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Dual Universe: Ares (0.26.12) has launched! 


Earlier this month, we announced that the Ares update had been added to the Dual Universe public roadmap. Less than a month later, we’re pleased to announce that players can now enjoy all that Ares has to offer, from brand-new features to a long list of improvements. 


In many ways, Ares is a complementary companion to the Apollo (0.26) update. Released in August, Apollo introduced the first wave of PVP-centric assets, balancing, and features, such as Shields v1. 


Watch this video for a short (yet visually stunning!) overview of key features from both Apollo and Ares. 



Turning our attention back to Ares, here’s a topline view of the key facets of Ares, our fifth major update so far this year.  


New PvP-focused features



  • Core combat stress - In conjunction with core unit destruction, core combat stress gives weapons another way for all that delicious firepower to bring down the opposing construct. Depending on which side of the battle you’re on, this can be viewed as an additional victory or loss condition. (Hopefully victory. We believe in you!)
  • Shields v2 - Shields were introduced in the Apollo update to amp up PvP gameplay. In Ares, shields acquired adjustable resistance and venting, giving them more depth, taking them from a purely passive accessory to a prized load-out that can have a big impact on the outcome of dust-ups. 


For a closer look at core combat stress and Shields v2, along with important information about ways we’ve closed the gate on some problem-causing PvP-related exploits, read Inside Ares, Part 1

Improvements to existing features 


  • Warp drive improvements -  Taking player feedback into account, we’ve made some adjustments to warp drives that will encourage pilots to employ a higher level of strategy. We’ve reduced warp speed, increased the cool-down time, added spooling, and several other tweaks and recalibrations, all of which should factor in for more excitement.
  • Docking and boarding revamp - It’s yours and you should have control over who has access to it. The docking and boarding revamp makes nonconsensual boarding a thing of the past. 


Details about these changes can be found in our latest devblog, Inside Ares, Part 2


Full patch notes can be viewed here


Production is underway for our next update, Demeter, which will focus primarily on mining with the introduction of automated mining units and a revamp for territory management. As always, we’ll pave the way with devblogs and other Demeter-related content. 


In the meantime, we invite you to pose questions about the Apollo and Ares updates in this thread on our forum. We’ll answer what we can in an upcoming, postmortem-ish Q&A. 

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