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  1. Will these missions have time gates like missions/other vr quanta gaining activities? If the pve is limited to once/twice a day for example the disappointment all round will be huge. I hope nq has really done the math on the quanta injection this will bring into the game and make sure it's sustainable - Unlike what happened with missions being introduced in beta.
  2. Loss Consequences: We are currently finalizing what happens when players lose a mission, with the goal of not being overly punishing. One possibility is allowing players to salvage their ships if they fail a mission. I feel like this can be dealt with fairy using the difficulty scale. For example Level 1 - No punishment - Ship is returned with max lives and no quanta punishment but the down side is you get less quanta for doing so (preventing vets from spamming it) Level 2 - Ship returned with no damage, You pay a quanta loss for losing Level 3 - Ship returned in a damaged state forcing the player to repair it and take element lives lost - At this point you're considered a vet so rewards/punishments really come into play Level 4 - (vets) Must repair own ship + quanta loss. - Highest possible quanta reward but also difficult. Punishment should go up as rewards do. Its important that element loss (aside from fuel/ammo) is used here. If items are damaged a fair way this could go a long way to keep the markets moving for both quanta and elements.
  3. Thanks for saying the silent part out loud. Now players can finally address the obvious issue of most of the devs working on other projects and finally move on from a game that's barely been on life support since day 1 of launch. We appreciate the confirmation.
  4. Delusions and nonsense. It's held by an alliance. If you don't understand what alliance means I suggest googling it. It is currently held by 5 orgs, all of whom clearly have super active members if they've been able to hold it. So here you have 5 super active orgs with members who all want the plasma that only comes into the game at 2/day. No one in any game would willingly give up not only a monopoly but resources they are currently still giving to their own members who earn it. Let me repeat this. THE RESOURCE IS BEING USED, WHY WOULD WE GIVE IT OUT TO OTHER PEOPLE????????? As with beta, when the WINNERS have enough they're satisfied with their EARNED resources it is likely it will become available just like it did in beta. At set prices set by the WINNERS. You see how this works? If you control the point you get just that...control. I'd also like to mention. A second ALLIANCE, one that basically mass recruited everyone in the universe did successfully take and hold the core, they have plasma. Plasma exists outside legions control. Go and ask them for plasma/access to their beacon. When they tell you no chance, go earn it your self you'll realise its not just "one group" nonsense. Edit : If this other "alliance" actually gave their plasma to the community maybe their members would be more likely to come contest it but we all know where that plasma is going
  5. 1.2 and 1.3 updates seem to be aimed at what the players want the game to be instead of whatever plan was being worked on previously and it shows. Keep up the communication and creating a fun game to play. Looking forward to PVE teaser photos!
  6. Asteroid changes are underwhelming but understandable. Asteroids needed to be addressed very quickly so I'm not going to throw a lot of shade on it. Its very disappointing we did not get public broadcasted mega roids everyone can see so orgs have something to fight over. There are easy wins for both sides here. Tactical map memes are on point and well deserved. Tactical map is completely pointless unless we can see further then 2su. If it can see further (4su for example) this would be an extremely welcome update and welcomed by all pvpers. 2su radar with ships flying at 47k is just silly. Smaller updates focusing on improving game play exp is a good step in the right direction short term. I do hope more stuff is added for new players like better tutorial rewards, better achievement rewards and t1 space fuel. All rather easy things to achieve and will greatly improve the playability for the game for many. Like/dislike what nq has to say regarding updates, the communication has been improving. Deckard and nyota taking meaningful feedback and forum posts explaining why a decision has been made is a step in the right direction. One of the things I liked about this forum post was right at the end that says we will get 1.3 info soon. This is very important. Players should always have something to look forward to (even if they're smaller, short term updates)
  7. Below is a video link to new death mechanic. https://twitter.com/dualuniverse/status/1546894540895883265 While this death mechanic works well for survival games it does not fit in the slightest with dual universe. This isn't a survival game, we do not have survival mechanics and we're not humans in a survival game so the heart beat makes no sense. If anything the sound of explosions should be louder to give you a better feeling of the disaster that is befalling you while you die in a ship. I like the idea of the death mechanic but its simply not a good fit. More explosions, more gun fire and less survival... I believe the death mechanic should be a few seconds longer as well, It would really help with the feeling of loss in pvp. What are you thoughts?
