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  1. When looking at the coordinate system, I come to the conclusion that it would not be different from as it is now. Already now, each planet has its own coordinate system, meaning, these coordinates are not universal coordinates defining a location on that planet based on its position in the universe, but only based on the planet. Setting planets in own rotation and in rotation around a star would therefore not cause any alteration to the coordinates of each construct or area of landscape. However, the space are would become significantly bigger - that is the only difference I see. Meaning, coordinate values would be potentially bigger, too. Only THAT would add to the burden of the server. If a player travels from one planet to another, the player just enters the same coordinates as before. Only that the game now calculates where in its orbit around the star the planet currently is. Yes, warp cost can become bigger or smaller, but that is just how things are in real life, too. Mars is not stationary nor is the moon. Fuel demands to reach there vary. I want that in a good game too, so the player would add this to the own calculations when the best moment for traveling would be. Space stations around a rotating planet would rotate, too, so they remain stationary above one location that planet.. Any space station that was placed in the same distance to the star like a planet, would also rotate around the star like the planet, same speed. Any space station that is between the planet orbits around the star or totally beyond, would remain fully stationary. No one can fly too close to the star, therefore the star can remain in an acceptable size and does not need to become huge and take away too much own space. Any warp flight that would cross that "forbidden zone" would be curved around it yet the warp cost would be calculated as a straight line of flight. So, we got varying distances, one single added calculation for each distance calculation (current position of own and target object), and an expanded space area. The last point is the only part where I expect a bigger amount of processing burden for the server.
  2. Oh yes, possible. But there are consideration why the transparent glass honeycombs are delayed in implementation. alas. I want them, too - badly. And created several suggestions about them here. I also suggested about glass panels, that they could merge borderlessly with each other instead of blocking each other, and that even an XS size would become available. And I support your suggestion of rounded or bent glass panels of various sizes and types, even of domes, half-round or 1/3 round or 1/4 round (means: fully half-round or more flat).
  3. I believe, if they get some downsides, some disadvantages, maybe in performance, NQ might do it eventually. Like only 2/3 or 1/2 of the performance of a pure one-environment engine. Not sure though...
  4. Hi, inspired by another interested thread I just read, I felt reminded for some good ideas that exist since some months, and add here my own suggestion. Please add a LIKE or answer posting, to support these suggestions. SHIP ENGINES Shape With regular honeycombs, a player can create a shape of his/her own liking, and then define it as "engine". Once defined as "Engine", it becomes available as "Element to just that particular player (and to no one else directly). Exhaust There would be a new honeycomb type, the "Exhaust". Like other honeycombs, it can be shaped just the way the player likes. The player does not need to use Exhaust honeycombs, in this case it becomes an engine that uses other means than just burning some sort of fuel. However, if Exhaust honeycombs are added, they will produce a beam and glow during operation. The player can actually set a color, and glow and beam will then have that color. The player can set intensity and length of the exhaust beam, but there will be a maximum (s)he cannot pass. The glow is bright in the center and less bright but more colored towards the edges, whatever shape the exhaust area may have. Engine Attributes The over-all volume of the defined engine decides about its performance. If the volume is that of a Basic Space Engine S, its Newton value, fuel consumption, and hit points and mass (etc.) become the same. If the volume is that of a Basic Space Engine L, consequently those attributes equal to that regular engine. If the volume is somewhere in between, so are the values. If a custom engine surpasses any existing engine size, so do its values. However, from that moment on such an outsizing engine becomes easier to suffer damage from crash landings, collisions, or attacks. At one point, at extreme sizes, even turning around a ship too fast can temporarily cause disturbances inside the super-sized engine an block the operation for some minutes. The mass also reaches extremes and rather limits the use of such a ship. That would be the downside of creating outsizing engines - one would have to be extremely careful when landing and avoid battles. Sub Types and Tech Package Advanced, rare, basic, uncommon, military, navigation, etc. - those