with in your designs!
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    Luckso reacted to NQ-Naerais in A letter to our players   
    Dear Noveans,
    We would like to address the recent speculations that have arisen in our community, and openly disclose some changes that are happening at Novaquark.
    First and foremost, Novaquark continues to be supported by its long term investors to allow it to launch Dual Universe in line with its original vision. It also puts us in a position to attract experienced talent to complement the team that’s already in place so that we can continue to improve the game.
    Next week, we will share with you what we think our priorities should be for Dual Universe and how we hope to approach the development of the game with improved processes going forward.
    An important change to note is that Jean-Christophe, the founder of Novaquark, has transitioned from the day-to-day management of the team to better focus on his position as a board member. Over the years since the creation of Novaquark, JC designed and set the standards for the structural and conceptual foundation of the game, and he feels now that a solid base is there for him to move forward as a strategic advisor. The recent changes in the administrative presidency of the company only reflect the transition of JC to his new role. We’re excited to have the team he has built deliver on his vision for the game.
    Rest assured that Novaquark’s future is in good hands, and there is a strong partnership between our long-term investors and our team. We believe that the future is bright for the game and for the company, and we cannot wait to tell you where we want to take Dual Universe.
    With our warmest regards,
    The Novaquark team
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    Luckso reacted to NQ-Naunet in A Look Ahead   
    Hello again Noveans,
    While this year may be winding down, the Dual Universe team is winding up for all the great things players can look forward to 2021.
     In this video, Creative Director J.C. Baillie highlights a number of upcoming features and improvements that will take DU to the next level, including: 
    Beautiful graphics enhancements A mission system that will create more emergent gameplay Wallets for organizations let you share (and protect) your organization’s financial assets Territory warfare to entice more gritty player-versus-player action  
    Watch now to hear more about all of this and much, much more! ❤️

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    Luckso reacted to NQ-Naunet in Talent Points   
    The points will be applied after a brief downtime starting at 9 am UTC | 4 am EST on December 17th.  
    Hello Noveans,
    December is halfway over, meaning the arrival of the new year is tantalizingly close! 2021 is sure to usher in some big changes, and we couldn’t be more excited to experience those with you. 🎁
    While we were rolling out 0.23.1, we noticed that players who had talents in training lost what was accumulated during our downtime. So, in the spirit of bringing out the old and ringing in the new we would like to offer everyone 1 million talent points (~1 week’s worth) to not only replace lost points, but also as a bit of a holiday gift! Build, explore and be merry!
    Thank you for your continued support. We sincerely hope that you and yours enjoy a restful holiday season!

    The Novaquark Team
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    Luckso reacted to NQ-Naerais in Help shape the future of DU with the new Feature Upvote!   
    It's baaaaaaack!!

    We have just reopened the Feature Upvote page. We took the time to clean up some fraudulent votes, this, unfortunately, means we needed to reset a few entries. We'll continue to suppress votes that are flagged as abusive attempts to take advantage of the system in the future. 
    We're using a third-party app so it doesn't take resources away from DU's development. The game remains our absolute priority. Anytime we have to spend resources on things revolving around the game (as important as they might be), it's detrimental to the game's development itself, which we want to avoid as much as possible. 
    Please let us remind you that if you want to provide feedback in general, you can always do so on our official channels. In case of a sensitive matter that obviously requires good judgment, good faith, and benevolence, you can report things privately to CMs, GMs, and Customer Support and double-check that the matter has been acknowledged by us before doing anything else. 
    On a side note: We're still working tirelessly on the ticket backlog and are bringing more people into the company to help in that regard. Thanks to your support, the company's hiring but we stay an independent studio and we try to manage your expectations accordingly. 
    Thanks for your understanding and support! 
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    Luckso reacted to Samlow in “Marketplace Heist” Response   
    One of the long time discord rules is that you dont DM NQ directly because they cant/are not allowed to read DMs. In fact, random tagging and DMing gets you muted on discord.
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