  8. Hard pass. I can understand a tax of quanta per x time to help support the org but anything like a tax on income or sales will make orgs even less friendly.
  9. While I think this is a clown suggestion I need to be sure everyone is on board with this. NQ will be selling DACs, You'll be able to trade them to people for quanta. It is literally legal gold buying. Make no mistake, whales will p2w pass people.
  10. With the upcoming launch the general chat in game is going to be flooded with gold sellers, account sellers and general spammers. Please don't say sub fee prevents this because as know from plenty of other games it does not. My suggestion is to make some changes before launch while we have time to test it. I believe the ability to use general chat should be based on character age. For example you need to have existed for a week before you can use it. While not perfect it's a lot easier to manage the crazy amount of spam. Org promos like "join my org x" and adverts like "join my twitch/youtube channel" should be completely against the rules with bans being handed out for doing it.. We don't need the global chat spammed. While the entire chat interface needs to be overhauled I believe a few simple rule changes and a few extra channels such as anyone on your planet/within x distance (long range shout) will go a long way to helping the transition to launch.
  11. I would like a more powerful flashlight mode. For example f+1 to use flashlight mode 2. I understand we can't all walk around with mini suns in our pockets blinding other players so I suggest the following : I want a super flash light that can light up an entire area while making that light only appear to the player using the flash light. For many months flash lights didn't appear for other characters so I don't believe it would be extremely hard to add.
  12. This is just one of those QOL things I think are super obvious like bp deploy preview. Its so obviously needed it shouldn't even need a suggestion. I'm behind this.
  13. The reason it has to be limited is due to services. For example I can say everyone who has x mission put your package on this one ship and I'll warp them all at the same time and taking payment on the other side. If warp cell price goes up so much its not profitable people will fall back on hauling, if the prices come down because more hauling is being done then people will warp again. Regardless of how its done I am on board with the whole daily thing feeling forced. Not a fan of that kinda game play my self Overall I don't think allowing warping is the solution but I don't want to shoot down ideas without even offering a suggestion for it
  14. Almost all games put high stuff exclusively in the pvp zone to encourage participation. At worst those pvp orgs sell those materials to pay for their crazy pvp costs so the cycle can continue. This is a proven method to work in many games, No matter how many people complain if the rewards are there people figure it out. No average solo player needs t4/t5, they're all pvp/luxury items. If you are a solo player and a major factory owner or something along those lines you can easily buy the ore. I'm not saying smaller amounts of t4/t5 shouldn't come from some wrecks or what not but the majority of high tier stuff has to have conflict - Even nq is on board with this as they used the reasoning the auto miners work because we'll eventually be able to attack them. People were never meant to have high supply of high tier elements in complete safety. If there are not resources exclusive to activities then said activity will not be done. A good example of this would be wrecks, Many do not do it because its not valuable, if wrecks had schematics people would be all over it. If most if not all high tier resources came from the high tier asteroids people would achieve it by grouping up, buying it or taking minimal amount of risk to obtain valuable resources Asteroids double as a org growing ground & training in small skirmish's which simply needs to exist. We've tried the method of placing high tier materials in the safe zone and it hasn't worked. One look at discord in which people are very clearly agreeing that everyone can not own everything puts a lot of weight behind gates/progression. At the end of the day there are a few ways nq can achieve this result be it through pve (doubtful), exploration, rng, pvp zone, or wrecks. Whatever the method used the auto miners must be nerfed into the ground, any afk method that is faster then the active method of asset gathering destroys the eco horribly. Missions have been hit and now its autominers turn one way or another I really hope people can stop looking at what they personally want (to be rich/have everything) and look at the overall health of the game. Active game play must prevail no matter the system used. #death to autominers
  15. I do see where you're coming from on the active aspect of it but I don't think this is the way to go. This would encourage people to afk farm materials straight into warp cells and warp many alts/hauling services. I do completely agree on the fact missions are not an okay game loop, I do not like the ideas of dailies that are so effective, no only will it be heavily abused It compels people into feeling like they have to do the dailies (things many other games do) and I'm not a fan. No matter how I look at it missions being the best quanta in the game via any method is unhealthy due afk and alt abuse. My only real suggestion of my own would be. If warping packages was allowed it'd be 1 package/ship max to prevent abuse, ships carrying many packages should go through the pvp zone. I'd further push the fact missions going through pvp zone should go to random cords kinda like asteroids or something to prevent automation flight to another planet but I doubt the player base would approve. Final Point Warping max of 1 package at a time. Bigger hauls must fly. Something to break up the constant automation flight Increased rewards for pvpers. Pvpers should be able to hand in the packages and obtain all if not most of the value of the packages to encourage interactive game play between groups. If people fear the extra pvpers out for money then warp one at a time as a slower but safer method.
