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Hello, Noveans!


With the launch of Dual Universe a month away, we want to talk about how to prepare for the upcoming server reset.


We’ve outlined the parts of your gameplay that you’ll keep post-reset in our announcement video and in the letter from our Creative Director. Today, we want to expand on that and discuss how best to prepare for the reset and how to get the most out of it.



Make a Core Blueprint of every construct you want to keep and make sure that you store it in your nanopack or in a container on a construct that you own, though we advise that you keep them in your nanopack as it’s the safest place to store them.


If you have Core Blueprints in the care of others or in other locations around Helios, don’t forget to gather them, should you want to keep them. Being the original owner of a Core Blueprint has no impact on Core Blueprints outside of your possession. You will keep only those Core Blueprints in your nanopack and owned containers.


The same applies to organization-owned Core Blueprints. If you’re a superlegate of an organization, make sure that you store your Core Blueprints in your nanopack or that they’re stored in a container on a construct owned by your organization, though again, we advise that you keep them in your nanopack.



Make sure that each organization you want to keep has a player as its superlegate. Any organization without a player as its superlegate will be lost at the reset.


Make a list of members you would like to reinvite after the reset. Though any organization with a player as its superlegate will remain after the reset with its Core Blueprints, Name, Logo, and Manifesto intact, membership will be reset.


You can use the in-game contacts system (which will remain after the reset) to keep track of your members or simply make a list outside of the game. 



We will reset the ore distribution on each body in Helios. To find good spots for your mining units, you’ll need to re-build your Territory Scanners and hunt the tiles down. None of your pre-reset knowledge of hotspots will be valid post-reset.



The Pioneer Packs' items will be delivered in the first month after launch. If you’d like your collectibles, you’ll need an active subscription, and you’ll need to log into the game during its first month after release to receive them.


The talent point and quanta awards will be given on the final day of each month for the first six months of release. Again, you’ll need an active subscription to receive them.


Finally, if you've subscribed to the game, ensure that you have at least six months of talent training queued up. The talent point accelerator event, which is open to all players, will boost your talent point acquisition in the first six months of launch by:

  • 100% for the first month
  • 50% for months two, three, and four
  • 25% for months five and six 


The launch of Dual Universe will likely be the last time in the game's life where the economy will be an even playing field. Though beta players and backers will gain some advantage by the end of the six-month launch period, the start of the launch will see every player on the same starting line. There’s never been a better time to join! 


We’re excited to see you in Helios on the 27th of September. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to share your feedback on reset preparation here.

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