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  1. Real life pencil and paper, I have tried blender and sketchup but I get more done on paper.
  2. (Dragon) In this case it's not what happened because my email is not the same as CosmicDragon's (we're not the same person in real life). However, the logic of what happened to you is VERY similar to the cause I've identified and sent to NovaQuark. I'm pretty sure a LOT of people will get this problem, mainly with multiple accounts (your scenario) but also under the scenario I have. Hope NQ can fix this soon!
  3. Aetheros if you can contact a mod, please refer to support ticket 790 I'm pretty sure I've found out why this happened. Not password related. I've sent *very* sensitive information to support@novaquark.zendesk.com as a reply to the ticket. If it is indeed what I've found it would mean anyone can replicate this so obviously I'm not posting it here Regards Dragon
  4. Well (Dragon here) I've just reported this issue with the report feature, also sent a email from the contact form, hope it helps people trace the problem. If a mod of a dev reads this, feel free to email me at my email (that would be the Dragon account email, pmota@....... ) in case I can help you trace the problem. Also on a personal note to CosmicDragon, I have not and I will not change ANY of your settings, obviously. I think you should also report it! Regards o7 Dragon
  5. for some reason when I log in (as Dragon) it seems I get logged in as CosmicDragon (not me) so posting on CosmicDragon's behalf. Not sure why, I've tried to relog, behaviour does not change.
  6. As I understand it the things that will be built in Alpha and Beta stages will still exist as BPs for the players who built them.
  7. While the rifter is one of the only Minmitar ships I can stand to look at, so I may try to build it, but I would definitely go with my trusty Harbinger first. I would have said Legion, but the modularity and the strange way the outer hull plates are attached might require a little thought, so best save that.
  8. Agreed, a buddy invite seems likely. But on the Training.org, I think it would be attached to a larger alliance that runs it, and instead of paying to get in the new players get jobs to do whatever that both shows them the ropes and pays for the training, because lets face it when new players first join they are not going to have any cash unless they buy the PLEX equivalent and sell it of course, but we can assume that most will not.
  9. I feel that people could be turned off for space games or now actually want an epic one. But your right it is very annoying seeing the DU news being compared to NMS, but maybe by official release the anger will be at least abated somewhat.
  10. I like the post, very informative. But why, do you list drone bay and elevators as known. I don't remember anything about them in the devblogs or interviews, if you remember where you got that could you drop a link so I can check it out please.
  11. Do you think it's likely that at some backer level they will offer game time for the full release because I was thinking about what NQ could offer as pledge rewards and but I could only come up with early access and GTC, without it interfering with the game to heavily, due to how they want the game to play.
  12. But would it be delayed by five seconds over this distance? You would probably need a raptor to do it, otherwise, the in need of massage SOS would get to scrambled. But I suspect having chunks of flesh ripped out of you would not be relaxing, but i have been wrong before.
  13. This would probably work better in mechanics terms with something like a communication element so that progression can be made in the damage done to a message. Although overall this would get annoying fast for players doing trading and for people needing to issue quick contracts, like a hauling order while they are mining or sending out an SOS to the entire alliance when you are caught being sneaky. for multiple star systems and, everyone would probably switch over to some out of game chat client, or just use Discord Voice channels.
  14. I am very surprised. Oh, boy Shadow Corporation run by shadow_1, are shady.
  15. Thanks for that it answers a lot of my questions.
  16. On the first part we agree, wanting to play in a solo environment in a MMO is ludicrous. But the second part is where our opinions diverge. Wouldn't the challenge itself be a disincentive for players doing things solo with an army of drones, I know that people are saying that LUA is an easy to use system, but I can't believe that it would be so easy that everyone would be able to pull off an army of drones, let alone one that would be successful. When a fleet of droned battleships engages a completely manned fleet it wouldn't inviolate your rule of people interacting with others, as we have already established a clear difference between solo players who interact and do not interact with the larger game world. It's a sandbox game after all, and any player that comes in with the skill and vasts amount of hours to sink into building a droned fleet to serve his every whim should be allowed to do so, the scale of the task alone will be enough disincentive for them. And also if someone wants to have a battleship all themselves what's stopping them from building a massive hull with racks of guns, and sticking one of those small cockpit elements on it, and feed all the controls to it?
  17. A market tab for LUA sounds amazing and the best case scenario, and I don't know why it couldn't be done. And they might as well include the functionality because I would say that this will probably happen even if it's not tied to the in-game market. I could see a posting on a job board asking for someone from a specific organization to come and optimize(?) their scripting(??), or access the DPU for that ship and paste-in (I guess?) the correct scripts for construct. Or if it came to it, posting pay us 42 million moneys, and we will fix how your ships fly. Sorry for my basic at best vocabulary on this.
  18. Could it be that you are confusing whether people will be playing by themselves to interact with other players than players "more concerned with playing by themselves"? For example, a solo player pirate could be playing by him/herself but still interacting with other players by killing them and taking all their things. And what about the solo explorer who sells this finds, map coordinates and artifacts to the market would you say he is not interacting with other people? For these people and when if I do solo things in an MMO, it is enough for us to know we are affecting a greater community, while keeping our interactions to a minimum, for any number of reasons.
  19. What do you guys think that the difference between a static core and a dynamic core are? At first I thought that "dynamic" is for a ship or something that would move like dynamic location (although now I think about it, it sounds like a really strange way of putting it), but then some of the comments made by JC wouldn't make sense for example when he talks about making the station move in the gameplay video he says it would just be a matter of putting engines on (although I could be remembering wrong, probably go watch that again after I post this), and when he talks about constructs not being anything until you build them out in other interviews (XPGamers, I think,again memory :\ ). So I believe that you can toggle between the two states to make a zone editable or not. If you don't know what a core unit is the latest 3D artwork posted on the DU twitter and is was said to be the first block of any construct. And if this is me being dumb, let me know. But then again the tweet reads "different types and sizes of core unit" So I am not sure again, why would you need different sizes, unless that is what controls total build area, but a selling point for this game is unlimited build space.
  20. I like it, but too bad you didn't call it Prudii, instead of shadow, given your chosen symbol xD.
  21. In heavily populated areas I agree. But what about when the said board is located on a space station, and the station is destroyed or partially destroyed in some major battle, and neutral unaffiliated Joe is sitting in the wreckage with a completed job and no rightly earned reward? But if the boards are networked then I guess the job posters could get a prompt telling them to put the loot in the box or suffer a standings hit although they would probably have to be set up that way by the players.
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