are sub types. And they could be applied to player-made custom engines, too. At the markets, players can purchase a "Tech Package" element of one of those types, and add it to the inside or outside of their custom engine during design or afterwards. This "Tech Package" then adds the additional performance attributes and production requirements to that otherwise basic custom engine, that equal them to the regular engine of that sub type. Plus the honeycombs needed. This way, custom engines are the same easy or expensive to be produced, to nil any advantage other than having a custom design. Production After having declared the final design as "Engine", that design becomes available as element schematic to that player. Only this particular player can manufacture that custom engine, as the schematic is connected to his avatar and cannot be sold or even given to any other player. The same types of parts and industry machines are needed as for the regular counterpart of that engine, the amount of parts however depending on the volume of the custom engine. Ship Blueprints Yes, the player can create a blueprint of a ship that uses his/her custom engines. Even better, the player can give or sell such BPs and the engines will work on such a ship that now another player owns. But they will cease to function if the owner of a copied ship tries to take out that custom element engine and places it in another ship. In the moment the engine is taken out, its functionality is destroyed. If the owner of the copied ship makes changes to that ship, I think the engine can continue to function as long as the mass of the ship don't differ by more than 5% from the mass of the original BP ship. I hope I have covered here everything. If I forgot something or another forum user brings up something, I might add it here below THIS text. ------------- CONTAINERS Using the same principles as for custom engines, I suggest the introduction of custom containers. This suggestion was posted originally by other forum members, I just wish to remind for this suggestion and propose using the same or similar mechanics as described above. I hope I have covered here everything. If I forgot something or another forum user brings up something, I might add it here below THIS text. -------------
  5. I saw a similar idea before, and kinda like it. It would give us some more freedom and possibilities for our ship designs. And I would also add my own suggestion in this regard, but doing that inside an own thread.
  6. No, Taekessel, I did not even read it, and I don't have time now to play with you. πŸ™‚
  7. I believe, we can set people in the RDMS of our warp beacon. I was able to warp to that beacon even before I was a full member, following an invitation. But in case it is not possible, I would support the initial poster's suggestion, clearly.
  8. I could agree to point 1 and point 3 of the initial posting.
  9. For my part, I am still dreaming about more character customization, like face, body, cloth, and such. But indeed it seems to be a goal for a later time but not now or soon. For now, I can live with it but continue to dream.
  10. What would make such a Wiki different? What contents would you like to add to the Wiki of that player's attributes? And why would you call it "Wiki"?
  11. Why would you want to drive any sort of players off this wonderful game? Let your PVP players remain, and also try to let normal players remain who do no wish to be part of aggression and war (of those we have already enough in real life, not a very big fan of wars and battles). But again, to repeat myself, let's see how this wonderful game develops. A good game needs to be enjoyable for all player types, not just for one type. One type of players should never be allowed to force their way of playing upon other players who prefer peaceful ways. And having said that, let's go back to the topic. I simply say, let's see how this game develops. πŸ™‚
  12. Just think: what kind of players will be able to use a planet that has no safe zone around? Right. PVP players. Quite obviously. I am contributing to this thread by highlighting that this idea would unfairly give further advantages to PVP players, which equals to a punishment of normal players.. It is elemental part of a thread, that it can contain agreeing answers, but also disagreeing answers and even counter proposals. You need to accept that, instead of fighting rigorously views contrary to yours. BE CONSTRUCTIVE. Try, at least. Or pretend. πŸ™‚
  13. I support this idea. In fact, I posted the same idea already, here in this forum or the UpVote forum before.. Same functions like the Tool 7, including mirroring and rotating.
  14. Well, at this moment, we can only wait and see, into which direction this remarkable game will develop in regards to ships, crew, and such. Uhmm, not making it harder, that in fact would be someone else who sees the entire game from jut the view of a PVP player alone.. WHo ever that is. With each of my postings, I try to explain my view or give suggestions that would make the game even nicer again. After all, this is the forum for suggestions.