  16. Ore Currently Dual Universe has far to much ore. You can look at many reasons to as why this is the case such as lower population, large amount of alts, picking up and placing auto miners to obtain high tier ore to mine (nq really?). My thoughts are it's a combination of a few problems. Population, active vs passive game play & solo/safety vs team work. Currently auto miners allow a single player to obtain far more resources then any average player would use, even if said player used all the ore which is simply unlikely the ore ends up in products which floods the market. Auto miners are further abused by alts which will exist as long as there is profit. The end result is either the profit is so low no one uses alts = Fail (due to tax) or Its so valuable people abuse alts and get an unfair advantage that cannot be taken away from them (lets be real, atmo pvp isn't coming any time soon) = also a fail. My suggestion is to dice game play up unto tiers and giving different types of game play to obtain ore to encourage active game, team play and trading. Auto miners I would suggest that all t4/t5 is removed from auto miners all together, having unlimited safe access to the highest tier ore in the game makes no sense to begin with. Every tile should offer a healthy amount of each t1 ore. Doing so allows new players to arrive on any planet and allow them to get t1 voxels, dabble in factory and play the casual play style solo style many people want to enjoy without being shafted by things happening in the universe. I believe t2 should be in healthy amounts mostly for space fuel with t3 having a lesser amount for warp cells but not an unlimited overflow as we're having right now (if every person warps every ship for any reason there's a problem) Once a player has auto miners placed, they've dabbled in building, mined some safe zone asteroids (active game play!!!), factory, bought a warp drive and experienced most aspects of the game they have a decision to make. Join an org or stay solo. If a player decides they want to remain solo they can create/barter for any luxury items they want and continue to play without changes to dual universe stopping their game play. Lets move onto the section that every solo player aspiring to be the richest person in the universe is going to HATE. T4/T5 & Asteroids. t1/t2 should be everywhere in bigger nodes/less popcorn nodes across all asteroids both in the safe zone and the PVP zone. This will allow new players to aim for the stars and use active game play to obtain resources faster then someone would passively (as it should be??). It's very important that players not only have an active aspect to mining but it must be extremely fast compared to auto miners to devalue alts and to encourage game play/getting people into space. With the nerf to t3 from auto miners the t3 should be more easily obtainable from t2+ asteroids. While I do believe there should be some in the safe zone asteroids it should never come to the point in which people warp everything every time for obvious reasons. Warp cells should not be rare but nor should they be everywhere. With t4/t5 being removed from auto miners the amount of t4/t5 asteroids needs to be increased as well as more ore being in each asteroids via more nodes and larger nodes. My logic If t4 is easily obtained people simply say rare elements are good enough and have no desire to obtain exotic items completely devaluing the hardest tier of ore to obtain as well as plasma which will effectively kill alien cores just as auto miners has done to asteroids. The assumption that the population will be larger post launch so the ore per person playing is lower is a valid argument but the argument that the difference between t4/t5 is so small there's no point to attacking alien cores must be considered. The cost % and power % increase between rares to exotics makes no sense, 1000% increase for a 10% increase at best? If you used the guns in pve for an unlimited amount of time making them extremely valuable I can see this work but in dual universe in which you are constantly risking elements to extremely unpredictable battles makes it far to costly. One could make the argument and say exotics should only be slightly better and more available, those people making this argument only care about getting cheap powerful elements and do not care about the org/alliance aspect of alien cores. A person may also make the argument that legion controls all the cores but this argument also falls flat on its face looking ahead to launch. If a single alliance controls every pvp point in the game that's a failure on nqs balancing side and has nothing to do with some elements being slightly better. End point. I believe auto miners should provide ample t1 and supplement t2/t3 instead supply all the ore in the game you need removing active game play. As with any other game the highest tiers of elements in the game (t4/t5) should require engagement in the community or have successful people trade for it. Edit : High tier asteroids must not spawn near the safe zone boarder!