  15. Amazing how you always quote rules you exempt yourself from. Instead of harassing other players who come up with own opinions different to yours, you better become constructive and stick to the topic, instead of hijacking threads of other forum members for some sort of personal feud you may feel to live out. I renew my own suggestion: - A security ranking for players, with positive and negative values - Instead of a tax-free paradise for those who steal from others and destroy, rather an increased tax if the security level has reached negative values - Alternatively, instead of an increased taxation, there could be a weekly insurance fee to be paid as a PVP ship is much more likely to see combat and damage than other ships
  16. "That's one small step for a programmer, one giant leap for Dual Universe" Neil Armstrong We already can place soil and rock inside our inventories. Create a schematic that creates honeycombs from that soil. Those honeycombs can be used like any other honeycomb, but offer zero resistance. They can be used therefore as purely decorative honeycombs, and since they are so easily available soil honeycombs and soil schematic sell very, very low. To avoid many data-intensive tunnels again, there could be a tool that creates holes to take soil into the inventory but those holes would close automatically "because these walls are not stable" after a few minutes ("Soil Sampler Tool"). Or you have a "Soil Mining Unit" where you can select a soil type that is available at that area, this way avoiding ANY hole. Artificial creeks or lakes (silent and moving water honeycombs) on the own soil honeycombs? Just one more wish, not sure if possible. However, at the same time please give us plant seeds. When in Build mode and a soil area has been marked with Tool 7, a right-click adds one seed to the center of the selected area. Alternatively, a new seeder tool allows to aim for a soil honeycomb and adds the pre-selected seed. The plant grows then, until any of its parts above soil touches any element or any other honeycomb, and stays from that time in that size. 4 categories: - trees - bushes - flowers - ground cover (grass, moss, etc.) Each tree creates a zone around it where no other tree seed can be planted. Bushes and flowers however can be seeded much closer. The plants can be, for now, purely decorative even they are fruit plans or vegetables or herbs or spices. Eventually, in the future, it could become possible to harvest plants, if the player wishes so, and produces things out of the harvest. But for now, just decoration. Fruits show sometimes, sometimes not (not in season). - pumpkin - strawberry - cacao - coffee - Cayenne chili and JalapeΓ±o chili and sweet red bell pepper - golden-yellow wheat plants - corn - apple - pear - coconut - avocado - beautiful varieties of orchids - varieties of roses - varieties of tulips - nepenthes and sarracenia - sweetsop and soursop - lime and lemon, oranges, grapefruits, etc. - banana - spinach, cauliflower, lettuce - grass and moss - soy and beans and peas - cinnamon - baobab - grape - fig tree with aerial roots and divided stem - date - rhubarb - different types of berries: blue, black, rask, currant, straw,, goose, ... - etc. Greetings to NQ Nerais. πŸ™‚
  17. I, too, made the experience that occupied tiles with their red borders are hard to recognize on snowy planets.. A small slider to adjust map terrain brightness might be a possible solution.
  18. I am sure that there is a good reason for NQ, that they made it NOT possible. The usage of remote controllers is currently a way-around, but maybe NQ should also disallow the usage of such remote controllers while sitting in a gunner's seat. Otherwise, that element would have too much power, and that influences the PVP balancing. It is a balancing difference, if for a PVP ship one or two persons are needed. The usage of a remote controller appears merely as an officially not yet abandoned cheat on that intention to give the necessary balance to the PVP aspect of this game. It decides, if a PVP fleet can be 1x its size or 2x its size when only one person can fly a ship. Making PVP fleets unbalancedly stronger in numbers and firepower. So, I rather urge NQ to disallow the usage of remote controllers from gunner seats.
  19. I do not think it would be fair in any way, to create a tax-free planet for PVP players. It would be better to strengthen economically those who became victims of robbery and piracy so they can a little bit easier manage such losses.
  20. You too, my brother. thanks, πŸ™‚
  21. And you call another poster again a troll. Deeply insulting. You need to learn to deal with opinions different from yours. Otherwise, you are what you call others.
  22. I am feeling hurt that you respond to this thread with your own opinion yet call other humans who add their own opinion a troll. This is not how a forum functions. Please be nice to others and don't inult them.
  23. Sounds like the PVP lobby, not only that it is bad enough to attack normal players and also robbing them out, now even wants to get spared from tax! Here's my (same unrealistically) counter proposal: any player who attacks an unarmed ship gets a lower security rating. If it reaches negative values, that player receives notifications that in two weeks his constructs on any of the normal plants will become available to other players,. Ad indeed, there will be a new planet - where ground PVP is allowed, no safe zone around, and a tax 2x the normal amount! ? ? ?
  24. Okay, let's then settle for a slider. I, too, believe this would be an improvement of the game experience.
  25. Oh, I did not know that. Thanks. However, the strange thing is, that the same Damage Control script runs on some of my ship, but not on some others. I need to look more into the possible causes.
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