  17. Would it be possible to have all the organisations a character is apart of listed on this page with a clickable link so you can view the page of those organisations?
  18. We do not need a full time job. A game is suppose to be fun, not a non stop cycle of blue balling enemies in an attempt to bore them so much they quit. Alien cores must be much harder to lock down, you should either bring an army big enough you'd actually be able to fight for the core or some really significant cost. Alien cores are suppose to be end game org/alliance wide conflict battles, not an every day blue balling exercise in futility. We've given a lot of feedback to nq through various locations so there are zero excuses. If the dev time for changes isn't available simply change the time an alien core is safe after a successful defence to prevent people from having to defend nothing daily. As it stands this is not fun gam play for anyone, The current system will only lead to people quitting both pvp and the game all together. Not acceptable.
  19. The community is only ever interested in getting more for doing less while having zero regard for the eco or game balance in the slightest. This is a devs job and its been failed yet again by nqs knee jerk reaction. All this has done is make the same people run even more autominers pushing the ore prices down to the point people are going to complain 500k is to much due to the lowering price of the ore. We don't need more ore in the universe, we need a sink for it so the prices go back up. Not only has the ore prices forever been destroyed and put more buying power into the hands of mission runners whom are already getting way to much the asteroids have become completely pointless. So in one update you make missions worse, asteroids worthless and destroy the pvp eco all at the same time. Hurting pvp, the only thing in the game making elements leave the game further pushing the issue of over supply. Stop just making things easier and actually create a balanced game damn it.
  20. The pocket ship by it's self is a brilliant idea, The ability to spawn a ship to save you in specific situations or to help newbies not get stuck. All good. Pocket ships in the pvp zone...not so much. It's always been happening but recently its become far to common to see people plant a pocket ship to spawn it/despawn it instantly scouting people. I understand it's a game mechanic so I'm not implying anyone is breaking the rules however it's becoming a real problem. You can deploy a ship and even if I manage to lock you and shoot you within a 10s window you'll just repocket the ship so there is zero way to counter being scouted. Some can make the argument you can log a player off but we all know characters cannot scout 2su. I believe pocket ships need a a deployment timer. I can think of a few methods. 1. Pocket ships cannot be used within 60s of it being planted. No radar, No guns, no nothing. 2. Set a timer on the pick up of pocket ships. For example once you deploy a pocket ship you may not pick it up for 5min. Doing either of these would still allow you to do this type of game play but it would bring a little balance in the way you can do something about being instantly scouted.
  21. High tier asteroids should not appear near the safe zone boarder. It completely removes all risk while giving you the best materials in the game,..6 months for nq to address this
  22. The fact you just stated only L cores are used in pvp makes everything else irrelevant. I do understand why you think this is a good fix, It's widely known the other thing you've ever shot is L core haulers.
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